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CleanMET 2-4, June, 2014

An exhibition at Marina Bay Sands early this week.
Different companies came and showed case their products in keeping the environment clean.
The company I worked in participated as well. Our booth was located at A2.

030620148176 030620148173

I really like the design of the booth.
While other booths were just square cubicle, the company had this unique design.

030620148178 030620148174 030620148177

My colleagues gave a demo on the instrument.
Yep, they made one sale of machine on that day!

030620148183 030620148179 030620148180

030620148181 030620148182

Some happenings during the event.
Hmm, how should I make Singapore cleaner?
Perhaps by making the best floor cleaner ever??

Garden Walk Connexion 27, April, 2014

Yoooozzzz!! Another news fresh from the oven!!!!
Today my friends and I had an outing at Garden by the Bay.
We named it Garden Walk; precisely because we really had to walk around the Garden while playing games.

270420147684 270420147685

The ICs had lunch first while finalizing the games.

020220147182 020220147184 020220147186

020220147187 020220147190 020220147191

020220147193 020220147198 020220147204

Some objects we all had to find and take team-photos with.
Well, they were all scattered all around the Garden. So, we really had a good exercise today Smile with tongue out

270420147687 270420147686 270420147688

Some puzzle pieces games we had to solve.
The themes of the puzzle piece were falling in love and friendship Winking smile Winking smile Winking smile


Some Bible quiz to deepen our spirituality.
Ever wonder why Lord Jesus’ genealogy in Matthew 1 is different from that of Luke 1?
The picture above is taken from

P4270005 P4270011

The winning team!! They received a wonderful prize of..


A pack of drink and chocolate-liquor!!!

270420147693 270420147694 270420147695

270420147690 270420147691 270420147692

We had dinner at the nearby food court at Marina Bay Sands.
It was a nice chat over nice food ~ ~ ~ ~

Garden Walk was the last event of the first batch of events.
Do look forward to the news of the next batch of events, ok? Winking smile Winking smile Winking smile