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Pastor Casey Treat’s Sermon 5, Dec, 2015

Christians Life Stones

1 Cor 3:9-14
how do we build our lives? Are we careful, do we take heed of the biblical admonishment?
We can build our lives upon the word of God and it will stand the test of time.
1 Peter 2:5-6
what kind of precious stone do we use to build our lives?

A tall building requires deep foundation. We need to put the stones on the foundation:

1. It is all about Jesus.
Many times we are selfish. However, we should live for Jesus. It is not about ‘me’, it is about Jesus. In Him we live, we move and have our being.

2. It is not about our gift or talent. It is about our faithfulness.

Many fail not because of lack of talent. Many fail because of lack of faithfulness. We need to be faithful on the word of God, on the family and ministry. If we are faithful in the little, we will be faithful in much.
How to win souls? We need to be consistently loving toward people.

3. We need to interpret circumstances by the Holy Spirit, not by flesh.

Empty nest syndrome: spouses interpret marriage wrongly with kids at the center of marriage. They then divorce.
Elijah was inside the cave. He was initially afraid. However, eventually he was back in ministry with power. He managed to interpret his circumstance biblically.
We need to interpret wisely lest we miss what God is doing.

4. Transition graciously.

Life is all about transition. From primary school to secondary school. However, when we are older, we tend to resist change.
Enjoying changes is a part of walking with God. Renewing the mind should never stop. God keeps moving us in new seasons. Don’t fight or resist it. Don’t miss God’s better just because it is different.

5. We will always be asked to trust God.

God won’t do anything in our lives when we do not need to trust Him.
He always asks to go somewhere where we really need to trust Him.
Proverb 3:5-6
it is good to study. However, it is not good to lean on our own understanding.
Even in negative situation, God uses it to build us.

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