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Attributes Duty 17, December, 2011

It was a time of gym. Really tough.
I had to lift up heavy things and push bulky stuffs.
Hope this muscle will grow in no time.

171220113289 171220113293 171220113296

A candle light service. Beautiful, isn’t it?

171220113299 171220113300 171220113308

We celebrated birthdays as well.


Free CD for those who finished reading New Testament.
Praise the LORD! I will listen to it soon.

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Attributes Appreciation Night 11, December, 2011

An event to appreciate the hardworking members in Attributes.
With plenty fun, food and performances.


MCs of the day.


The longest? The shortest? The tallest? The smallest?


Gift exchange.


Great food!


My beloved Sat Team B.

Don’t have a ministry?
Join bookstore, ok?

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Mommy’s Birthday Celebration 23, November, 2011

Celebrated my godmommy’s birthday last Sunday.
It was her 7th celebration. She is superb loved!


Happy people around!


My godparents, godsister and godbrother in law.


Mommy with Attributes “vice boss”


Opening gifts.


Happy happy happy birthday, Mommy!!

Summary of Saturday’s Happening 3, September, 2011

Met Boon Kiat at Jurong West to set up the bookstore.
It was just a one weekend service.
Yeap, we had to move out of Suntec for one weekend due to Comex.


We celebrated Audrey jie’s birthday!

I served from opening until closing.
Nevertheless, I took a break by going in for 5.30 pm service and then had dinner with CG people.

030920112812 030920112813 030920112814

Hokkien Mee and Sour Plum. Hmm, yummy! (actually, any food is yummy for empty tummy)

We ended the duty very late due to surplus money.
Well, the cashier had been on break for a looong time,that’s why. She might need time to re-adjust to cashier life again Smile with tongue out


Thank you so much for this chocolate, jie!

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Gym Session in Attributes 28, August, 2011

A gym session in Attributes:
– putting the stuffs into boxes.
– labeling them.
– shrink-wrapping the counters, cabinets, and tankers.
– lifting up heavy boxes and pushing them around.

With free gym session like this, who needs real gym?


Yet, Attributes cares for the welfare of the members.


And here is my reward.


Praise the LORD!

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Attributes Saturday Team B BBQ Outing 31, July, 2011

Our very first team outing.
There were plenty foods and laugh.
Unfortunately, I had to bring laptop along to catch up with work.
Otherwise, I would have helped them too.




Prepared by my godmommy. Wow!


Games led by Wei Qiang and Jessica.


Team B rocks!

Don’t have a ministry yet? Do join Attributes, ok?

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Summary of Saturday’s Happening 9, July, 2011

It was my team’s chance again to set up the bookstore at Suntec.
But first, before I came to Suntec, I had gone to NUS for a friend’s convocation.

Congratulations, Melodie!
I am sure you will make a good teacher in the future.

I managed to arrive at Suntec earlier than expected.
Exercise time began.

090720112463 090720112465 090720112467 090720112466

There wasn’t any particular promotion other than membership drive.
Yet, the queue was pretty long.

At the end of duty, we celebrated Kit Qin’s birthday. Happy birthday, Kit Qin!

090720112472 090720112473

The cake was especially made by my godmother. How cooler can you get?

Last but not least, she passed me some banana cupcakes.


Thank you so much, Mommy!

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Ministry Meeting 14, June, 2011

It was a special meeting as the venue and dinner were sponsored by Alby, the supplier for CWR and Hillsong products.

140620112241 140620112242 140620112244

140620112242 140620112246 140620112245

They trained us in understanding the kids products.
In short, CWR wants to provide materials for kids so they can start reading and understanding the Bible.
The design of the products is so colorful and attractive for kids. In addition to that, the language used really catches our attention.
Attributes is going to launch them this weekend.
Hopefully the sales will be fantastic!!

Jiaxuan shared with us about the importance of Attributes ministry.
We are feeding God’s people with spiritual material which will really help them grow in God.
”If you love me, feed My sheep.” Lord Jesus said.
Here in Attributes, we are doing just that.


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Cherry’s Baby Shower 5, June, 2011

It was my first time attending a baby shower event.
Why is it called baby shower? Do we shower the baby? Do we shower the mother?
”We shower the mother with blessing,” a friend answered.

It was held at West Coast Park, Botannia Condo. The MRT officer told me to take 175 bus.
I did, but the bus took me to the real West Coast Park, not the condo.
I figured out I was lost by looking at the surrounding. Thank God for Street Directory map book!
Thank God also for the wisdom to see the right bus: 176!
My Street Directory map book is 2006 edition. As such, Botannia Condo is not even in the map.

As usual, there were plenty foods.

050620112032 050620112029 050620112031 050620112030

My team contributed chicken wings.


Mommy Dorinna contributed beautiful cupcakes. Really admire her!

050620112056 050620112058 050620112060 050620112055

The Dad and Mum-to-be arrived!

050620112064 050620112062

A lot of games for us like guessing Cherry’s tummy length using a rope.

050620112078 050620112080

Who’s tummy is that?

The ultimate one was to guess the chocolate in the diaper.

050620112072 050620112075 050620112076 050620112077

Thanks, Serene and Geri “-_-

Here are the photos of the happy people.

050620112036 050620112041 050620112090

I want to have 4 kids in the future.
Or, at least 3.

Hmm. Big family = more fun.

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Summary of Saturday’s Happening 28, May, 2011

I helped out in the set up of bookstore in Jurong West.
Because of the shifting here and there, Attributes did not display many products yet.
Still, we just tried our best to make sales and serve the customers.
The sales was sooo goood: we managed to sell all the copies of Prayer That Brings Revival and HOPE books.
Fret not, Attributes will bring in new copies very soon.

Pastor Phil preached a wonderful sermon.
I will post his message next time.

Had a bit of difficulty in finding seats for CG dinner in the beginning.
In the end, thank God, we managed to find some.

280520111988 280520111989

Fight on for the week ahead!!

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