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Saturday Night 24, March, 2019


Explored a part of Esplanade with friends.
In the end, we crossed from Esplanade to Raffles Place. Splendid!
Gotta explore this area more!

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Dinner 7, November, 2017


(Thanks, Jasmine, for the awesome photo!!)

Dinner with the church friends yesterday!
Finally, a meet up with them after a looooong time!
So, we updated each other about life ~~~
Hmm, it seems our lives have been very interesting recently =p

Must arrange another meet up with them again soon!! XD XD

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Dinner 9, May, 2017


Woohoo!! Nice western food last Tuesday! Yummy!
A great catch up with old friends!
We talked about life, job and relationship.
One of them is looking for a job. Gonna pray for her until she can find one.

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Just Acia Dinner 27, March, 2017


Awesome gathering with the awesome church friends!!!
Had dinner with them last Monday at Just Acia Dhoby Ghaut ~~~
Talked about life, relationship, School of Theology and the recent happening in church.
And we ended with sharing our recent revelation of the Bible!! My favorite topic!!

Will definitely arrange another meet up with them again.
Hopefully next month ^_____^

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Dinner 11, March, 2017


Had dinner at Hai Di Lao with a group of Indonesian friends!!
Nice hot pot and the soup was really spicy. I think they added much pepper.
Awesome catch up about life as we discussed business idea.

Hope I can meet them again in near future ~~~

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The Disciples Beyond 15, January, 2017

Attended the performance by The Disciples, a group of dancers consisting members from City Harvest and other affiliate churches.
They held it at Jurong West.
Titled Beyond, the performance shows the church members reaching out beyond the walls of the church.

image 20170115_200855

The MC of the night interviewing 2 of the dancers.

20170115_203632 20170115_203629

Energetic performance by the Disciples.
Phew, I guess it was really tiring for them.

Pastor Aries preached about the importance of dance as a mean to praise God.
Great performance of dance will bring in influence.
What are dancer gonna do with the influence?
For Salome, she used her dance to get John the Baptist beheaded. A really tragic and negative example.

Well, I can’t dance but at least I can exercise ~~


Our big and happy Connexion group!
Can’t wait to see them again soon! ^____^

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Omakase Dinner 18, January, 2017


(Thanks, Michael and another friend, for the great photos!!)

Had a great dinner at Omakase Burger with my fellow church friends!!
Great burger. So fresh and juicy beef patty.
Had a great chat about life too: overseas pulpit ministry, making sales, Bible translation in Hokkien/Cantonese, 30-hours of work, cleaning chemicals, arranging lesson for kids, etc.
Can’t wait to meet them again!!!

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Gerry’s Grill 23, November, 2016


Another meet up with the awesome group of friends!!
My first time in Gerry’s Grill. Was a bit lost but managed to find it in the end.
Tasty dinner of squid and beef stew!
Invited some of them to join Connexion but to no avail. :P
And finally!! I found someone who can discuss Street Fighter V with me! Yes! ^_^

Can’t wait to catch up with them again ^_____^

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Suki-Ya 8, November, 2016


Great dinner time with fabulous group of people at Suki-Ya Marina Square.
All you can eat steamboat buffet. Good thing one of us has SAFRA card. So, we received 25% off.
Invited some of them to Connexion but to no avail :P
Never mind. Let me convince them next time :P
Will try to help one of them in making sales too.

Stay tuned. Gonna have dinner with these beautiful people soon.

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Brotzeit 25, October, 2016


Had a great fellowship with friends last Tuesday.
Catching up about life and discussing what to do to solve life’s problems.
Shared this big plate of German food.
As expected, I was the one finishing it “-_-
Tasty dinner. Will visit Brotzeit again next time~~

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