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Pastor Bobby’s Sermon 16, December, 2017

John 1:1-5
Advent season. Advent = coming.
Jesus is coming. It is preparation of His arrival.

No matter how dark our situation, God will come through for us.

In the beginning of creation, the earth was dark and formless. Then, God came and began creating.

2000 years ago, the shepherd was outside under the dark night.
The angels of God appeared to them and lighted up the dark night.

No matter how dark the situation is, be it physical, emotional or spiritual darkness, Lord Jesus is coming to light up our world.

He is coming:

1. To dispel the darkness of sin.

Proverb 4:18-19
Rm 7:19,24
When we live in sin, we live in darkness and we deserve death.

Nevertheless, Jesus is coming to set us free from sin and death.

2. To dispel the darkness of sickness

Ps 91:5-6
Disease can suddenly leave us in darkness.
However, Lord Jesus came to heal us of diseases.

3. To dispel the darkness of satan’s oppression

Acts 10:38,.John 10:10
Lord Jesus sets free those who are oppressed by the devil.
The devil comes to steal, kill and destroy.
Lord Jesus comes to give abundant life.

4. To dispel the darkness of setbacks

Job 30:26
Setback may leave us in anxiety and darkness.
It seems when we look for good, darkness comes.
However, as we come to God in prayer, God will come through for us.



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Pastor Bobby’s Sermon 4, November, 2017 Purpose of Sabbath

Why do we gather week after week?
Why do we give our best?

Lord Jesus began His ministry in Galilee.
He appointed 12 apostles and He had 70 other disciples.
He sent 70 disciples and reminded them that they are lambs among wolves.

Luke 14:1-6
Who is Pharisee?
Someone who dedicated to keep the law of God wholeheartedly.
In the beginning, they started well.
Eventually, they became corrupt.

Lord Jesus came to the house of the Pharisee.
He healed on Sabbath.
What is the purpose of Sabbath?

1.Sabbath is for healing.

In another occasion, He healed on Sabbath and cast out demon.
Luke 4:16-21, 11:20
He wants to heal the sick physically and emotionally.

2.Sabbath is for worship and prayer

Luke 4:16
Lord Jesus was in synagogue, a place of worship and prayer.
Genesis 2:2
God stopped working on the seventh day.
Psalm 66:4
He enjoyed the praise songs of His creation.
When we come to God, indeed we experience God.
At the same time, God experiences His people.
2 Chr 7:15-16
God wants to see us on Sabbath. Not only the pastors, but also the congregation pray and worship together. This God enjoys.

Exodus 35:20-21, 23-26, 36:5
The miracle was everyone coming together to give.
In fact, they brought much more than enough to build the house of worship.
The same miracle which happened in thr time of Moses will also happen to CHC during Arise and Build.

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Pastor Bobby’s Sermon 21, October, 2017

Come, Let Us Rebuild

Nehemiah 2:17
Why was the Jerusalem in ruin?
After exile, Zerubbabel led the first group of Israelites back to Jerusalem.
However, much adversary stoped him.
Ezra and Nehemiah came to the restoration too. Yet, they faced much adversary too.

John 16:33, John 10:10
Whenever we obey God, adversary comes to try to steal, to kill and to destroy.
Luke 22:31-32
Satan = Adversary.
Satan came to steal Simon Peter’s faith.
The devil does not need our possession.
When we lose our faith, we lose everything.
Heb 11:1
When we lose trust in God, life is not worth living anymore.

2 Pet 1:5
The first building block is faith.
It is based in personal revelation with Jesus Christ.
If the enemy steals faith, the whole building collapses.
As long as we have faith, even if we lose jobs, we can get better jobs.

How do we rebuild faith?

1.) By encountering God.

Neh 1:3-9
Nehemiah fasted and prayed when he heard trouble.
Nehemiah praised God, declaring His goodness for 4 months.
He held on according to His promise.
Our prayer shouls be shaped and grounded in Scripture.

2.) By the word of God

2 Cor 4:8-14
How did apostle Paul persevere in the midst of difficulty?
He believed and he spoke: Jesus will rise us up again.
How do we guard heart? By guarding our tongue.
Heb 10:23
We must hold fast to the confession of our faith.

Neh 2:2-5
Why was Nehemiah afraid?
Because he came face to face with the king who had stopped the rebuilding of Jerusalem.
Nevertheless, he prayed.

In any difficulty, there is always the third party: the God of heaven.

