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Dr. John Avanzini’s Sermon 5, September, 2015

Deut 32:13
We should keep chewing the rock. Eventually the honey will come out of the rock
We should keep tithing. We should not let what happens in the natural distract our eyes from our goals.
1 Cor 4:15
Dr. John, as a father, came to bring the good news: Poverty isn’t forever.
Open heaven happens not because of luck or good look. It happens because the church members tithe.
Genesis 2:15-17
This is the,picture of the tithing.
Genesis 4:3-4
In the process of time, the fruits rotted. Cain brought these rotten fruits to God. Abel brought the best, the first to God.
Heb 7:8
“Here” means right there and then. 69 AD and Christians still tithed.
Mal 3:10
“Blessing” means invocation of every good thing. All of it happens. It is about release of back tithe.
God allows us to put Him to test.

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CHC Trial 27, January, 2015 (Day 87-Day 2 Tranche 6)

City News 27 Jan 2015 Morning 1 City News 27 Jan 2015 Morning 2


Well, personal stuffs may come in the court.
Whatever it is, it is definitely more important to address the charges.
Indeed, it does not seem there was any sham investment as Chew Eng Han had managed the bonds to the best of his ability.

Offering Under Christmas Tree

Last weekend, Dr. John Avanzini invited us to do something amazing.
Before his sermon, we gave our tithe and offering in an envelope.
After his sermon, he asked us to come forward, bringing our offering in an envelope.
This time, we placed the them on the stage while the screen flashed a Christmas tree image.
We sang the following song:

Happy birthday to You.
Happy birthday to You.
Happy birthday, dear Jesus.
Happy birthday to You.

Indeed, usually we ask God to bless us with presents during Christmas season.
It is a good idea to bring Him some presents instead.

Dr. John Avanzini’s Sermon 7, December, 2013: The Second Voice

There are 2 voices.
When God speaks, there will be second voice. If we don’t hear the second voice, most likely the first voice isn’t from God.

Adam and Eve
The first voice: don’t eat the forbidden fruit. The second voice: just eat, you’ll become like God.

The first voice to Abraham: leave your family. The second voice: take Lot, he can help you.
We should listen to God, don’t listen to reason as God is beyond reason.

1 Chr 21:1
God said don’t number. Satan said go and number.
We should listen to God and not to second God.

Naomi and Ruth
Naomi told her two daughters in law to leave. Ruth followed the first voice and she found Boaz.

Achan knew the first voice: the Jericho’s treasure was devoted to God.
He obeyed the second voice from his own heart: he stole the treasure.

Naaman heard Elisha’s voice: dip in Jordan 7 times. Naaman heard second voice: river in Syria was cleaner.
A servant reminded him of the first voice.

Apostle Paul and the ship crew
Apostle Paul’s voice: don’t sail out. Captain of the ship: just sail out.
Sometimes the second voice comes from an influential person.

Ananias and Saphira
Ananias and Saphira listened to the second voice and they dropped dead.

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