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Enough Sleep

Saw this article online on the dangers of lack of sleep:

To summarize:

Inability to learn
Weight gain
Poor vision
Heart disease
Economic risk taking
Overproduction of urine
Less effective vaccine
Impaired speech
Gastrointestinal problem
Car accident
Depleted sex drive
Memory problems
Genetic disruption
Unhappiness and depression

A reminder to self: Need to sleep more.
Should turn off the laptop two hours before sleeping.

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10 Things You Need to Talk About Before You Get Married (by Tinashe Samuel Maruta)

Fantastic post on Facebook by Tinashe.
I enjoy reading it. Hopefully you will find it inspiring too~~

Tinashe 1

Tinashe 2

Tinashe 3

Trusting God

Some trust in horses,
Some in chariots
But our trust is in the name of the LORD our God

Some trust in appearance,
Some in talents,
Some in finance,
Some in intelligence,
Some in acquaintance,
But our trust is in the name of the LORD our God.

Posted the above FB status a few days ago.
It was a kind of rhema I received when my plan went haywire.
I may miss opportunity here and there.
However, what matters more is my faith in God.
As long as God is with me, I can succeed in all my struggle.

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Question and Answer with God

On Facebook I read this conversation between a man and God.
It is very interesting.

Me: God, can I ask You a question?
God: Sure
Me: Promise You won’t get mad
God: I promise
Me: Why did You let so much stuff happen to me today?
God: What do you mean?
Me: Well, I woke up late
God: Yes
Me: My car took forever to start
God: Okay
Me: At lunch they made my sandwich wrong & I had to wait
God: Huummm
Me: On the way home, my phone went DEAD, just as I picked up a call
God: All right
Me: And on top of it all off, when I got home ~I just want to soak my feet in my new foot massager & relax. BUT it wouldn’t work!!! Nothing went right today! Why did You do that?
God: Let me see, the death angel was at your bed this morning & I had to send one of My angels to battle him for your life. I let you sleep through that
Me (humbled): OH
GOD: I didn’t let your car start because there was a drunk driver on your route that would have hit you if you were on the road.
Me: (ashamed)
God: The first person who made your sandwich today was sick & I didn’t want you to catch what they have, I knew you couldn’t afford to miss work.
Me (embarrassed):Okay
God: Your phone went dead because the person that was calling was going to give false witness about what you said on that call, I didn’t even let you talk to them so you would be covered.
Me (softly): I see God
God: Oh and that foot massager, it had a shortage that was going to throw out all of the power in your house tonight. I didn’t think you wanted to be in the dark.
Me: I’m Sorry God
God: Don’t be sorry, just learn to trust Me…. in All things , the Good & the bad.
Me: I will trust You.
God: And don’t doubt that My plan for your day is always better than your plan.
Me: I won’t God. And let me just tell you God, Thank You for Everything today.
God: You’re welcome, child. It was just another day being your God and I love looking after My children…

To be honest, I personally would love to have a conversation like this with God everyday.
There are so many ‘why’ questions in my mind daily and I really want to hear the answer immediately, if possible.
However, at the same time I realize that is not the common case.

Finished reading the book of Job a few days ago.
It’s the same thing: Job, despite his integrity, had so many questions in his mind regarding his suffering: WHY, oh God, WHY??
In addition, he wanted to contend with God like in a proper judicial procedure.
Interestingly, God NEVER revealed the true reason for his suffering: the devil wanted to test Job.
God simply showed him His power and wisdom.
In effect, He was saying to Job: Who are you, Job, that you want to challenge Me in a court?
Job then repented.

Naturally, I will have a ‘why’ question whenever I experience hardship.
Then, I will want to hear God’s answer to my hardship immediately.
In particular, I want to know whether the hardship is due to my mistake or other people’s or just some natural incidence or indeed the devil tests me.
Nevertheless, even if God does not answer me immediately, I should trust His wisdom in governing the universe.
God is in control. Always.

A quote from the movie Thor came to my mind: “There is always a purpose in everything your father does.”
Similarly, since Father God is all-wise, there is a purpose in everything He does even when the hardship comes.
My role is simply to trust Him even when I do not know the reason.
In the end, God in His wisdom may not reveal the reason of hardship. Nevertheless, I believe He will reveal the purpose of hardship.

Anyway, when I get to heaven one day, I may still want to ask God regarding my hardship.
I believe at that time God will give me the real reason.
Or, I may not ask Him as, by that time, I will have enjoyed Him so much that  I will have forgotten all the hardship.

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FB Status: Coincidence

God can arrange

One coincidence
After another coincidence
On top of another coincidence
Followed by one more coincidence
Which brings along another coincidence
In addition to another coincidence
And it further becomes a bigger coincidence

Until I know
And really know
And assuredly know
And absolutely know

It is no longer coincidence.
BUT rather

Posted this FB status last Friday. Somehow it was kinda revelation God gave me through experience.
I was in the midst of gathering some information. Unexpected help came from people around me.
Little information here and there until I gathered enough information.
Really thank God for that!

In the book of Esther, God somehow arranged coincidence here and there to ultimately preserve His people.
For example, Haman thought he was the one the king favored. In the end, it is the opposite:
Haman had to honor Mordechai, his own bitter Jewish enemy, since the king favored Mordechai.

Lesson in life:
God could orchestra coincidence here and there even at the  very last moment.
So, I should trust God always.

