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CHC Trial 27, August, 2014 (Day 65-Day 18 Tranche 5)

In research, one of the best ways to ensure an experimental result is accurate is that the researchers should carry out different experiments.
All the results should then link to one another, leading to one complete, flowing story.
Well, it won’t be just an ‘article’ or ‘communications’, it will be a ‘full paper’.

Reading the news on prosecution’s questions, it is clear that the prosecution tried their best to break the link in Pastor Kong’s chain of arguments.
They asked questions upon questions upon every email.
By God’s grace, Pastor Kong’s argument has been consistent and the link has not been broken.

Yessshhh!!! That’s Pastor Kong for you and me!!!


How to Celebrate Valentine

Well, according to Fairy Tail… by making babies!!!

Natsu and Lucy-b

Natsu and Lucy 2b

Natsu and Lucy 3b


Will you marry me Gray Juvia 2-b

Will you marry me Gray Juvia-b

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Fairy Tail—Will You Marry Me

One of Juvia’s imagination: Gray proposing to her.
Well, it may be just an imagination.
Nevertheless, it will be nice if it comes to a reality: when will I propose a lady?

Smile with tongue out Smile with tongue out Smile with tongue out Smile with tongue out

Will you marry me Gray Juvia 2-b

Will you marry me Gray Juvia-b

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Fairy Tail Jokes!!!! :D :D :D

Somehow, Fairy Tail is now one of my favorite anime!
The author really did a good job in making such a light-hearted and comical anime!
I super like!!! Well, here are the scenes that made my day.
They were taken Fairy tail episode 2.
Hopefully it will make your day too!

Quote of the day:
“Miss, would you be so kind as to lend me your under(wear)?”
-Gray Fullbuster-

Gray vs Natsu 1-2

Gray vs Natsu 2-2

Gray vs Natsu 3-2

Gray vs Natsu 4-2

Gray vs Natsu 4b-2

Gray vs Natsu 5-2

Gray vs Natsu 6-2

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Thou Shalt Not Doubt Thy CGL’s Singing

Had this conversation of whatsapp with CGL. Very entertaining.

CGL: Enjoy the dedication service folks. Me teaching my baby daughter to fall asleep without rocking.
Me: CGL, maybe if you sing then she will sleep?
CGL: Tried that. Yesterday she cried for hours.
Me: If your wife sings, maybe it will work?
CGL: Jefri u doubt my singing?!?! Jefri u sit beside me for cell next week k.
Me: Or, if I sit beside you during the service this Saturday?
CGL: Sat everyone singing so u wun be able to hear me.
Me: Ok ok. Hopefully next week my work load lightens then I will sit beside you during Cg meeting.
CGL: Dun worry. There is 6 mths left to end 2013. At least 20 more cells to go before yr ends. Heh heh.
Me: Ok ok. I am looking forward to attending Cg. 11th commandment: Thou shalt not doubt CGL’s singing.

Revelation of the day! 11th commandment!
Thou shalt not doubt thy CGL’s singing!!!! 

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Faces Like Lions… Leomon Followed David??

Today’s post is inspired by Pastor Phil’s message last weekend.

“Some Gadites defected to David at his stronghold in the wilderness.
They were brave warriors, ready for battle and able to handle the shield and spear.
Their faces were the faces of lions, and they were as swift as gazelles in the mountains.”
-1 Chronicles 12:8-

So the warriors had faces like lions. That means those warriors were likely to be…


Leomon!!!!! No wonder they were brave, swift, and ready for battles.
Wait a minute… If the Leomons followed David, that will make David…..


Bantyo Leomon!!!!!
No wonder David was renown for his victory in wars!!!
Really revelation of the day!!!

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Joke of the Day

A certain man runs a mama shop together with his wife, son, and daughter.
Since the shop is not big, each of the family member takes turn to keep the shop and serve the customers. They do not hire anyone else.
One day, this man is so sick and is about to die.
With his dying breath, he calls his family one by one.

”Dear, are you here?”. “Yes, I am here, dear,” the wife answered.
”My son, are you here?” “Yes, Dad,” the son replied.
”My daughter, are you here as well?”. “Yes, Pa,” the daughter said.

All of sudden, he scolded his family.
”Stupid you all!! Who is in charge of the shop today??!!”

Immediately, he passes away.

(Mama shop:

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