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Pastor Bobby’s Sermon 1, July, 2017

Numbers = Wilderness

The Israelites’ journey through wilderness depicts our journey in the world.
Why do we call life wilderness?

John 16:33
Just like wilderness, in the world there is tribulation.

Numbers 2:1-2
They were looking at the Tabernacle.
They camped looking at the LORD.
They camped in a square. Three tribes at every side.

East is the position of significance. It faces forward.
Numbers 2:3
Judah was stationed in the east.
Numbers 1:4-15
This ordering is based on Jacob’s sons’ seniority.

Numbers 2
Judah occupied the priority. He was mentioned first.
The lesson here: natural precedence does not determine our place in the kingdom of God.

Reuben, though firstborn, committed sexual sin with Bilhah (Gen 35:22)
Gen 49:3-4
Reuben did not deal with the lust of the flesh.
It caused him not to excel.
1 John 2:16
In this life there are lust of the flesh, lust of the eyes, the pride of life.

Simeon and Levi lost their position through sins.
They occupied the south
Genesis 34:25
Simeon and Levi were furious  their sister was raped.
They killed the males in the city.
Genesis 49:5-7
Wrath and anger
Ephesians 4:30-31
Sin has consequences.

Cause and effect
Rm 6:23
Sometimes the consequence of sin affects our descendants.
400 years later, Reuben, Simeon and Levi’s descendants still bore the consequence.

Judah was quite messed up too.
Genesis 38:15-16
Judah visited a prostitute, who was actually his daughter in law.
Genesis 37
Judah also plotted evil against Joseph.
Why didn’t Judah get cursed?
Genesis 49:8
Judah seemed to have transformed. The curse was turned to blessing.
Sin has consequence. But, God’s grace is greater.

What is grace?
What you deserve, I don’t give.
What you don’t deserve, I give.

Genesis 44:33
What did Judah do to receive the blessing?
Judah volunteered to take Benjamin’s position of slave.
Judah used to be a person who gratified himself.
Then he surrendered. Judah sacrificed himself.

We may struggle with lust or anger.
Gal 2:20
But, we can always bring our old life to Christ

What about Levites?
The curse was transformed into blessing too.
Ex 32:25-26, 27-28
Worship of the golden calf.
Levites gathered at Moses’s sides.
Levites were full of wrath. God used their fire of wrath.
Liability in our lives can be transformed by God to be assets for His service.
Because of their holy passion, they lived closest to the presence of God.
The Levites was scattered. It was supposed to be curse. But, God used it. They were scattered to teach the law of God.

We must align ourselves with God.
It is no longer I but Christ who lives in me

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Pastor Bobby’s Sermon 3, June, 2017 The Promise Of The Father

Pentecost Sunday.
50th day after Easter.
For 40 days Jesus appeared to the disciples.
He gave the instruction before His ascension.

Luke 24:46-48
Starting from Jerusalem, the most antagonistic place to share the Gospel.
Acts :4-5
How would they do that? Through the Holy Spirit.

Acts 2:1-4, 16-18
The promise of the Father came to pass.

When did God promise this?

Deut 30:6
God will do something with our heart
Jer 31:33
God will put the laws of God in hearts and minds.
Eze 36:24-27
God will put His spirit into our heart.

Why did Ezekiel tell this promise?
Ezekiel lived during exile.
The temple was destroyed, the presence of God was lost.
The people were discouraged: how to find God.
Ezekiel told them the presence of God would be in their heart.

The promise of the Father is His presence with His people.

Genesis 3:8-9
God never leaves nor forsakes us.
Even when we try to hide from God, He will search for us.

Rev 21:22-23
The presence of God even filled the city.

Exodus 3:5, 19:17-18
God appeared as burning bush in Sinai.
Moses then brought the people to Sinai. However, the people could not draw near to Him. Only Moses did.

God then planned to come to dwell with the Israelites in the form of the Ark of the Covenant.

Exo 40:34-35, 38.
The pillar of cloud and fire, the symbol of God’s presence, rested on the Tabernacle.

1 Kings 8:10-11
The Temple of God represented the presence of God.

The children of Israel was different because the presence of God was with them, not because they practiced Sabbath or circumcision.

