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Missio Dei 18, September, 2016


Attended BBQ outing with Missio Dei team members last Sunday!!
Ate a lot! I was the food tester~~
In the end, we also took photo with Pastor Bobby and Cindy.
So privileged to have taken photo with them!! ~~~

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Missio Dei Prayer Meeting 28, August, 2016

(credit of these photos goes to a Missio Dei member)


A great prayer meeting with Missio Dei teammates!!
As usual, we enjoyed wonderful presence of God.
The intercessors went around and laid hands on us.
Received an interesting word from the Lord through the intercessor too.


After such a great prayer meeting, we had dinner too.
A friend told me how he first learned to hear from the Holy Spirit.
Hmm, gonna try his suggestion.
If I can hear from God directly, I can minister to others better too ~~~

See ya in the next Missio Dei meeting!

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Missio Dei 21, August, 2016

*** credit of the photo goes to my friend in Missio Dei ***

Missio Dei 21, August, 2016

Fantastic prayer meeting with Missio Dei members!
As usual, we had the chance to enjoy strong presence of God!
Then, we heard praise from mission trip who had ministered in Indonesia.
It is heartening to hear how the youth accepted Lord Jesus.
The LORD cleared the weather for the team to continue their evangelism outreach too.

Can’t wait to attend the next prayer meeting with Missio Dei again ~~~

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Sunday 14, August, 2016

*** Thanks a lot, Ashleigh, for the wonderful photo!!! ***


Missio Dei

A day well spent with Missio Dei friends.

We prayed for a friend.
Then, we had fellowship at Subway.
Can’t wait to see them soon~~~

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Missio Dei 31, July, 2016

Super throwback!!!
Wonderful session with Pastor Bobby! He mentioned the importance of mission.
Following is the note from his message:

Matt 28:18-20
Methodist church built church, school and hospital.
Back then, the church of England only allowed preaching in church.
John Wesley had different philosophy.

Why preach the Gospel?
To get people saved.

Then, we need to bring them to discipleship.
To grow new believers into mature Christians = ambassadors of Christ.
Only disciples can represent Christ well.
Discipleship comes through transformation, training and growth.

Mature Christians can grow to become servants of God who will the lost.

At the end of the session, we took photo with Pastor Bobby!!!


Do look forward to the next Missio Dei meeting!!

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