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CHC Trial 5, February, 2014 (Day 39-Day 13 Tranche 3): Start of 14th Witness’ Turn

Hmm, today the 14th and the last prosecution’s witness took the stand.
Foong Ai Fang used to be audit manager for both CHC and Xtron.
She mentioned that the auditors knew about the use of building fund and other matters pertaining to building fund.

Hmm, wouldn’t that mean the leaders were honest with the auditors?

I happened to compare City News with other mainstream media with it comes to report on CHC Trial.
Honestly speaking City News contains much more details as compared to the rest.
Much more informative.

Dear readers, I would like to invite you to do this experiment.
For the same day of trial, please read both mainstream media and City News.
Then, you can judge for yourself which one gives more information.