Psalm 84:1-8
The Israelites longed for Jerusalem, because it is the place where God chooses to dwell.

However, the Israelites rebelled against God. Hence, the enemy destroyed the temple.
The Israelites then could no longer be distinguished from other nations.

Ezekiel 37:27-28
The prophet prophesied of the coming Tabernacle.

Haggai 2:3
The second temple was less glorious than the first temple.

Then, silence from God for 400 years.
Then, Lord Jesus came.

Luke 4:18-19
Lord Jesus came in the Spirit.

Before He ascended , He told them to wait for the Promise of the Father.

Why do we celebrate Pentecost Sunday?
To remind us that we are the carrier of the presence of God.
We are called to manifest His power to the captives, the poor and the blind because God is with us.

God’s presence distinguishes us as His people.

The pursuit of the presence of God is the whole purpose of life.
1 Cor 3:16-17
We are the temple of God
1 Cor 6:12

Why do we keep ourselves holy?
Because we are the holy temple of God.

1 Cor 6:19-20
We are not our own.
Out of all places God can dwell, He chooses to dwell in our heart.

How should we live our lives?
We live it unto the glory of God.

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Pastor Bobby’s Sermon 20, May, 2017

For 40 days, Lord Jesus showed Himself to the disciples before ascending to heaven.

Luke 24:46-49
The Great Commission to be witnesses for Christ.
Before  that, they were to tarry in Jerusalem until they received the power.
Acts 1:4-5
They were to wait until they were baptized in the Holy Spirit.
Acts 1:13-14
Waiting for the Spirit through persistent prayer.

Parable of persistent prayer in the book of Luke.

1.Parable of persistent woman
Luke 18:1-8
Widow had an adversary. Adversary = any person or situation which will harm us.
The Son of Man will come, not if, but when. 
It describes the arrival of royalty.
At the second coming of Christ, we need to prepare ourselves in persistent prayer.

Parable of tax collector and Pharisees.

Luke 18:9-14
Persistent prayer even makes us justified just like the tax collector.
Persistent prayer is an attitude of total submission.

God, I have nowhere else to go. I throw myself into Your arms.

2.Parable of the Midnight Friend

What do we do when we face temptation?
It does not matter even if we do not have friends, as long as we are persistent in prayer, doors will be opened dor us.

Luke 11:1-14
Persistence = shameless persistence.
Could it be that we lack of persistent prayer? 
Some trust in horses, some in chariots but our trust is in the name of the Lord.
When the breakthrough comes, the glory will not go horses or chariots, but it will go to God.

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Pastor Bobby’s Sermon 6, May, 2017

The Message is the Messenger.
The Messenger is the Message.

Lord Jesus did not immediately ascend to heaven.
He went around to show Himself to the disciples.

Luke 24:33-36
The two disciples returned to Jerusalem.
Jerusalem was a dangerous city as the Pharisee sought to capture the Jerusalem.
Once again Lord Jesus appeared to them and blessed them with peace.

Luke 24:37-40
They were terrified.
However, Lord Jesus showed them His hands and feet.
He is not our imagination. He is real.

John 1:1,14
The Word did not just stay far away.
The Word became flesh.

Luke 6:46
We are to do the word of God.
When we do it, our life becomes solid.
Christian faith is not just argument or theology. Our faith is about doing. This is how the word is made flesh.

Luke 24:41-43
During the Last Supper, Lord Jesus served food to the apostles.
Here, Lord Jesus requested to be served.
The lesson: we are to grow up in Christ. From being served to serving others.

Lord Jesus ate fish in front of them.
Suddenly they recalled their fish experience with Him.

Luke 9:13
Many times when we are tired, we don’t feel like serving others.
However, Lord Jesus teaches us to go the extra mile. That’s when the miracle happens.

Luke 5:9-10
Lord Jesus told us to be fishers of men.
It is not by forcing or hardselling the Gospel.
It is by living out the word of God.
The message is the messenger and the messenger is the message.

We have not seen Lord Jesus.
But, when we do the word of God, we become the word made flesh.

