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Derrick and Annabelle Wedding 26, January, 2018


(Thanks, Adrienna, for the superb photo!)
Awesome wedding last Friday! And here is my god-relatives in Singapore
Congratulations, Derrick and Annabelle! May God grant you a blissful married life!


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Family Function 10, June, 2017


Happy birthday, Gugu!!
Stay healthy always!!  ^____^

(PS: Look at those cute faces :p it is a good idea to have plenty kids)

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Mother’s Day 14, May, 2017


(Thank you, Daddy, for the awesome photo!!)

Mother’s Day yesterday!!
An awesome present to my awesome god-mommy!!
Happy Mother’s Day, god-mummy!! ^___^

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Birthday Dinner 5, March, 2017


Homemade birthday cake by my godmommy last Sunday!!
Super yummy! With healthy berries on it too!!

Happiest birthday to my goddaddy!! ^_____^

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Family Function 27, January, 2017

Reunion dinner with Leow family!!!
Nice food! Awesome fellowship as we watched the movie Hearty Paw.




Feeling hungry again just by looking at the food.
I wonder if I can cook something like this in the future.

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Family Function 23, December, 2016

Christmas celebration with Leow family!!
Though my surname is not Leow, I don’t mind changing surname ~~~~
After all, I am already absorbed into the clan :p



Yummy and healthy food for the whole relatives!



Happy family photos!
Imagine if in the future I have family as big as this~~~~


Christmas and birthday cakes!!!


Happy Christmas and Merry Birthday, everyone!!

More awesome news on family function in the future!
Stay tuned!

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Family Function 12, June, 2016

Celebrated Gugu’s birthday last Sunday!
Though my surname is Wu, it feels great to be part of Leow family!


As usual, we started with dinner first as the celebration itself would be pretty late.
Nice and healthy food. I finished the cucumber, as usual.


And so, the celebration began!
We sang birthday songs in English, Chinese, Cantonese and Korean.
Well, that’s the good thing about having a mixture of generations.
The kids were sooooo eager to blow the candle.


And, photo shot with big family!!!
Seems fun to have many kids.
Let’s see how many kids I can have in the future.

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