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Pastor Phil’s Sermon 8, April 2017 God Is With You

Psalm 42:1
When do we pant for God?
It is as if God drawing us and us wanting Him.

The secret to prayer is simply connecting to the Person of God.

The actual panting for God is to enjoy communion with God.

Psalm 42:2
There are hindrances when we seek God.
Do we block God when God touches us in certain area?
For example, when God speaks about pain in following Him, do we block Him?

Where is God in the midst of pain or fire?
God dwells not just in heaven, but also He dwells in furnace
He is Immanuel, God with us.

Why does God keep saying I am with you?
Because it is easy to forget that He is not with us, especially when we are in pain.

Psalm 42:4
David likes the idea of praising God in the midst of trial.
Praising God helps us remember God.

Psalm 42:5
If things are gonna be alright later, it is alright now in the midst of distress.

When we are stressed, we must remember God.

Deep calls unto deep
From the depth of our heart, it touches the heart of God

We can be very honest to God "God, why are You not doing something?"
"Why did I end up in this situation?"
We may not get logical answer for question like this.
The answer is worship

Hope is an anchor which must be embedded in something solid: the Rock of Christ.

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Pastor Phil Pringle’s Sermon 2, July, 2016 Our Father

2 Cor 13:14
Benediction from apostle Paul.
Communion = deep calling unto the deep.
The love of the Heavenly Father.
1 John 1:3
Fellowship with God the Father.
When we have difficult relationship with earthly father, we may project the same image to the Heavenly Father.
We may worship and pray to Him. However, we can always have fellowship with Him.

Rm 1:20
Creation is beautiful and it shows us God the Father.
Imagine if we spend the evening to talk with the Creator of nature.
God is fun and celebratory.

Fathers are different from mothers.
Fathers love dangerously
Kids learn to be tougher as fathers teach kids to navigate through dangerous paths.

God the Father often swings us further without damaging us.
He is just having fun. He pushes us within our capability.

God may take us through pain.
Through pain, we become stronger emotionally.

The center of Christian belief is the approachability of God.
Lord Jesus called God ‘Abba’, Daddy God.’ Such is the closeness we are privileged.

Zephaniah 3:17
Rejoice over you = dance, skip, leap and spin around in joy.
God is close to us. He is not emotionally distant.
He wants to fellowship with us.

Matt 6:26, Matt 12:12, Matt 12:32
To God, we are more valuable than the wealth of the world.
God will do anything to draw us closer to Him.

Psalm 103:7
Moses went through much pain to understand the way of God.
Pain makes us develop our capacity.
When we are under pressure, we understand the act of God.
He cares for us even when we are in difficult times.
We will come out as totally different person after the trial.

Isaiah 49:2
Just like an arrow, there is a day God will pull us back and then launch us forward.
There is a destiny God has prepared for all of us.

Psalm 91:1, Matt 6:18
We need to have a secret place where we can fellowship with the Father.

Isaiah 45:3, Psalm 27:5
Make sure we have the secret place of fellowship with the Father.
We should not misinterpret things in our lives as a sign of displeasure from Him.

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Pastor Phil Pringle’s Sermon 31, October, 2015

Psalm 23:4-6
Valley: Deadly ravines common in Palestine.
God’s actual presence brings true fearlessness.
2 Timothy 1:7
God has not given spirit of fear. Many times, the devil won’t incite Christians to do evil; he condemns Christians for not doing good enough.
Many examples of fearfulness: Panic attack, sociophobia, post traumatic stress disorder, anxiety disorder
Grace has provided blessing, faith obtains it.
Fear is not just psychological condition. It is spiritual attack. By the power of the Holy Spirit, we can break the spirit of fear.
Isaiah 41:10
Our greateat fear is the fear of abandonment. However, God is with us always.

1. Aloneness: Fear not I am with you.
God can see the fear of abandonment.

2. Disappointment: Be not dismayed, for I am your God.
Sometimes we raise expectation above what God has told us.
When we pray, we have to ensure God is still more important than the answer to prayer. Sometimes God delays the answer so we can look at God’s face and not His hands.

3. Weakness: Fear not, I will strengthen you.
Psalm 138:3
God gives the strength to our soul. God may not change the situation.
2 Cor 12:7-10
Unanswered prayer. What is a thorn for someone may not be a thorn to another. Thorn makes us dependent on God always. In our weakness, we are the strongest. If God does not take away our frustration, perhaps we should embrace it.