Luke 24:4-48
All things about Lord Jesus must be fulfilled: his work, ministry, suffering and resurrection.
As the Father sent Lord Jesus, Lord Jesus sent us to be the witnesses.
Starting from Jerusalem, starting from the most dangerous city which rejcted Him.

Luke 1:1-2
A huge difference between eye witness and witness.
Eye witnesses = autoptai.
Many are eye witnesses but not willing to witness because it is troublesome.
Witness = martyres.
Witness goes all the way even to martyr for the belief.

How can we be faithful witnesses?
How to stay faithful to the end?

Luke 24:49
It is not by might.
We can only remain faithful by the power of the Holy Spirit.
Even in Jerusalem, the most dangerous city, the witnessing was powerful.

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Pastor Bobby’s Sermon 22, April, 2017 The Road to Emmaus


Luke 24:13
That same day: the first of day of the week (v.1)
It is the resurrection Sunday.
Day 1. The beginning of the story of creation.
Day 1. The beginning of the new week, beginning of new creation on the resurrection day.
Where can we find Lord Jesus? It is through the story of the road of Emmaus.

Luke 24:13-16
The two disciples were probably 2 out of 70 disciples.
They were people commissioned to do miracle and preach the kingdom of God.
However, they gave up after crucifixion.
They left Jerusalem, the presence of God
Whenever we are discouraged, we will not move far until Lord Jesus visits us.

Luke 24:16
They did not recognize Lord Jesus.
The problem was with their eyes.
Know = knowing a person, having personal relation with a person.
The disciples did not have personal relationship with Lord Jesus. Hence, they did not recognize Him.
Why were their eyes restrained?

Luke 24:17-26
The disciples expected Lord Jesus to sit on the throne. However, they were disappointed when they saw Him dead. In fact, His body was missing.
In Christ, death is just transition. It is not final or fatal. There is resurrection after death.
When we experience death, we should not give up. Eventually we will rise again in Him.

2 Cor 4:7-11
Even we go through much trial, the resurrection of Christ will eventually manifest.

Their eyes were restrained because they could not understand the concept of death.

Luke 24:15
If we want to see Lord Jesus, we should start having a dialogue with the word of God.

Luke 24:27
He expounded to them in all the Scriptures.
We must love the word of God.

John 14:21, 23
Loving the word of God = hearer and doer of the word of God.

Luke 24:28-29
Where to find Jesus? When we reach out to stranger.
Constrain = compel by employing force.
When we reach out to the lost, we will find Lord Jesus drawing near.
Let’s keep caring for them. Find a need and meet it. Find a hurt and heal it.

Luke 24:30
Where to find Lord Jesus? Sitting/eating together = fellowship with other believers.

Where the presence of Jesus is, there is resurrection life.

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Pastor Bobby’s Sermon 21, January, 2017

Proverb 4:23
How is our life going to be like? It depends on our heart.
All of life issues spring out of the heart.
If we want a change, we should change the belief system in our heart.

Proverb 29:18
If we can’t see what God is doing, we will stumble.
How do we see what God is doing? We have to do Bible study.
Belief system -> worldview -> behavior

What has God revealed to us?
Genesis 1:1-3
In the beginning. Before there was animal or human, God exists.
The material was subordinate to the immaterial.
The visible world was subject to the invisible world.
In 2017, our world can change because He is the Creator. He creates out of nothing.

We are trained to analyze the natural.
Often we forget the supernatural.
Even when the earth was without form, the Spirit was hovering. Can we see what God is doing?
Psalm 33:6,9
By the word of the Lord. It was by His idea, not by human opinion.
It is not what the economists say.

Genesis 18:13-14
Is there anything too hard for the LORD?
When God says yes, it means yes.

Jer 32:17, 27
There is nothing too hard for the LORD.
God can change human heart.

Belief in God the Creator is essential.
He is our Source in overcoming adversity in life.
Exodus 20:9-11
He instituted Sabbath for us to remember that He is the Creator.
Sometimes when we labor, distraction comes. It draws limitation in our heart.
So, once a week, He commanded us to look vertically instead of horizontally.

