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Book Review XXIII: A More Excellent Way Be In Health


A fantastic book on health!
Healing and miracles are still for today. In fact, many doctors recommended the patients of ‘incurable’ diseases to receive ministry from Pastor Henry.
(Of course, we should be careful with the term ‘incurable’ since this term may offend God’s healing ability.)
Pastor Henry is not against medicine and therapy. He still recommends people to consult with doctors.
Let’s say someone suffers cancer. There are many possible causes to cancer, including spiritual causes.
In this book, Pastor Henry gives insight of the possible spiritual causes to cancer.
I’ve learned a lot from this book and I would like to share it with you all. There are 5 points which interest me the most:

1.) Spiritually rooted disease is mostly caused by breakdown in a relationship.
When our relationship with God breaks down (we no longer love God), the devil may come and mess up with our health.
When our relationship with ourselves breaks down (we no longer love ourselves), we may suffer autoimmune disease.
That is, instead of attacking foreign cells, our immune cells start attacking normal cells
When our relationship with others breaks down (we no longer love others), we may suffer inflammation.
Eventually, bitterness towards others may cause cancer.

2.) Fear is sin.
Fear is like saying to God: You are not in control.
What is there to fear in life? Once we die, we’ll get to heaven, anyway.

3.) Generational curse and sin can cause disease.
While it is true the children should not die because of parents’ sin, children may still get sick because of parents’ sin.
Hence, it is important if we ask God to forgive our parents and grandparents.

4.) Touching the Lord’s anointed can cause disease.
Undoubtedly, there are unrighteous pastors.
If we happen to disagree with our pastor, what should we do?
Pastor Henry gives one way to deal with that.
We should come to the pastor, say why we disagree with him and leave the church in peace.

5.) Temptation is not equal to sin.
When the devil tempts us to sin, we should do something about it to avoid sinning.

Very good insight!
You can purchase a copy of this book at The Ink Room ~ ~ ~

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