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CHC Trial 1, September, 2018

Last year when both prosecutors and lawyers presented their argument in Court of Appeal, I kinda knew this would be the outcome.
The argument from lawyers was waaaaay more convincing than the prosecutors’, after all.

CHC Trial 7, April, 2017

CHC Trial 7, April, 2017

(Photo taken from City News Facebook page)

And so, the journey ends.

Pastor Kong’s Sermon 25, March 2017 The Kingdom of God Part 2

Genesis 1:26
Image: external physical form.
Likeness: similar inner nature.
Dominion: kingly ruler over territory.

We need to see ourselves as kings.
Let them have dominion = we represent the government of God.

Ps 24:1
We are rulers, not owners.

God gave human dominion over the earth, but not over each other.
Matt 20:25-26
It is ok to aspire greatness. However, we must serve others.
We are not to lord over each other.

Kingdom of God is the kingdom of kings who serve.
God is our Heavenly Father.
That makes us prince and princess.

John 1:12
All of us are royalties.

Rm 5:17
Reign in life: reign as kings in life.

Matt 5:5
The promise is to inherit the earth.
Psalm 115:16
God has given the earth to mankind.

Rev 19:16
King of kings. He is our King. Hence, we are kings under God.
We are kings who serve with dignity. We are not servile.

The devil attacks us in our self image.
We are kingly.

God gives us the power of attorney to act on His behalf.
Lease agreement God gave to Adam.
When Adam sinned, he gave it the devil.
God did not prevent fall because He was faithful to His word of giving dominion to mankind.
Luke 4:5-6
The devil had the lease agreement.

God legally moves on earth when we pray. Through prayer, we give God permission to move.
Matt 18:18-19
He can only release on earth what we allow.

How then should we live or function?

Mark 1:15
The kingdom of God has arrived.
Repentance = total change of thinking resulting in total change of action.

We must not become ignorant kings = not knowing of what the Bible says.
We are destroyed for the lack of knowledge.

In the beginning, Adam and Eve did not need to worry about food.
But now, people act based in fear of lack of food, water, clothing and housing.

The kingdom of God is the total opposite.
Matt 6:24-25, 30-32
Mammon: demonic spirit of materialism.
Mammon makes us worry about life, food, drink and clothing.
We must not worry. Our Heavenly Father knows we need all these things.
Matt 6:33
Divine priority.
We must seek fervently His authority.
Seeking Him first and only.

Because thr kingdom of God is so vast, it will fill us to the full capacity.
In all the goal and ambition, is it in line with what God says?
We must repent from the thinking of worrying.

We don’t work or worry for these things.
We work with the right motivation.

Luke 9:57-58
Sometimes, when we follow God, the cost is great that we lose home
Luke 9:59
When we follow the King, He will take care of our family.
Luke 9:61-62
This man’s heart was divided.

If He is Lord, then it is always yes. It is never a “but”.

Luke 18:18
This young ruler was rich and smart, too focused on success and wealth.
God is the King. He has the right to take anything from us.
Even if we let it go, God will take care of us.
This ruler was unwilling to part with his wealth.

Luke 18:24-25
Not all of the disciples His were poor. Hence, they were scared.

Luke 18:29-30
Nothing we give up for the kingdom of God is lost.
If we give up the priority of materials and put God first, we will receive many more from Him.

His rule, His realm and His word.
If we live for the King, we will not lose out

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Pastor Kong’s Sermon 11, March, 2017 The Kingdom of God (Part 1)

The secret of success is to know what God is doing and to do it together with Him.

Mark 16:20
How to see signs? When we preach the Gospel.
The message of the cross is the entry to the entire Gospel.

The kingdom of God.
The king and his domain. It is the realm where the king rules and reigns.
Lord = someone with ownership or property rights.
Rev 19:16
As King, Jesus rules over us. As Lord, He owns us.

Isaiah 9:6-7
Matt 4:17
The kingdom of God has arrived.
Luke 4:43
What is the purpose of Lord Jesus? To preach  and demonstrate the kingdom of God.

Acts 1:3
40 days after His resurrection, Lord Jesus spoke of the kingdom of God.
Our entire life depends on it.
If our lives have nothing to do with the kingdom of God, we have no destiny.

Without the kingdom of God, the body of Christ is just religious and death.
When the kingdom of God comes, sin-sickness-satan has to go.

