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Dinner Fellowship Connexion 19, December, 2016


Thanks, Peter Ling, for the awesome photo!!!

Another awesome dinner with Connexion guild members!
Reunion dinner time. Old friends caught up with each other.
Talking about life. Planning next outing. Much laughter here and there!
Making new friends too!
This is what a guild should be ~~~~

Great news! The restaurant can give us discount again the next time we visit them.
Do look forward for more awesome Connexion news, ok? :D

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Open A Door to Israel Connexion 18, December, 2016

An awesome outing with the Connexion guild members!!
First, we enjoyed the multimedia exhibition of Israel culture at MBS.

20161218_172544 image

Kinda fun to see various interactive touch screen to show their custom.
For example, the birthday boy/girl sits on a chair. Then, the adults lift up the chair like a palanquin.
We took selfie with an Israelite. I even played ping pong with an Israelite too.
Through the multimedia door, that is.


Hungry!! Dinner at Olive Vine Marina Square!!
We planned the next outings. February is gonna be full of outings too.

Guild that goes for fellowship together stays together.
Do look forward to our next outing, ok? ^____^

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Future of Us Connexion 31, December, 2015

Had an outing with Connexion group members last week.
We went to Garden by the Bay to enjoy Future of Us exhibition.
It’s a free of charge event. So, if you have not gone there, I really encourage you to go there :D


The queue of the visitors to the exhibition.
Luckily we did not have to wait for long.


Inside the exhibition hall.
I heard it was like an omni theatre.
Pretty cool to watch a half spherical screen.


Future apartment in Singapore, with plants going up and down.


Unique futuristic items done by the polytechnic students.
Man! They are super creative!


Our happy people!
Do look forward to our next outing, ok? ^_^

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Staying Fit Together Connexion 22, November, 2015

Had a great Connexion outing last week.
Basically we exercised together, perspired then became smelly together… Oops~~
Anyway, we did change clothes after jogging and playing badminton.
One of us brought some spray cologne to mask our body odor~~
Then… dinner time!!



Yummy food and great fellowship.
We talked about manga, anime and food ^_^
Stay tuned.
More exciting Connexion events on the way~~

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Surprise Outdoor Activity City Connexion 7, June, 2015

The finale of the series of event held by City Connexion.
The previous 3 workshops were really informative.
This final outing was really an awesome finale: strong bonding session among the participants through game and laughter.
In addition, for me it was a time to advertise my group chat, inviting them to join in it.


First, we shared the food~~~
It turned out we had abundance! My team could not finish the food we brought ~~~


First game: we had to take off one shoe/sandal.
Then, the organizers hid it. Then, the team had to find the missing shoe/sandal.
My team did not perform so well as my shoe was hidden really well –_-


The second was about finding items on a list.
Didn’t take photo of it; my team was the first to complete it.
The photo above was the third game in which my teammate had to separate green bean from another bean.


The winning team. Not my team, though –_-
And the prize was… Forever Friends tissue!!!!
Well, hopefully not friends forever in terms of friendzone~~~


Our fun loving people ~~~


Dinner at the nearby Kopitiam to satisfy our hungry tummy.
Thank God for such a fruitful day~~~~

Lazarus Island Outing Connexion 1, June, 2015

Had outing with a bunch of fun-loving people last week!
We went to… Lazarus Island!!!
Wonder where it is located???
It’s located just south of Marina South Pier.

WP_20150601_001 WP_20150601_002

Here are photos of us taking ferry there.
You can see how excited we were. In fact,  we were the noisiest passengers!!!

WP_20150601_011 WP_20150601_008 WP_20150601_010

We first alighted at St John Island.

WP_20150601_015 WP_20150601_014

Then, we had our lunch ~~~
They taught me some basic physical exercise.
Nice! I would like to build muscles too ~~~
From St John Island, we walked to Lazarus Island ~~

0106201511081 0106201511078 0106201511079

Very nice and natural scenery.
Good thing this place is not that commercialized yet.
Otherwise, it would have been unnatural Smile with tongue out Smile with tongue out Smile with tongue out

WP_20150601_016 0106201511082 0106201511084

Our stop at Lazarus Island.
Some of us had second lunch and nice chat while some of us…

0106201511089 0106201511088

played in the beach!!!
As for me, I rehearsed some basic martial art moves.
Not bad. I imagined myself as Tekken characters like Hwoarang.
Result: my whole body ached a lot.

