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CHC Trial 17, March, 2015 (Day 100-Day 12 Tranche 6)

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One of the prosecution’s main point is round tripping.
In essence, they are saying using church money to redeem previous church money (in the form of bond) is wrong.
However, Chew Eng Han gave one critical example that using bond to redeem previous bond is completely fine.
That’s one good solid clean hit on prosecution’s argument, Eng Han!
Keep it up!

CHC Trial 18, July, 2014 (Day 47-Day 5 Tranche 4)

Phew. One heavy week for John Lam, I believe.
For now, he can rest until 4, August when the cross examination continues.
So far he can answer well, with perhaps one hiccup when Chew Eng Han asked him a lot.
God’s vindication shall be upon him.

CHC Trial 17, July, 2014 (Day 46-Day 4 Tranche 4)

Hmmm, all of sudden there was disharmony between John Lam and Chew Eng Han.
What was happening?
Well, hopefully there will be more explanation when Chew Eng Han took the witness stand.
Anyway, I am glad N. Sreenivasan managed to bring the big the picture back to the discussion.

CHC Trial 15, July, 2014 (Day 44-Day 2 Tranche 4)

Prosecution’s case: “Mr John Lam was part of a plan, an unholy design, to dishonestly misuse church funds to personally benefit Sun Ho.”
It looks like Senior Counsel Kenneth Tan has managed to shoot down this case~~~~

CHC Trial 14, July, 2014 (Day 43-Day 1 Tranche 4)

Finally! The leaders got the chance to explain their action!
John Lam kicked start the ball.
He explained the reasoning behind Crossover Project and CHC Investment Policy.
I shall pray for their vindication!!! :D :D :D

No Case… Not Approved..

Well, I had been praying that the judge would approve the “No Case”.
After all, most of the witnesses sided with the leaders. Looks like it would be a “No Case”,  I thought.
This morning the judge announced he had not approved the “No Case”…. which mean the trial will resume.
It is scheduled to resume on 14, July.

I shall keep the leaders in prayer.
I really hope they can explain everything well..

Why CHC Leaders Should Engage Experienced Lawyers (Part 2)

Well, this is the continuation from the previous post on this subject.

2.) If the CHC leaders put so much faith in God, why do they engage Senior Counsels? Why don’t they just simply pray to their Father God?
This is a religious question and I will use Bible parts to answer it.

To certain extent, there is a merit in this question.
Indeed, there is nothing impossible for God.
God gave victory to Jehoshaphat from the enemies even without Judah army shedding any blood in war (2 Chronicles 20).
Surely, God can do similar things for CHC leaders now….. right?

The answer to this question is simple.
By engaging the Senior Counsels, CHC leaders simply do their best and let God handle the rest.

Perhaps an analogy will be useful.
Meet Mr. X. He is a faithful Christian.
He gives tithes, offerings and donates a lot to charity.
He has a wonderful family. His wife loves him. His children obey him.
He serves in church, regularly goes for mission trips and evangelizes among his friends too.
He prays a lot, reads the Bible, is disciplined in quite time.
In short, he is an almost perfect Christian.
One day, a doctor diagnoses him of later stage cancer and he has to go for surgery.
Assuming Mr. X has the finance,
would you recommend Mr. X to see an inexperienced surgeon? Or, would you recommend him to get help from a chief surgeon?

Perhaps to make it more personal,
what if Mr. X is your beloved grandfather?
Or, what if Mr. X is your beloved father?
Or, what if Mr. X is you yourself?

In the story of  Jehoshaphat, God gave him clear cut instruction (2 Chronicles 20:14-17): he did not need to fight.
Surely, if God clearly tells Mr. X to just pray in faith and not to see any surgeon, you would recommend Mr. X to just pray in faith and not to seek doctor, wouldn’t you?
The question is: what if God does not give any loud and clear instruction?
I believe you would recommend Mr. X to meet a chief surgeon. After all, Mr. X has the finance.
To compare Jehoshaphat with David, David did not receive any instruction from God in one occasion.
He did not just pray in faith; he really sent his army to war (2 Sam 10).

If God tells us specifically what to do in a given problem, definitely we will obey Him.
If God does not say anything, I am sure we will do our best and let God do the rest.

In general, God wants to bless His people in their career.
However, they should work hard in addition to praying in faith.
In general, God wants to bless His children in their study.
However, they should study hard in addition to praying in faith.
For now, I assume God does not specifically say anything to CHC leaders.
I believe God wants to deliver CHC leaders from this trial.
However, in addition to praying in faith, they should do their best too: engaging experienced lawyers is one example.

Let’s keep them in prayer, shall we?
No Case. No Case. No Case.
In Lord Jesus’ name I pray. Amen!