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Pastor Bayless Conley’s Sermon 11, July, 2015: At His Feet

Mary, the sister of Martha and Lazarus.
In every story, Mary was always found at the feet of Jesus
Luke 10:38-42
Mary came to His feet to hear His word. Let’s be fair to Martha. Firstly, Jesus came to Martha’s house. So, she might feel certain responsibility. Secondly, Jesus came with the 12 apostles. It was pretty costly to feed them. Martha didn’t mind. Martha was distracted by much serving. It is good to serve. It is not good to be distracted with much serving. It is good idea to fast from all busyness just to sit at His feet: To let His word change our heart.

John 12:1-8
Mary came to His feet to worship Him through giving.
Phil 4:18
Sacrificial gift is a sweet smelling aroma which please God.
When we give with the right heart, it pleases God. Whatever we pour to Jesus, it is never a waste. When we give extravagantly to God, we should do it with a sense of sacredness. A beautiful chandelier in church, for example, is fitting to glorify God.

John 11:1-17, 32-44
Mary came to His feet with her questions and needs.
Mary was honest with her agony and questions. Mary didn’t run away from God. She ran to Him. There is God’s love and concern behind tragedy.
How should we understand the context?
John 10
The devil stirred up the crowd. The crowd almost murdered Him. He escaped. The devil wanted to get Him again.
Jesus wept because they didn’t believe He cared. When bad things happen to us and we don’t believe God cares, the whole heaven weeps.
Matt 15:30-31
At the feet of Jesus, we find healing.
We come to His feet with all our confusion and questions

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