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Saturday’s Happening 24, March, 2012

Yup, another fruitful and cheerful Saturday.
This is what Sabbath is all about: spending time with God and His people.


Lunch at Olive Vine while discussing Physics with a tutee.


Some members were promoted to be MM and EM in church.


Dinner at Hong Kong Café with team A after a wonderful team duty which was full of laughter.


Beautiful people.
Stamina recharged.
Time to face the new week ahead.

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Attributes Dinner 17, March, 2012

Dinner after duty, as usual.
We had it at Olive Vine.
Since it was pretty late, not much menu was available.


My friends really like pasta.


Dessert to close a heavy day.
Am looking forward to dinner with team A too.

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Attributes Meeting 14, March, 2012

A discussion on the next level in the bookstore ministry.
Well, the announcement will be given at the end of the month.
In short, the bookstore will provide a much wonderful contribution to the spiritual life of the church members.
Books and CDs will help them to understand God’s Word better.


Pastor Edmund and I .


Some presentation and speech.
Do look forward to more happening in the bookstore, ok?

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Attributes Clearance Sale 3, March, 2012

Attributes was about to undergo a major transition in its management level.
Also, next weekend service will be held in Jurong West.
As such, the bookstore gave a clearance sale treat to the church members.


A card game. At the moment, I am playing Playstation emulator.
I shall play this one day.
After all, I am pretty good at Digimon Digital Card Battle.


The other products really tempted me to buy them.
Plenty music collection, that is.
Most amazingly, each product only cost $1.
So I spent.. $5 in total!
Really a clearance sale!

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Saturday Meal 3, March, 2012

Friday night was BBQ activity, so I skipped breakfast on Saturday morning in order to give some break to tummy.


Lunch at Olive Vine before the service.


Dinner at MOS burger after bookstore duty.
I am now part of team A, though I can only serve with them after church service.

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Attributes Dinner 25, February, 2012

Hungry after duty.
So, it was time to fill in the tummy.



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Attributes Dinner 11, February, 2012

Suddenly feeling hungry after bookstore duty.
Fellowship session at Olive Vine.

110220123634 110220123637

Mine. Chicken porridge + ice lemon tea.


Friends’ meal.
Am looking forward to the next fellowship session.

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New Year Celebration 5, February, 2012

A Chinese New Year celebration done by Attributes Saturday Team B.


Healthy veggies so we won’t build up fats.


Some meat for the char siew lovers, especially.


Chocolate fondue as dessert.


Not forgetting.. Mommy’s cupcakes!!


Beautiful people.
No ministry yet? Do consider joining Attributes, ok?

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Morgan’s Birthday Celebration 28, January, 2012

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Celebrated TL’s birthday last Saturday.
Happy birthday, Morgan!
The LORD blesses you in all you do.

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Attributes Duty 31, December, 2011

The last duty of the year. So, we gotta give our best shot, agree?
Lunch together! Buffet! Part of the bill was sponsored by the bookstore.
The boss generously declared all team winners. So, each team received buffet voucher.
The rest of the bill… Morgan treated us! Thanks a lot, TL!


Need to reserve the seats first.



Hungry, no? It was my breakfast+lunch+dinner. I made sure they went bankrupt.


The people in Sat team B.

During the service, O School gave a performance for the new comers.


Very creative.


Team B people rocks!

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