Nehemiah boldly asked the king’s writing for a safe passage and the supply of timber to restore Jerusalem.

3.) By the courage to act

The hand of the Lord upholds us as we exercise courage in the midst of adversary
Courage = strength in the midst of pain or grief.
Isa 41:10
We must not fear. We must take courage to act.
Miracle, deliverance and harvest will come.

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Pastor Bobby’s Sermon 7, October, 2017 One Thing Is Needed

The Gospel of Luke.
At first, Lord Jesus served in Galilee. Then, in various places/in journey. Then, it ended in Jerusalem.
The disciples went with Lord Jesus. Eventually, He called them apostles.
Something happened along the way. Lord Jesus discipled them, especially through fellowship.

Luke 10:38-42
One of the occasions of discipleship and fellowship.
Martha was the main character.
Martha welcomed Him.
Lord Jesus called Martha twice.

In ancient time, a man welcomed a man.
But here, Martha welcomed Lord Jesus.
She couldn’t care less of the culture around her.
In fact, Martha called Him Lord.

Mary sat at Jesus’ feet.
It means she became His disciple. It is similar to Paul sat under the discipleship of Gamaliel.

Martha seemed to be the more active disciple.
In fact, she was distracted with much serving (or ministry, to be exact).
Some believe Martha was a house church leader.
Because she was too busy, she felt neglected.
She complained to the Lord that He did not care about her well being.

Like Martha, our faith was about to shipwreck.
She started to engage in self pity, comparing herself with Mary.
She even told the Lord what to do: tell Mary to help.

When we are too overwhelmed, the solution is not to relinquish responsibility.
Lord Jesus told Martha she was worried and troubled with things.
Actually, when we are faithful, we will more responsibility.
Matt 25:21 NLT
What we need to do is to be faithful.
Let’s celebrate it.

The problem: Martha was troubled and worried.
Luke 12:22,29-31
Nevertheless, we must not worry.
Our Heavenly Father cares.
Pslam 123:1-2, John 10:28-29
Our job is to look at the hand of God.
No evil shall befall us as there is no other power greater than God.

Martha was worried.
However, only one thing was needed.
Single minded devotion to Jesus.

If we lose our devotion, spiritual discipline becomes a chore.
Ex 21:1-2
The person ended up as a slave to pay off the debt.
The master discipled the slave for 6 years and freed him on the 7th year.
Ex 21:5-6
Love slave.
We must never lose that single minded devotion.
We serve because we love.

When the man is not in love with the woman, he will find all reasons not to be there.
When he is in love, he sacrifices a lot for her.

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Pastor Bobby’s Sermon 23, September, 2017 Jesus Is With Us

Acts 1:1-2
Volume 1 was the book of Luke.
Volume 2 was the book of Acts.
The Gospel ended with Jesus’ ascension.
It was just the beginning of His work, actually.

The book of Acts is the continuation of His work.
Jesus still actively worked through the Holy Spirit.

Before His ministry, the Holy Spirit descended upon Lord Jesus.
Then, He preached regarding the Holy Spirit.

In the book of Acts, before their ministry, the Holy Spirit filled the disciples.
Peter rose up and preached about the Holy Spirit.

What had happened in Luke 4 happened again in Acts 2

Luke 8:1
Lord Jesus went around and preached the good news.
Acts 5:42
The same thing happened. The good news was preached everywhere.

The book of Luke recorded 22 miracles of Jesus.
Similar miracles were recorded in the book of Acts.

Acts 3:16
The miracle happened through the name of Jesus
Jesus is not dead. He is still working in our midst.
Rm 15:18-19
It was Jesus doing it through Paul.

Luke 7:22
He has come in our midst and still works around us.
Luke reminded Theophilus about Jesus who may have struggled with doubt.

Our job is to return to Jesus always whenever we have need.

Luke 18:7-8
Our job is to keep praying and not lose heart.
When the Son of Man comes = parousia.
It describes the arrival of an important person such as a king.
Lord Jesus promises He will come in His glory.

Matt 28:19-20
He is with us.
Gal 2:20
He lives and He is here in our midst.

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Pastor Bobby’s Sermon 19, August, 2017 Jesus is the Answer

The book of Numbers describes the journey of Israelites in the wilderness.

The message in the book of Numbers.
The closer we get to God, the more we must revere Him.
A holy God dwells in the midst of His people.
He is transcendent and immanent.

The way to life is the way of obedience.

John 14:21,23
How can we have God coming to us?
When we live by His word.
Daily as we hear, read, study, meditate and apply  the word of God, God will dwell with us.

