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New Year Celebration 5, February, 2012

A Chinese New Year celebration done by Attributes Saturday Team B.


Healthy veggies so we won’t build up fats.


Some meat for the char siew lovers, especially.


Chocolate fondue as dessert.


Not forgetting.. Mommy’s cupcakes!!


Beautiful people.
No ministry yet? Do consider joining Attributes, ok?

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Morgan’s Birthday Celebration 28, January, 2012

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Celebrated TL’s birthday last Saturday.
Happy birthday, Morgan!
The LORD blesses you in all you do.

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Attributes Duty 31, December, 2011

The last duty of the year. So, we gotta give our best shot, agree?
Lunch together! Buffet! Part of the bill was sponsored by the bookstore.
The boss generously declared all team winners. So, each team received buffet voucher.
The rest of the bill… Morgan treated us! Thanks a lot, TL!


Need to reserve the seats first.



Hungry, no? It was my breakfast+lunch+dinner. I made sure they went bankrupt.


The people in Sat team B.

During the service, O School gave a performance for the new comers.


Very creative.


Team B people rocks!

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Attributes Duty 17, December, 2011

It was a time of gym. Really tough.
I had to lift up heavy things and push bulky stuffs.
Hope this muscle will grow in no time.

171220113289 171220113293 171220113296

A candle light service. Beautiful, isn’t it?

171220113299 171220113300 171220113308

We celebrated birthdays as well.


Free CD for those who finished reading New Testament.
Praise the LORD! I will listen to it soon.

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Attributes Appreciation Night 11, December, 2011

An event to appreciate the hardworking members in Attributes.
With plenty fun, food and performances.


MCs of the day.


The longest? The shortest? The tallest? The smallest?


Gift exchange.


Great food!


My beloved Sat Team B.

Don’t have a ministry?
Join bookstore, ok?

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Mommy’s Birthday Celebration 23, November, 2011

Celebrated my godmommy’s birthday last Sunday.
It was her 7th celebration. She is superb loved!


Happy people around!


My godparents, godsister and godbrother in law.


Mommy with Attributes “vice boss”


Opening gifts.


Happy happy happy birthday, Mommy!!

Summary of Saturday’s Happening 3, September, 2011

Met Boon Kiat at Jurong West to set up the bookstore.
It was just a one weekend service.
Yeap, we had to move out of Suntec for one weekend due to Comex.


We celebrated Audrey jie’s birthday!

I served from opening until closing.
Nevertheless, I took a break by going in for 5.30 pm service and then had dinner with CG people.

030920112812 030920112813 030920112814

Hokkien Mee and Sour Plum. Hmm, yummy! (actually, any food is yummy for empty tummy)

We ended the duty very late due to surplus money.
Well, the cashier had been on break for a looong time,that’s why. She might need time to re-adjust to cashier life again Smile with tongue out


Thank you so much for this chocolate, jie!

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