4. Helplessness: Fear not, I will help you.
Jesus helps us though not always the way we want Him to help.

5. Failure. Fear not. I will uphold you

Isaiah 43:2
Some like to be in fire or water as they feel God closer in that situation.
What is that Goliath in our lives? We need to identify it and beat it in Jesus’ names.

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CHC Trial — A Message from Pastor Phil

It is a tough time for City Harvest Church members.
In essence, according to the judge, money for church building must not be used for church mission.

Am looking forward to the sermon by Pastor A. R. Bernard tomorrow and from Pastor Phil Pringle next week.
Maybe they have a message from God for CHC.

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Pastor Phil’s sermon 25, April, 2015

There is a river
John 7:37
The Holy Spirit flows like a river.
John 4:14
When we are thirsty, we come to Jesus and we will be satisfied.
The river inside us bubbles up and overflows to satisfy the people around us.
The devil will do anything to block that well.
Rm 8:2
In Christ, the Spirit of life is in me. Christian life is a massive current of life.

1. River flowing in the garden of Eden.
It is the place of fellowship with God.
Gen 2:10

2. Rev 22:1 river that flows from the throne of God.
God’s authority isn’t based on tyranny. It is based on servanthood.

3. Ez 47:1
River from the door of the temple.
We need to return to the door which is a picture of Jesus. We need to be fully immersed in the river of God.
Job 18:16
Many Christians are dry on the inside. We should fix our root system by finding water, that is Jesus

4. River from innermost being.

What do we need to do?

1. Thirst
We come to God as He is the only One who can satisfy us.
We can be filled again with the Holy Spirit.
God wants us to thirst and hunger after Him.
He wants us to seek His face, not only His hands.

2. Come
God is waiting to be wanted.
We need to come to Him,not because of external obligation.

3. Drink
Worship is a way of drinking

4. Believe
It is easy to be positive when everything is positive.
It is difficult to be positive when everything is negative.

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Book Review XXVI: Parable of the Dog


As Saviour, Jesus dies for us.
As Lord, we die for Him
-Pastor Phil Pringle-

Pastor Phil had a dog named Piper.
Initially, the dog had an attitude problem. It kept barking whenever he demanded food.
One day a dog trainer came and trained it. The trainer offered food to Piper but leashed the dog too.
Piper barked loudly until it became exhausted.
Finally, after it was exhausted and quiet, Piper was allowed to eat the food.
From this dog training, Pastor Phil observed the importance of obedience.

God is the heavenly Potter. We are His clay. He wants to shape us into a wonderful workmanship.
God has amazing plan for all of us. However, a few of us will live it out because it comes with a price tag: obedience.
When we come to God through Jesus, Jesus became our Savior.
However, obedience means Jesus now becomes our Lord, more than just a Savior.

Perhaps the best test of our submission to Jesus’ Lordship us when He does not answer our prayer when we experience difficulty.
There are examples of God’s heroes who experienced difficulty until the day they passed away.
Apostle Paul had a thorn in his flesh.
Many martyrs in the history of Christianity were killed for their faith.
Some of the heroes of faith in Hebrews 11 were stoned to death, killed by the sword and sawed in two.
It all boils down to the question: Do we seek God for who He is or what He can do for us?

Obedience covers multiple aspects.
What: We should obey God completely. Partial obedience isn’t real obedience.
How: Fulfilling a task from God requires His strategy, not human strategy.
Where: God may command us to go to a specific place to fulfill His calling.
When: God’s timing for a specific purpose may run out too. Hence, we should obey God when there is still time.

What are some practical steps to obey God?
1. We should ask God ‘Yes’ or ‘ No’ before carrying out a plan.
2. Say ‘Yes’ to God even when He changes our plan midway.
3. Obey the call, the gifts, the timing, the place.

(you can purchase this book at The Ink Room)

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Pastor Phil Pringle’s Sermon 9, August, 2014

Happiness is important as many people are depressed.
Some say “you have no idea what I go through. I can’t be happy”.
Yet, the Bible is full of in spite statement. Though the fig tree does not give fruit, we rejoice in the Lord.

Matt 5:3-12, Pro 14:13
Blessed: happy. Laughter isn’t a sign of happiness.

