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City Harvest Church Easter Production 2017 Unforgotten


Just in case you missed the drama, you can watch it at this link :)

Baby Dedication 12, November, 2016

Babies~~~~ Plenty babies!!
Awesome to see so many of them!!
One of the creeds in my guild is to encourage more babies.
Well, I am sure there will be many Connexion babies on the stage in the future.
I wanna have many babies too!!
Alright, all ye little ones, do grow up healthy and good looking, ok?


 image image image image 


Church Service 15, October, 2016




Cute performance by Harvest Kids last Saturday ~~~
Tiny little voice. Soothes the heart of the audience, bringing smile to every countenance in the hall.
Keep it up, children! Keep your love for God strong!

Baby Dedication And Membership Weekend 21, May, 2016

Babies. Cute babies here, cute babies there.
Cute babies, everywhere!

image image

image image

Hmm, let’s see how many babies I can contribute to the kingdom of God in the future ~~~

20160521_180153 20160521_175747

Congratulations to all the newly promoted MMs and EMs!
Do look forward to the great sermon, ok?

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Church Service 23, April, 2016

A fantastic church service last Saturday!!
We watched appreciation from Pastor Kong and Pastor Sun to all the CG leader and ex CG leaders.
Both of them thanked the leaders for all the hard work in the ministry, especially in the past 5 years.

A friend, Rio, received the appreciation!
It is a photo of the church service in Suntec!!


Pastor Kong and Pastor Sun then preached about relationship builder.
Well, I have posted the summary of their sermon.


Dinner time at Pepperoni Pizza!!
Learned a lot from the couple as they taught me important life lessons!
Maybe I need to interview more couple to learn from them too? ~~~
Do look forward to the next post ~~

CHC Easter Service 25-27, March, 2016 The Messiah I Know

Fantastic Easter drama production last weekend!
As usual, the dramatists are very professional. I bet they rehearsed their roles multiple times.
If you did not manage to watch the drama live, you can watch it here ~~


Candlelight Service + Pastor Kong’s Sermon 24, December, 2015


Pastor Kong’s sermon 24, December, 2015

Christmas is about light. Lord Jesus is the light who changed our whole world.
God deals with personal darkness.

1. The dark night of sickness.
Ecc 5:16-17
we want to excel so much in life. Yet, when we are sick, our life goes into the darkness. Cancer is common occurrence these days. Bad diet, lack of exercise contribute to cancer. Because of Christmas, Lord Jesus is our Healer. Ex 15:26
God promises cure for sickness.
Psalm 105:37
if the people of God in the Old Covenant could enjoy health, we as the New Covenant people can enjoy good health too. Matt 8:16-17
Jesus didn’t heal some. He healed all who came to Him. Isaiah 53:5. By His stripes we are healed.

2. Dark night of sorrow.
Psalm 107:10-14
affliction: depression. God wants to heal depression. Depression can be caused by genetics, sickness or emotional trauma. Job 10: 1, 18.
When we are depressed, we hate life. Depression: personal gloom, we can’t see a good future when we are depressed. God is not silent when we cry out to Him out of depression. The way out of depression is through the word of God. We live in the world full of rejection. We are told the world only cares for the smartest or the strongest. However, God does not accept us this way. God loves us unconditionally. To God, we are not losers. Can Jesus understand depression? Ps 88:6. Lord Jesus is the solution of depression. 1 John 2:11 how to fight depression? Forgiveness. To forgive is to let it go. We may keep distance from the abuser, but we simply let go of our anger.

3. The dark night of Satan’s bondage.
1 Pet 5:8.
Satan constantly seeks opportunity to attack us. We must never give foot hold to the devil. Satan may be strong, but Lord Jesus is infinitely stronger. In the name of Jesus, we cast out demon.

4. The dark night of sin.
We will forever be with God for all eternity. When Lord Jesus was born, king Hero showed pride by trying to kill Jesus. John 8:12. Christmas is about Jesus dispelling sin in our lives.