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Dinner 5, April, 2018


Awesome dinner with my god relatives on Thursday!
Superb tom yum prawn. Tasty chicken rice with the accompanying chili!
Thanks, Gugu, for inviting me!!

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Chinese New Year Celebration 15-17, February, 2018

Wohooo!! Long time no post.
Time for some crunchy updates ~~~ on CNY! A festive season when we receive hong baos and enjoy tasty meals!

 20180215_192053 20180216_113748 20180217_191120

Even the pictures make one drool ~~~


Year of the dog!! So the lohei must look like a dog too~~


Some of our relatives ~~~

Look forward to the next update, ok?

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Derrick and Annabelle Wedding 26, January, 2018


(Thanks, Adrienna, for the superb photo!)
Awesome wedding last Friday! And here is my god-relatives in Singapore
Congratulations, Derrick and Annabelle! May God grant you a blissful married life!

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Family Function 10, June, 2017


Happy birthday, Gugu!!
Stay healthy always!!  ^____^

(PS: Look at those cute faces :p it is a good idea to have plenty kids)

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Mother’s Day 14, May, 2017


(Thank you, Daddy, for the awesome photo!!)

Mother’s Day yesterday!!
An awesome present to my awesome god-mommy!!
Happy Mother’s Day, god-mummy!! ^___^

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Birthday Dinner 5, March, 2017


Homemade birthday cake by my godmommy last Sunday!!
Super yummy! With healthy berries on it too!!

Happiest birthday to my goddaddy!! ^_____^

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Family Function 27, January, 2017

Reunion dinner with Leow family!!!
Nice food! Awesome fellowship as we watched the movie Hearty Paw.




Feeling hungry again just by looking at the food.
I wonder if I can cook something like this in the future.

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