How do we navigate through the wilderness? We read the book of Numbers.
Numbers 13:30-33
Caleb is confident. Nothing is too hard the Lord
The 10 spies said we are not able. 
As a result of their unbelief, the entire generation died after 40 years of wandering.
How did 10 spies draw their conclusion?
Their problem was a sight problem. Their heart was full of unbelief. Hence, it affected their vision. Then, they gave discouraging report.

Joshua 14:7-10
Caleb saw the giants, similar to the 10 spies.
Nevertheless, he gave encouraging report based on their hearts
Caleb was not moved by what he saw. He was moved by the promise of God.
Caleb held on one word of the Lord for 45 years.

Luke 8:23-25
The storm was real. They were about to die.
Lord Jesus did not deny the danger. It was real danger.
Nevertheless, He demonstrated that He is the Creator.
He is not far away distant God. He lives among us.

Luke 5:15-16
It was a time of great revival. However, Lord Jesus took time off and withdrew Himself to spend  time with the Heavenly Father.
In the midst of all the success, we must go back to Him as He is the Source.

Luke 22:41-43
It was a time of great agony.
Lord Jesus invoked the supernatural.

In the midst of suffering, Job mentioned.
Job 14:7-9
Even when tree is cut down, the stump can grow forth again as long as there is water.

Human is like a tree.
Storm cuts down us to a stump.
All we need is water then we can grow again.
John 7:37-38
Water is the picture of the Holy Spirit.
This is the same as the creation.
With the Holy Spirit, we can regenerate.

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Pastor Bobby’s Sermon 15, October, 2016 The Last Supper

Luke 22:7-8
Lord Jesus started the ministry in Galilee. He had ministry for 3.5 years.
At the end, He went to Jerusalem to face crucifixion, death and resurrection.
Before crucifixion, Lord Jesus had the last supper. It is a Passover.
Passover was the celebration of the exodus of Israel from Egypt. 
The passover lamb was killed and the blood was painted on the door post. The Lord passed over the first born of Israelites.

Passsover must be killed.
That’s the prophecy of what will happen upon Lord Jesus.

Luke 22:14-16
The hour had come. The entire ministry of Lord Jesus was for the passover.
This moment was special for the disciples too.
Many times before, there were others beside them.
This time, there were only apostles and Lord Jesus. It was closed door event.

Luke 22:11, 14
Initially, they were called disciples/students/learners.
Later on, they were called apostles/messengers/representatives as they carried power and authority.

Something changed along the way. From disciples to apostles involves the Last Supper.
This could be their third and  last supper together.

Luke 22:15-16
Fervent desire. Like a man who cannot wait to die.
Sometimes in our lives, there is no transformation until we come to the Last Supper.

What happened at the last supper?

Luke 22:17-18
What is this cup? 
Luke 22:39-44
Cup of "not my will, but Yours be done."

Gal 2:20
I can no longer say whatever I want to say. 
I have to account every word I say to Lord Jesus.
We cannot behave whatever we want.

After the cup, He took the bread.
Luke 22:19-20
The bread has to do with His body.
His body is to be broken. He could not just enjoy the Mediterranian food.
Our body is for doing the will of God.
Just like Lord Jesus gave His body is the way we give our body for others.

Rm 12:1
The body is not  to impress others.
We surrender body as a living sacrifice.
It is a sacrifice, especially during the trial time.

It is not talent or skill.
When God speaks, are we ready to obey?
It is transition from disciple to apostle.

Luke 22:21
Lord Jesus did not identify the betrayer.
The discussion of betrayer escalated to become discussion of who the greatest was.

Luke 22:24-27
A betrayer. Someone who serves without purity.
Many people serve for recognition and leadership. 
Judas started pure but in the  end exchanged Lord Jesus for 30 silver.
Many times we start walking in the Lord with purity. However, as we mature in the Lord, do we still obey the Lord.

In the last supper, we learn to stay pure.
We serve simply because we love God and people, not because of recognition.
Luke 22:28-30
In times of trial, we must continue to serve.
Judging 12 tribes of Israel = if they persevered, they would receive power and authority to lead the church.

2 Cor 12:12

R.A. Torrey.
Absolute surrender. Fullness of power.

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