1 Cor 4:20
Kingdom of God is in power.
Matt 12:28

The final clash in the world is not mere logical argument.
It is the clash of God’s power vs devil’s power.

We can’t expect healing to be permanent if we do not submit to the kingship of Jesus.

Ecc 8:4
There is power in the word of the king.

Matt 4:17
Mission statement of Jesus
Luke 4:18-19
Vision statement of Jesus
What good news can we preach to the poor? That they will not be poor forever.

Commonwealth of heaven
We have share in the wealth of heaven.
Matt 6:31-33
When we are under the rule of the King, He will provide.
King Jesus is a generous God.

Matt 6:9-10
Priority number 1: the coming of the kingdom of God.
We will rule with king Jesus here on earth.

Matt 10:7:8
Freely we receive the power of the king, freely we give.
Mark 6:12-13
They used anointing oil on the sick.

Matt 24:14
The kingdom of God must be demonstrated.
Luke 17:20-21
The kingdom of God is in us and among us.
It starts with us.

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Pastor Kong’s Sermon 25, February, 2017 The Power of Confession Part 2

Genesis 1:1-4,6
Heb 11:3
The words set the structure of the universe.
Universe = Uni + Verse = One poetic word

Genesis 1:26
Dominion = right to command.
Adam had the authority which he released through his command.

Genesis 2:7
Living soul = speaking spirit
We have the right to speak out God’s decree.

Our calling is to be God’s custodians of words and power.

Matt 12:37
Proverb 18:21
No one can stop our destiny except us ourselves.
Death and life are in the power of tongue, not economy.
Instead of speaking death, we must speak of life.

The devil tries to convince us that our words do not affect us.
Hence, we often become flippant with our words.

Proverb 6:2
You may be limited or trapped by the words of our mouth,
We are the sum total of the words we say day in and day out.

Genesis 4:11-15
God punished Cain that he would be fugitive.
Yet, Cain confessed that he would be killed.
Eventually, Lamech killed Cain.

Genesis 31:32
Jacob did not Rachel had stolen the idol.
Jacob confessed that thief would die.
Rachel did die at the age of 39.

Genesis 37:32-33
Jacob thought he would die.
In the end, he aged faster.

We must not say things God has not spoken in His word.
Our words must have value.
Even when we want to be honest, we have to find other ways to say it.

The Bible is the most important book.

Proverb 30:32
Devised evil = Bad thought.
Immediately we have to stop our words.

Speech center of the brain exercises dominion to the entire body.
Our words of powerful.

Mark 11:22-23
There is no mention of God in this verse.
We can receive the impossible through our belief and words.
We must not doubt.

Luke 16:16-17
Tittle = smallest text in the Hebrew.
This book cannot fail. If it does, the whole universe will disappear.

We can trust God with our health, money, future.

Rm 4:19-21
Abraham did not consider his own body and the deadnesss of Sarah;s womb.
He kept confessing the promise of God.
If God can perform it fpr Abraham, God will perform for us too.

2 Kings 4:18-26
Just because the promise came to pass, the devil was not gonna sit idly.
Why would God bring forth miracle child and let him die?
The boy was Habakkuk.
She said, “It is well.”
She did not let her husband destroy her faith.
We must not go around and tell people our dreams as there are dream destroyers.
She even refused to say negative things in front of Gehazi.

2 Kings 4:27
Consider the word of God.
Cancel all the negative word in the name of Jesus.

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Pastor Kong’s Sermon 18, February, 2017

Mark 11:22
Faith Is important.
Heb 11:6
Faith pleases Him. God is a Rewarder.
When God rewards us, we will know it.
Faith pleases God because we believe in His integrity.

When we go through difficult circumstance, do we still say: God, I still believe in You?

The Bible talks about the fight of faith.
It is the fight to enter into His rest.
Mark 11:23
Problem is like a mountain because it is big.
The size is intimidating.
Our goal is to cast the mountain into the sea
The mountain will only move  when we believe in God and when we speak over it.

Faith: believing and speaking.
Mark 11:23
Three times saying, one time believing.
For every one time believing in God we do, we must speak 3 times as much.
The mountain will move as if it had not even been there to begin there.

Matt 12:33-35
We live inside out.
Our life on the inside determines our life behavior.
Words are like seeds. Heart is like repository of words.
We must be careful what we deposit into our heart as it will form our belief or unbelief system.

