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Book Review XX: The Dad In The Mirror


Many dads love their kids and try their best to nurture them.
However, many times they only father the performance of their kids and not their hearts.
Going from fathering the performance to fathering the hearts requires a change from “what the kids do” to “why the kids do” (chapter 1).
The goal of a father is to disciple kids to love God and others (chapter 2).
Since kids are made in the image of God but little sinners too, fathering the heart means “Yes, I love you” and “No, you can’t have your way” (chapter 3-4).

Another goal of parenting is to help kids become independent from us but still dependent on God.
To do that, a father should mentor his kids in navigating through life: encouraging, listening and caring for them (chapter 5).
A father should also mentor his kids by giving practical advice about work, money and getting along with people.
With this mentoring, kids will be wise, innocent and love others (chapter 11).
Since the goal of fathering is to make kids dependent on God, a father should teach the kids about the Bible, model Christlikeness, involve his kids in service and encourage them to spend time with God (chapter 7-8).
When it comes to discipline, a father should correct the kids in their attitude, not in their action.
This should be done promptly before small wrongdoings grow into big ones (chapter 9).

A special chapter is devoted on the subject of sex.
A father should teach his kids regarding biblical sex: it is God’s gift and it mirrors the closeness of our relationship wit Christ (chapter 10).

This book closes with a chapter on a father fathering his own heart (chapter 12).
A father should understand why he does things: every action is based on finding happiness.
True happiness can be found in Lord Jesus.
When he commits sinful act, he assumes he can find happiness outside of Him.

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