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CHC Trial 20, November, 2015 Sentencing Day

And so, the leaders were convicted and sentenced.
I am still hoping they will appeal against the conviction and sentencing.
Anyway, my prayer is with them, their family and the church.

CHC Trial 21, October, 2015 (Day of Verdict)


“For all the dreamers, our planet’s dream is not over yet.”
– Chrono Cross –

We lost the battle today.
But, it is not the last battle.
It is true that the current verdict is not favorable toward the leaders.
However, it is still not the end.
Remember the case of NUS professor who was involved in sex-for-grades case?
He was acquitted by the High Court.
I really think CHC leaders should appeal to High Court (assuming they have enough finance).
But for now, I guess they should really rest their mind and body.

Stay strong, CHC!

CHC Trial 15, September, 2015 (Oral Submission Day 3-Day 140)

City News 15 September 2015 Morning 1

City News 15 September 2015 Morning 2

City News 15 September 2015 Morning 3

City News 15 September 2015 Morning 4

City News 15 September 2015 Morning 5

City News 15 September 2015 Morning 6

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Somehow I have the impression one of the jobs of prosecution is to throw insults after insults at the accused.
These insults are then quoted by the mainstream media.
The readers then get the impression at the accused are “liars” as prosecution calls.
However, just because prosecution calls them “liars”, it does not mean the leaders are really “liars”.
In the end, I guess the leaders themselves are already immune with such characterization.
It is just not fair for the readers as they are led to believe these leaders are bad people.

Prosecution claimed the leaders misappropriated the building fund money.
In what way was it misappropriation when building fund was invested through bonds?

Victory and good news for the leaders are on the way.
21, October, 2015. The date of their vindication.
Stay tuned.

CHC Trial 14, September, 2015 (Oral Submission Day 2-Day 139)

City News 14 September 2015 Morning 1

City News 14 September 2015 Morning 2

City News 14 September 2015 Morning 3

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Prosecution claimed CHC was a victim of CBT.
Seriously, that’s a bizarre claim.
SC Sreenivasan pointed out before: none of the prosecution’s own witnesses even suspected church lost money.
In other words, is there a victim? None at all.
In fact, I absolutely am confident if any of  the church board members had been asked to testify, none would have claimed CHC was a victim.

CHC leaders are winning as the prosecution seriously have no direct evidence.
The best they do is simply to draw inference.
But really, how accurate is an inference?
Inference is like drawing a straight line between two points and insisting it must only be a straight line even though in reality these two points are part of a curve.

All the best, CHC leaders!  

CHC Trial 10, September, 2015 (Oral Submission Day 1-Day 138)

City News 10 September 2015 Morning 1 City News 10 September 2015 Morning 2 City News 10 September 2015 Morning 3

City News 10 September 2015 Afternoon 1City News 10 September 2015 Afternoon 2

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And so, the oral submission of the court case started.
According to a reliable source, the defense and prosecution interviewed the witnesses like an experiment.
Each came up with a hypothesis then conducted experiment based on the available evidences.
It is then a matter whether the judge has already made up his mind.

I have absolute confidence six of them will be acquitted fully!

CHC Trial 20, May 2015 (Day 137-Day16 Tranche 7)


City News 20, May, 2015 Morning

The end of all the tranches.
It is just a matter of submission then verdict.
Final battle of submission. I really think CHC leaders will win the case~~~

CHC Trial 19, May, 2015 (Day 136-Day 15 Tranche 7)

City News 19, May, 2015 Morning 1City News 19, May, 2015 Morning 2

City News 19, May, 2015 Morning 3City News 19, May, 2015 Morning 4

City News 19, May, 2015 Morning 5City News 19, May, 2015 Morning 6

City News 19, May, 2015 Morning 7City News 19, May, 2015 Afternoon 1

City News 19, May, 2015 Afternoon 2

Sun took the stand and mentioned that Crossover was never a closed deal for her.
Indeed, it will be wonderful if such thing can happen.
Financial profit aside, it will be one big global mission.

Perhaps after this whole trial is over, we should that US album can somehow be launched?

CHC Trial 18, May, 2015 (Day 135-Day 14 Tranche 7)

City News 18 May 2015 Morning 1City News 18 May 2015 Morning 2

City News 18 May 2015 Afternoon

According to prosecution, Wahju was just a conduit, dutifully following instruction from Serina.
Previously, Wahju himself refuted this.
In addition, SC Maniam showed another evidence that Wahju had control of the usage of the bonds which Serina did not know about.

And so, even until the last day of Serina’s stand, prosecution’s argument was still unconvincing.
Dear Judge, please acquit them, ok?~~~

CHC Trial 15, May, 2015 (Day 134-Day 13 Tranche 7)


City News 15 May 2015 MorningCity News 15 May 2015 Afternoon

Indeed, a few years ago there was online noise when CHC purchased Suntec shares.
While online noise done by non-Christians was inevitable, I clearly remembered even Christians made online noise too.
Very unfortunate.
CHC had experienced more than enough online persecutions from non-Christians.
And yet, fellow Christians did exactly the same thing as those non-Christians.
If these Christians had doubts and questions, why could not they just keep it private and ask CHC directly?
Was there really a need for them to go online? Could they find the answer even if they went online?

A finishing line for Serina is coming~~~

CHC Trial 14, May, 2015 (Day 133-Day 12 Tranche 7)

City News 14 May 2015 MorningCity News 14 May 2015 Afternoon

Prosecution, as stated in City News, claimed the following:

“The DPP further painted the picture that the entire series of bond redemption transactions, which involved Xtron, Firna, Ultimate Assets, AMAC and the church, was designed to “hide the trail of funds” and “obscure” the fact that it was really the church’s own money that had been used to repay itself.

While Serina disagreed with prosecution, I remember Chew Eng Han offered another view.
According to Eng Han, using money to repay itself is not unusual practice in financial world.
Hence, that substantially weakens prosecution’s argument on round tripping.

Yup, the leaders are doing just fine since the whole church prays for them~~