If things around us are in a mess, we must check what words we allow into our heart.

Matt 12:37
Words may give us victory or put us in bondage.
The key is our mouth.

Proverb 18:21
Death and life is not in the power of economy or friends or upbringing or the devil.
Instead, it is in the power of tongue.

Psalm 39:1
The wicked: the devil.
They are waiting until we speak negative thing.
His job is to make us flippant with our words.

We need to revalue our words.
We must be careful with our words.
Even when we joke, we don’t want  to confuse our spirit.

The more we speak, the more we believe
The more we believe, the more we speak.

Mark 5:23-41
Jairus made bold confession that the daughter would live.
The woman with the issue of blood confessed too that if she could touch Lord Jesus, she would recover too.
The runner gave bad news but Lord Jesus told Jairus to hold fast to his last confession.
Don’t say anything that will cancel our months of positive confession.
Lord Jesus told Jairus to just believe.

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Pastor Kong’s Sermon 11, February, 2017

How do we stay in love?
As time goes by, it is more challenging for the couples to stay in love.
Many couples say they are out of love.

1 Cor 7:3 GNB
Each should satisfy each other’s needs.

Different needs of men and women.

The needs of men #1: Sexual fulfillment.
Sex does not make a man lustful.
A guy thinks about sex once every 2-3 hours.
When a husband requests sex from wife, many times the wife rejects.
If  the wife rejects many times, husband will stop requesting.
1 Cor 7:5 MSG
Rejection from sex is an opportunity for satan to attack.
Good sex is the best form of spiritual warfare.
Marriage: commitment from the wife to be the only sexual partner for the husband.
If the wife wants to have a happy husband, she should initiate sex.
Proverb 14:1
Wife should give effort to make her husband happy to go home.

Need of women #1: Affection
A woman does not need sex as much as she needs affection.
1 Cor 7:3
She needs affection.
Affection: application of effects to produce an affect.
Husband must tell the wife “I love you”
Affection is husband kissing his wife in public in front of his ex-girlfriend.
Affection is the atmosphere. Sex is the special event.
We cannot have one without the other.

Need of men#2: recreational companionship.
Foundation of good marriage is friendship.
Husband and wife are best friend for one another.
How to be best friend? To do fun things together.
Wife needs to investigate what husband likes to do for fun and joins him.
Men are aggressive by nature.
Genesis 2:15
To keep the garden: to protect.
Men are protective by nature.
Men are naturally competitive.
If he likes to swim, join him to swim.

Need of women#2: conversation
When wife becomes the companion, he will open up and he will talk and talk with his wife.

Need of men #3: attractive spouse.
Wife is stimulated by ears. Husband is stimulated by eyes.
He needs attractive wife.
1 Sam 16:7
God looks at the heart but husband is not God.
Proverb 31:22
This wife knows tapestry and dresses well.
When she looks good, he feels good.
Wife should look good for him.
Wife does not have to look like a model but at least she should look like when he marries
We all age, but let’s age gracefully
Genesis 2:24
Cleave: chase after, pursue.
Before marriage, she is hard to get. She presents her best. Many guys chase after her. He has to up his game.
Why does he come home later and later?
Because the view at home is not interesting.
Do not let the husband lose the reason to pursue wife in the first place.

Need of women #3: honesty and openness.
Husband must be open with wife all the time.
Don’t let another woman know more than wife.
Wife feels safe when she knows all the thought and feeling of the husband.
John 15:15
Lord Jesus told the church, His bride, everything He knew.

Need of men #4: domestic place.
Home should be his fortress.
Husband dislikes trouble at home.
When he comes home, he does not want to start his day all over again like he does in office.
If the wife likes to nag, she drives the man to live on the roof.
Wife should make home first class and feel first class.

Need of women #4: financial support.
Marriage is partnership of equal shares.
There is joint account for spouse.
Wife is not designed  to be breadwinner. If she wants to work, it is her choice.

Need of men #5: respect and admiration.
Ephesians 5:33
Wife is to submit to the husband.
Husband interprets respect as love.
Respect: speak highly of, hold in high regard, praise.
Husband receives criticism from the world, he needs admiration from wife.
Even if there is nothing to praise, wife still must do it.

Need of women #5: family commitment.

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