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CHC 28th Anniversary 14, October, 2017




Baby Dedication 12, August, 2017


Cute babies everywhere!! Having many kids seems fun!
This is one way to grow the kingdom of God :D

City Harvest Church Easter Production 2017 Unforgotten


Just in case you missed the drama, you can watch it at this link :)

Church Service 8, April, 2017



The church service after the verdict last week.
Felt the LORD speaking to me certain phrase regarding the condition of the church.
I shall pray over it again and again.

Dear readers,
You can read Pastor Kong’s announcement here:

Posted April 12, 2017 by Jefri Yue Fei 吴岳飞 in City Harvest Church

CHC Trial 7, April, 2017

CHC Trial 7, April, 2017

(Photo taken from City News Facebook page)

And so, the journey ends.

The Disciples Beyond 15, January, 2017

Attended the performance by The Disciples, a group of dancers consisting members from City Harvest and other affiliate churches.
They held it at Jurong West.
Titled Beyond, the performance shows the church members reaching out beyond the walls of the church.

image 20170115_200855

The MC of the night interviewing 2 of the dancers.

20170115_203632 20170115_203629

Energetic performance by the Disciples.
Phew, I guess it was really tiring for them.

Pastor Aries preached about the importance of dance as a mean to praise God.
Great performance of dance will bring in influence.
What are dancer gonna do with the influence?
For Salome, she used her dance to get John the Baptist beheaded. A really tragic and negative example.

Well, I can’t dance but at least I can exercise ~~


Our big and happy Connexion group!
Can’t wait to see them again soon! ^____^

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Baby Dedication 12, November, 2016

Babies~~~~ Plenty babies!!
Awesome to see so many of them!!
One of the creeds in my guild is to encourage more babies.
Well, I am sure there will be many Connexion babies on the stage in the future.
I wanna have many babies too!!
Alright, all ye little ones, do grow up healthy and good looking, ok?


 image image image image