WP_20150601_021 WP_20150601_020

This cat at Lazarus Island sure loved my bag.
And so, we went back to the main island.
Once we reached there, we had dinner ~~~

WP_20150601_034 WP_20150601_026 WP_20150601_027

WP_20150601_030 WP_20150601_032 WP_20150601_033

Yummy dinner at City Hall! And we…


Celebrated Wilfred’s birthday!!
Happy birthday, handsome!

Do look forward to the next outing sessions, ok? Smile

City Connexion 24, May, 2015

Had a fantastic workshop last Sunday organized by City Connexion.
It was sort of drama: we learnt how to talk and interact in a given scenario.
Even the scenario sometimes changed too ~~

But most importantly, it was a networking session over dinner!!!



I got their numbers and added them into the chat group.
All of sudden, the number of participants went up by 25%.
Hehehe, the chat group is even more lively now~~~

Do look forward to the next exciting update, ok? Winking smile

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City Connexion 13, May, 2015



Attended a workshop by City Connexion last Wednesday which was about developing self.
We first had a yummy dinner as one can tell from the photos of food above.
It was a great time of making new friends. In the first workshop I had not got to know them well as I had had to leave first.
We then played a game in which we had to communicate to each other using “sign” language to describe food.
I defected from team 2 to join team 3…. and team 3 won!!!!

A take home message from the workshop:
– Do mingle with married couples to understand about married life.
– Do clear up FB as people can judge you from your FB.
– Do develop sense of humor.
– Do take the risk of rejection.
– Do your best to look good as first impression matters.

Can’t wait for the third workshop ~~~

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Team 2 Dinner (Connexion) 17, February, 2015

Well, have not been in touch with them for ages.
Finally, we met up last night at Swensen’s. Our very first meet up this year!



So first, we ordered dinner.
While enjoying dinner, we talked about lives.
Heard that choir ministry needs more guys to balance the number of girls there.
After all the explanation, I was told, “Why don’t you pray about it?”
Nice job hinting me to add more ministry Smile with tongue out But for now, I guess I will stick to tuition ministry first.
We talked about security and children church ministry too.
In short, any ministry in church needs more people.
Let me see what I can do then Smile with tongue out Smile with tongue out


Celebrated a member’s birthday too. Happy birthday, CT!!!

1702201510607 1702201510608

What is the main point of coming to Swensen’s? Obviously, the earthquake!!!
We tried hazel nut, coffee, mocha, chocolate, mints, mango and….. durian.
Yes, you read it right. Durian in a separate cup as one of the members did not like the smell Smile with tongue out Smile with tongue out Smile with tongue out


Our beautiful people.
Am looking forward to meeting them again next time.

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Dim Sum Dollies (Connexion) 25, January, 2015

Had a wonderful dinner time with Connexion friends!
Dim Sum Dollies. It was the only outing event we had in the month of January.
Hadn’t met them for quite some time.
So, it was good to catch up with old friends.

2501201510397 2501201510398 2501201510399

2501201510400 2501201510401 2501201510402


2501201510388 2501201510389 2501201510393

2501201510394 2501201510395 2501201510408

We all shared these fantastic foods! I was soooo full.
Plenty exchange of info too on credit cards. Yup, money is an important topic of conversation.
Last weekend Pastor Kong preached about love.
One of the five love languages, according to Gary Chapman, is quality time.
Hence, we show our love to each other by spending time with them over dinner.
We try our best to understand their what each other goes through and perhaps to offer some help too.

2501201510409 2501201510410

Celebrated their birthday! Happy birthday, Tun Chung and Winnie!
May God grant you your birthday wishes!

2501201510412 2501201510391 2501201510392

Our lovely people!
Do look forward to the news of our next outing event, yeah?