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Pastor Paul Scanlon’s Sermon 23, August, 2014 Crisis of Human Flourishing

God makes everyone brilliant at something.

Ps 92:12
There are many Christians who do not flourish in the house of God.
Planted: being rooted in God. We should be rooted  in the the way God thinks.
Flourish: to grow luxuriously.
Human resources are like natural resources: buried deeply and expensive to extract.
We should focus to our strength.
Every single one of us is creative. It isn’t just about art.
How are we intelligent? It is not ‘how intelligent are we?’ it is about ‘in what way are we intelligent?’
There is a world that will exist because we exist.
Inner passion, talent and dream. We need to bring them out.
We shouldn’t define ourselves with what God didn’t make us good at. We should define ourselves with what God made us good at.

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Pastor Paul Scanlon’s Sermon 16, August, 2014: Do Not Despise The Days of Small Beginning.

Zechariah 4:10
They spent 70 years in exile. Some remnant eventually returned to Jerusalem.
They came back without much resources. Zechariah had difficulty in encouraging the remnant to build the Temple.
God told Zechariah not to despise small beginning.

We may now experience depression, lack of resources or pain or discouragement.
Some of us may be in the beginning of relationship or business idea or academic program.
Some have many business ideas. However, they give up in the early stage. There are still greater things to come.

In small beginning, something happens.
This thing doesn’t happen in the middle or completion.
Faith is like a mustard seed. It is a small beginning. Yet, it grows very large.

Lord Jesus was like a small beginning.
He was left alone, no follower and was about to be crucified.
If we take a photograph of Lord Jesus on the cross, we will think His life was a failure.
Some of us start a business and experience difficulty.
Why don’t we encourage our friends who experience such difficulty?

If we take a photograph of Joseph sold as slave, we will consider him as a failure.
However, in the end he became the prime minister.

Don’t give up.

Small beginning is important because we will learn to draw strength from inside, not from outside people.
During small beginning, we will know who our friends are.
During small beginning, we learn gratefulness as we need any help at all.

We should not compare someone in chapter 20 in life with someone in chapter 1.
God sees faithfulness in little things, the small beginning, before granting much things.

God is the Alfa/the beginning and the Omega/the end.
God enters our lives from completion point of view.
He then designs the beginning for us.

David started as a shepherd boy, despised by the family as he might have been illegitimate child.
King Saul gave him armor not to help him.
Yet, he practiced with sling and stone unceasingly for years. That preparation  only came in the small beginning.
He was skillful enough to throw stone at Goliath.

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Pastor Paul Scanlon’s Sermon 1, March, 2014: All Things Work Together for Good

2 Cor 11:23-27
Without knowing it was Apostle Paul, we might consider the person is a bad person.
Rm 8:28
Despite all his suffering, he taught that all things work together for good.
God uses everything in our lives for our good. Difficulties is inside ‘all things’ God uses.

Can God use everything?
– God can make a fish swallow person.
– God can make donkey talk.
– God can make lion passive.
– God can make fire harmless.
God can do a lot of stuffs. God can use things against their respective nature above our imagination.
We shouldn’t limit God. God is never out of resources. God doesn’t need any man’s permission or cooperation for His plan.

4 things Paul had in mind when he wrote this verse.

1.) God is sovereign.
No one has infinite independence like God. Nobody has elected God. No one can dethrone God.

2.) God is omniscient.
He is all knowing. God already knows our future.
I may worry now but God knows I may laugh about it next week.
God cannot be surprised or disappointed.
Even if I take the wrong turn, God can still redirect me to the right path.

3.) God is omnipotent.
God can create things I need even if they don’t exist.

4) Bad things happen to good people.
We shouldn’t think like Job’s friends.

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