Numbers 5
3 case study of sin.

Sin is defilement.
Num 5:1-4
3 ways of defilement.
Contact with leper, discharge of blood and semen, and with corpse
Sin brings with death and it is defilement.
Rm 6:23
The wages of sin is death.
Isa 6:5
Isaiah understood that he was a man of sin and he saw the holy God.
Isa 64:6
Even our righteousness is sin.
Rm 5:12
We are all deserving permanent exclusion from the camp, the dwelling of God.
Rm 7:15, 24
We cannot help ourselves as we have this body of death.
Rm 7:25
Only Jesus Christ can save us.

Luke 8:43-45
From the book of Numbers, this is dangerous act.
An unclean woman touched the holy God.
Lord Jesus demanded to know who touched Him. He felt it.
The woman was fearful.
When she confessed, Lord Jesus declared her ‘well’ or ‘made whole’.

Heb 13:11-13
Lord Jesus carried our sin and was crucified outside the gate or “outside the camp”
Matt 27:46
We were supposed to be forsaken by God.
But, Lord Jesus was forsaken on our behalf.

Sin separates us from God.
It separates us from one another too

Sin is transgression.
Numbers 5:5-8
Sin is an offense against God and man.
The steps to solve the sin is
1. Confession
It is to acknowledge the responsibility.
2. Restitution
John the baptist told the people to bear the fruit worthy of repentance
Repentance is the change of mind and action.
3. Sacrifice
Ps 51:4
We also offend God when we sin.
Hence, we need to sacrifice something to atone.
1 John 2:2, 1 John 1:9
Lord Jesus is the atoning sacrifice.

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Pastor Bobby’s Sermon 12, August, 2017

Numbers = Wilderness.
It records the journey of Israelites in the wilderness which also describes our journey in the wilderness of life.

The presence of God sets us apart
Hence, we need to encamp our lives around the presence of God.
By those who come near to God, God must be recorded as holy.
We must be consecrated unto the Lord.
Anointing and consecration come hand in hand.

The Levites had 3 clans.
At the east, Moses+Aaron+the priests.
At the south, the clan of Kohath.
At the west, the clan of Gershon.
At the north, the clan of Merari
Kohath was the second son, yet they occupied the second best place (south)

1 Cor 1:27-29
No matter what position we are in, even when we are foolish, God can use us.

Number 4:1-4
Kohath was charged with the task of carrying the most holy things.
First, Aaron and his sons the priests will pack the furniture.
Then, Kohathites came and carried the stuff.
They were not allowed to watch or touch the holy things, lest they die.
They had to obey the instruction from the priests

Lesson: the closer we get to God, a greater degree of holiness is required.

Kohath received 20 verses of instruction. Gershon 8 verses. Merari 5 verses.
Gershon and Merari carried less holy things. Hence, they received less instruction.

The world’s religions have transcendent god (distant and uninvolved god) or immanent god (present, living amongst us, humanlike).
The Bible presents to us God who is both transcendent and immanent.
Isa 57:15
God inhabits eternity. And yet, He dwells with the humble and contrite.
He is holy and He wants to dwell with His people.
The Holy stayed in tent called The Tabernacle. And yet, His Tent was surrounded with mysteries.

He wants us to draw near to Him.

Some approach God carelessly, thinking God is cool even when they are careless.
However, the book of Number teaches us that God is holy.

Numbers 4:17-19
God gave instruction that they may live and not die.

Deut 5:32-33
The objective is for us to live long and live well.
However, there is a problem with human obedience as we are not perfect.
Gal 3:10
Cursed is everyone who does not continue to obey Him.

God loves us and wants to dwell amongst us.
Hosea 11:8-9
When we fail, by right we will drop dead.
God is holy.
Heb 12:14

The solution is Lord Jesus.
He dwelt in eternity but He dwelt with humans.
The 12 disciples should have been struck dead.
But Lord Jesus did not punish them.
Not because the disciples were perfect
Not because Lord Jesus was sinful.
Gal 3:13
It is because He took the curse on our behalf

Heb 10:19-22
John 8:10-11
How should we live our lives?
The Pharisees brought a lady who was caught in adultery. They demanded her death.
Lord Jesus wrote on the ground and the Pharisees left.
In front of the Creator of the whole universe, the sinful woman waited in silence.
Lord Jesus told her: neither do I condemn you (immanemt God). Go and sin no more (transcendent God).

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