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CG Birthday Celebration 5, november, 2015


Chocolate during cg meeting last week! It is awfully chocolate and awfully nice!
Hehe, thanks, Jass!


We also celebrated Pastor Kenneth’s birthday!
Thanks for leading us, Pastor Kenneth! ;)

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CHC Trial 6, May, 2015 (Day 127-Day 6 Tranche 7)

City News 6 May 2015 MorningCity News 6 May 2015 Afternoon

At the beginning of the trial, it was written on the news out there that in which Serina mentioned in her email not to include Advante, her accounting firm, in a certain transaction.
I can’t exactly remember the context of the news, though.
My first impression was that there was something hidden.
However, after seeing all these details, in turns out Advante is really an independent entity set up to avoid certain conflict of interest.
Hence, it is not a surprise then that it should not be mentioned in a certain email.

That’s the good thing about assuming innocent until proven guilty.

SeanAud Wedding 2, May, 2015

Celebrated the wedding of the lovely couple: Sean and Audrey.
It was held at Orchid Country Club.
First, we had… the matrimony!


Pastor Kenneth led the matrimony.
Can you see Audrey’s expression beaming with joy there?


Exchange of wedding vow.
They both were pretty nervous that they forgot their lines~~~


The kissing part definitely deserves more attention.

WP_20150502_029 WP_20150502_026

Having their first Holy Communion as husband and wife.
Lighting up union candle. They are one, no longer two individuals.

After matrimony, we had a nice wedding lunch ~~




Super big ballroom. Nice decoration too.
Yummy food. Wonderful chat with other guests too.
I felt guilty eating shark fin soup. However, if I had not eaten it, the sacrifice of the shark would have been in vain, agree?

WP_20150502_003 WP_20150502_001


Took individual and group photos with the couple.
Hmm, gained some inspiration for my future wedding! I want to make it full of laughter and heart warming talk.

Congratulations, Sean and Audrey! Stay in love always!~

Cg Sermon 5, February, 2015

God is good. Hence, we will have a good year too.

Ps 65:9-11, 3 John 2
Inward man has to prosper. Then, the outward things will prosper too.

1. Be resolute to hear God’s voice.
We need to know what God wants us to do.

2. Be resolute in spiritual discipline.
Important to carry out the basic regularly.

3. Be resolute in holding fast in our confession.
Our word has to agree with God’s word.
Heb 3:1
He is the High Priest of our confession

4. Be resolute to draw near with confidence.
Heb 4:16
Boldly: Confidently.
Confidence comes by knowing who we are in God. We are the children of God.
We come to throne of God to obtain mercy and grace.
Mercy: Compassion because we are imperfect. Grace: Favor from God which we cannot earn.
We can come boldly and God will respond. We are not beggars.
God wants the best for us as well. Don’t limit what God can do for us.

5. Be resolute to become spiritually mature.
Heb 6:1
Perfection here isn’t sinless. It means maturity, fulfillment of calling in God, holiness. We should always be led by the Holy Spirit.

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CHC Trial 22, August, 2014 (Day 62-Day 15 Tranche 5)

Yes! As expected of Pastor Kong!
He gave fantastic answers to close this week of cross-examination!!

Hmm, looking at these two links, I guess some bonds were revealed to the EMs. Some bonds were not revealed to EMs.
If only someone had told him that he was legally required to reveal the bond to the EMs, the leaders might not be in difficult situation like now.
But I guess, this is an honest mistake, isn’t it? It does not seem to be any criminal breach of trust.

Pastor Kong gave a nice analogy on Xtron-CHC like churches in Festival of Praise committee.
Different organization sharing the same vision will definitely be seen as related.
However, each of them is still an independent organization.

Hmm, in the Prayer Meeting last Thursday, Pastor Kenneth shared about the church praying for Apostle Peter (Acts 12:5).
I shall keep Pastor Kong in prayer too~~~

Pastor Kenneth’s Sermon 12, December, 2013

Mark 2:1-5, 11-12
A group of friends, worked together in bringing a sick friend to Lord Jesus.
In the end, he was saved and healed.
We can apply this message to soul-winning. 7 principles in winning the soul:

1.) Compassion
Evangelism should flow out of compassion. If we are forced to do something, we will not be happy.
Whoever has the compassion, God will give the harvest to them.
People may seem fine on the outside but miserable in the inside. Lord Jesus came to save them.
We should not be too busy to evangelize now. Compassion will lead us to pray for them.

2.) Faith
4 friends had faith. Lord Jesus responded to their faith.
We should have faith that our friends will be saved.
Many people are paralyzed by guilt, fear and loneliness. Our faith will bring them to Him.
Don’t consider it is impossible to get them saved.

3.) Action
4 friends acted out their faith. They planned and went ahead.
We need a strategy to evangelize the world: by building relationship with them first.
Col 4:5
We should be wise in using the opportunity to evangelize.

4.) Persistence
4 friends were persistent in helping the paralyzed.
Even if our friends do not accept Lord Jesus, we should not give up.
We should not be discouraged easily. Instead, we should be patient toward the lost.

5.) Creativity
They creatively found a plan to solve an obstacle.

6.) Cooperation
They worked together. The load of soul winning can be quite heavy.
We may need to involve other Christians in winning the lost.

7.) Sacrifice
4 friends broke the roof. They were willing to pay the damage.
It cost Lord Jesus His life to save us.
It will cost us money, time and energy in reaching out to the lost.

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