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Determination II


Still on the thought of determination.
If yesterday post was to address the difficult situation, this post is to address the apparent futility of effort.
Again, Ichigo tried times and again to attack Ulqiuorra back despite the huge difference in their power.
Enraged, Ulquiorra told Ichigo, “I told you it’s futile!!”

Many times my situation is similar.
All my effort seems futile no matter how hard I try.

So, what keeps me moving on? What is the fuel of endurance?
Faith in God’s promise.
It’s been said in church, “Don’t give up on God because God does not give up on you.”

A reminder to self: no matter how futile it seems, I shall keep believing and trying.
God will surely help me in His time.

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During a fight between Ichigo and Ulquiorra, Ichigo was seriously cornered due to huge gap in their power.
As Ulquiorra became stronger and stronger, Ulquiorra told Ichigo to just give up.
To be exact, Ulquiorra wanted to show Ichigo the true meaning of despair.
Yet, Ichigo just refused to give up no matter how much blow he received.
Ulquiorra then killed Ichigo by blasting a hole on Ichigo’s chest…

What a lesson in determination and not-giving-up attitude!

My work is seriously demanding with so many things to do in such a little time.
Yet, I should not give up too, should stay determined to keep fighting to the end.
After all, Lord Jesus did not quit when He carried the cross.
Why would I?

(Ichigo did not die in the end even with that open hole in his chest. You may want to read Bleach chapter 347 onwards.)

A quote from Ichigo:

Difference in power..?
So what..?
Do you think that I’ll give up… if you’re stronger than me..?
I knew that you were strong… right from the start…
At this point, no matter how much I see of your strength..
It won’t change anything..
I’m gonna beat you..
I’m not… fighting you because I think can win…
I’m fighting… because I have to win…!
-Ichigo Kurosaki-

SPMS Poly Open House 12, January, 2013 + Some FB Posts


Some school event last Saturday.
Just for last weekend, I attended Sunday service instead of Saturday.
Hence, I got to enjoy some free food!!! Open-mouthed smile

120120135678 120120135680 120120135681

120120135683 120120135684 120120135685

Look at all this loot of mine!!
A few boxes of fried rice, a few McSausage, tens of nata de coco, plenty curry puffs and carrot cakes!!
How did I finish them all?
By taking them slowly over the next few days. I kept most of them in a fridge.
Yay! Saved plenty $$$!
Even the school staff know my habit. The nickname they give to me ‘food rubbish bin’. Smile with tongue out


Have been posting plenty status on FB recently.
Again, I shall record them here as they sound cool.

Now that I’ve unleashed my Bankai,
think of both my body and blade
as the embodiment of the sun
-Zanka no Tachi, West: Zanjitsu Gokui-

Kore de saigo da..
Domo arigato..

Never give up..
That was the choice I was supposed to make!

So what?
As if I care about what becomes of the things you want to protect. Make no mistake.
The things that you wish to protect are not the things that I want to protect!
What I wanted to protect was.. you
-Tensa Zangetsu-

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FB Status

Today I posted two statuses on FB.
Basically, it is about some emotion on love.
I shall record it here:

I miss you
Ima demo anata wo kanjiru yo

I miss you
Asu ni wa aeru to shinjiteru

I miss you
Aishiteru kara

I miss you..




I had a lot of things I wanted to do…
I want to be a teacher…
I also want to be an astronaut…
and also make my own cake shop…
I want to go to the sweets bakery and say ‘I want one of everything’…

Ohhhh, I wish I could live life five times over.
Then I’d be born in five different places, and I’d stuff myself with different food from around the world…
I’d live five different lives with five different occupations…

and then, for those five times…
I’d fall in love with the same person…

-Orihime Inoue-

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Standing on the Shoulder of God + Albert Einstein’s Quote

A song sung during church service keeps ringing in my head.
This song itself was inspired by Pastor Kong’s personal devotion.
When the investigation began 2 years ago, Pastor Kong went through such a deep depression.
This is one of the verses which reflected much of his heart cry.

“From the ends of the earth I call to you, I call as my heart grows faint; lead me to the rock that is higher than I.”
-Psalm 61:2-

Yes, he felt so overwhelmed by the stress.
So, he cried out to God to bring his faith to higher rock, higher than his circumstance.

I feel overwhelmed. Really overwhelmed with my research work.
Somehow, the experimental results can be so unpredictable. Also, I am kinda running out of time.
I feel the Lord speaking to me through this song to keep believing in Him.
Here is part of the lyrics which touches me the most as it represents my cry for help:

When I’m overwhelmed
Your love reaches me

Give me hope to stand
Bring me to the highest Rock

Beneath my feet was once a valley
But now I stand
On the shoulders of my God


“Coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous.”
-Albert Einstein-

Firstly, I am aware Albert Einstein is not a Christian.
He believed in “god”, but not God of the Bible.
Still, I find his statement pretty interesting.

Pastor Kong once mentioned, “I don’t believe in co-incidence. I believe in God-incidence.”
To me, it is not mere coincidence. It is more like a miracle.
I can say this because I have been moving from one coincidence to another coincidence.
I remember when I was studying for exams, somehow the material I studied came out as exam questions.
When I joined in competition in high school days, somehow God showed me many unique ways to come out as a champion.
But more importantly as I do research now, I need a lot of luck, a lot of miracles.
Things can frequently go wrong in the lab: imperfect sample, machine faulty or insufficient technical skills.
But somehow, I was able to pick up important details in the midst of anxiety and worry.

Coincidence? Maybe no.
It is a miracle, a God-incidence.