Phil 4:11-12
Content: happy. We gotta learn to be happy.
It is easy to be happy when we receive upgrade in life.
However, Apostle Paul learned to be happy in both upgrade and downgrade in life.
When I say happy, I am content with my current situation. I am still believing for greater things to come.
However, my happiness isn’t dependent on the greater thing.

Pessimistic people are losers as compared to optimistic people.

3 road blocks to happiness:

– Hatred.
We can’t hate someone while being happy.

– Anger.
Anger and happiness can’t stay in the same heart.
Pro 27:3.
Anger creates a heavy atmosphere.
Eccl 7:9, Gen 4:5.
Cain was angry. Sometimes we imagine that we approach people in anger we will solve the problem.
Actually, it will make things worse.
Pro 15:1, 18, Pro 16:32, Pro 22:24-25.
We can always respond to anger with soft answer. 
The key to taking over city is to have self control.

– Self pity.
We can’t feel sorry about ourselves and feel happy at the same time.
1 Kings 19:3-7.
Elijah felt exhausted after bringing revival to the nation. After hearing the threat, he ran for his life.
It’s very natural to rest when we have self pity. It takes more faith to rest than to work.
Sabbath of rest, we enter by faith. As we rest on Sabbath, God will take care of our work.
God spoke through whispers as He wanted him to draw close to God enough to hear Him.
Similarly, we should draw close to God to be able to hear Him.

You can purchase his sermon here:

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Delighting Self in the LORD

Pastor Phil preached a fantastic sermon this weekend about happiness.
A certain portion of his sermon really inspired me.

“I am happy, content with I have now.
I am still believing for greater things to come.
However, my happiness does not depend on those greater things.”

Somehow these lines remind me of a verse.

“Delight thyself also in the LORD; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart.”
– Psalm 37:4 –

It will be kind of a long learning process to delight myself in the LORD.
I do have prayer requests, hoping that God will grant them.
However, can I delight myself in the LORD now, before He grants me my requests?

Difficult question.
Really difficult.

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Pastor Phil Pringle’s Sermon 7, June, 2014

It isn’t difficult situation that makes us perish. We perish when we lose vision.
Discouragement makes us look down. Guilty makes us avoid eye contact.
God gives us vision to see bigger thing than our present. The devil will come with bad imagination to discourage us.
A vision is where we are going

John 4:35
Lift up your eyes
We may not see high or far enough. But, Lord Jesus asked us to lift up our eyes.
The context of this verse: Lord Jesus had a conversation with a woman by the well.
She eventually started the revival in her city.
The disciples came and were surprised by the conversation. Lord Jesus told them to lift up their eyes to see the harvest.

1 Cor 10:24
1.) We see others too for their well being.

2.) We see positive
Heb 12:1-2
No matter how difficult the situation is, we should see Jesus. We should stop looking at problems.
Ps 5:3
When we pray, we look up.

3.) See a new perspective
There is always opportunity accompanied with problems. Sometimes a  good thing can come out of a bad thing.

4.) See God your source
Phil 4:19
Mark 6:35-44
John 6:5-6
God takes our finance, blesses it and returns it to us abundantly.

5.) See bigger
Gen 13:14-16
What we can see, God can bring into our lives.

6.) see abundance
Gen 15:5
When we lift up our eyes toward God, we discover limitless possibilities.

7.) See transformation
Gen 31:12
Our vision can transform the world.

8.) See unashamed
Ps 3:1-3
There are days we can’t lift up our head. God comes and lifts us up.
Rm 8:30-34
God is for us, He is on our side.

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Pastor Phil Pringle’s Sermon 25, January, 2014: The Unshakable Church

Heb 12:26-28
God wants to shake the heaven and the earth. Finance, politics and economy are shaken so we who are unshakeable will be stronger.

2 Thes 2:1-2
It is important to make it to the end by staying unshakeable.

Eph 4:14
There are many winds of doctrines trying to shake us from our faith. It’s about us following Lord Jesus wholeheartedly.

How to be unshakable?

1.) dig deep-preparation.
Luke 6:47-48
Preparation can be annoying because nobody sees. Preparation: prayer, bible reading.

2.) commitment
A goods start: to serve God, to keep punctuality, keep attending the church.

3.) Jesus is the cornerstone.
God has given teachers.
Yet, we must keep our eyes with Jesus.
Relationship with Jesus is more important than any other relationship. He is the cornerstone.

You can purchase his sermon here:

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