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Mookata + Dessert First 9, November, 2016


BBQ at Mookata with the fantastic tuition ministry members!
Discussed about life and about Donald Trump’s winning.
Was kind confused with US voting system, but they made it clear to me.
And in the end, I finished most of the vegetables.
We continued out chit chat over ice cream at Dessert First too.

Hopefully I will get to bump into them again more often.

Posted November 15, 2016 by Jefri Yue Fei 吴岳飞 in City College, Tuition Ministry

City College Party 29, September, 2015

Had a blast in City College party last Tuesday!!!
Somehow I was invited to attend it. So, it was my first time there.
Had much fun with the cool teachers and students.

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Though I arrived late, there was still plenty food for me. Yay!!~~~


Let’s get the party started!!

2909201512515 2909201512517

One game: to stack the plastic cups.
Well, the guy in red won the game!!!

2909201512521 2909201512522

Another game: to slant the drink can. Hehhee, not sure how he did it, but the guy in white won!!!

2909201512525 2909201512526 (2)

We celebrated birthday of the students too.
See all those good looking people?

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The students received their report book from the teachers~~


One important message from the school principal.
The students will always be part of family of City College ^_^


Photo taking time!
Well, their O level exam is coming soon.
All the best, everyone! Do get all those A1!!