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Healing Testimony

Some time back, I posted regarding the determination to fight sickness.
Praise the LORD! I have recovered from that fever.
Perhaps it is clearer if I describe the timeline.

Wednesday 11-March
– The start of fever. I refused to take any medicine as I considered it normal fever.

Thursday 12-March
– Body temperature really went up. Felt so sleepy in office times and again. Didn’t dare to take leave as work piled up.
Took Panadol at night (which could be the wrong medicine). Prayed and confessed my healing.

Friday 13-March
– In the morning my body temperature was normal so I could work normally.
However, in the afternoon, my body temperature went up again.
Felt sleepy in the lab.
Then at night I did gua sha to myself. Still prayed and confessed my healing

Saturday 14-March
– Same cycle. Normal body temperature in the morning but high temperature in the afternoon.
Worse. I had red spots all over the body.
Attended church service in which Pastor Kong preached about the work of Christ on the cross.
He healed our sicknesses and cleansed us from sin.
Pastor Kong then prayed for healing for the members.
Still had fever on Saturday night.
However, I prayed and confessed my healing. In addition, I made the determination to recover (which is represented by that Naruto image)

Sunday 15-March
– Woke up with weak body. Yet, I was determined to recover.
Then gradually I regained my strength.
Then the LORD allowed something unique to happen: I thought I was late to give tuition. So, I ran from house to the bus stop.
Due to the running, I perspired a lot. All of sudden my body temperature returned to normal because of the perspiration.
It has stayed normal until now :)
I kept praying for my complete healing

Wednesday 18-March
– Red spots disappeared

I have written my testimony to church. Truly the LORD is our Healer! :D

Daily Prayer


Received this from a friend last Sunday.
I shall confess it daily. Yay!

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Prayer List

I used to have a prayer list in this blog.
Yet, I have not used it for a looooong time.
Today I had a talk with god-mommy.
She advised me to keep praying for my loved ones.
Hmm, good idea.
I shall make a prayer list in this blog.
Of course, I won’t make it so obvious since it is public blog.

Do keep your loved ones in prayer, ok?

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Persistent Widow Persistent Prayer

Luke 18:1-8
Somehow I am reminded Pastor Tan’s message on this.
The widow kept requesting to the judge and the judge eventually gave in to her request.
God will also answer speedily, or suddenly, as we pray persistently.

Pastor Tan mentioned a ‘bad’ example of this principle.
Man A tries to hit a lottery once but he fails. He then gives up.
Man B tries to hit lottery years after years. After 10000 tries, he then strikes it at the 10001st try.
Between 2 men, who has more ‘faith’ in lottery?

As we pray incessantly, God will answer.
One day He will come and rescue suddenly out of nowhere.
Until that day comes, let’s do whatever we can do to solve the situation, shall we?

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Pastor Tan’s Sermon 26, October, 2012: Prayer Meeting VIII

After ministry outing last Friday, I went to Jurong West prayer meeting for the first time.
It was planned to be 40 weeks of prayer.
So, it was the eight one which I attended.
Pastor Tan Ye Peng delivered a message on prayer.

Luke 18:1-8
The context of this passage is about the kingdom of God.
A widow persisted in asking a favor from an unjust judge since there was no other judge.
In the  end, the judge gave in to her request.

Lord Jesus taught them that they always ought to pray.
Similarly, we too, should pray and find a spiritual way against adversary.
Widow here represents the elect of God suffering from adversary.
God will then avenge them speedily or, more correctly speaking, suddenly.

Luke 17:25-30
Lord Jesus Himself suffered and yet He prayed.
Like lightning flashes: it is sudden. God suddenly acts.
In the days of Noah: Noah was a righteous man, suffering from the evil men surrounding him.
Times and again he warned them about the flood as he was building the ark. Yet, people mocked at him.
Finally, the day came. God speedily/suddenly avenged him by sending the flood.
In the days of Lot: Lot was a righteous man (2 Pet 2:7) who suffered from the evil of Sodom and Gomorrah people.
Finally, the day came. God suddenly saved him from the rain of sulfur and brimstone.

Luke 18:8
Will Lord Jesus find faith on the earth? What can faith He is looking for?
– Faith to continue praying to the same God.
– Faith that God will answer speedily and suddenly.
– Faith that God shows mercy and exalts us as we humble ourselves (Luke 18:14).
– Faith of little child to believe that coming to Lord Jesus is to enter the kingdom of God (Luke 18:17).
– Faith to believe that the kingdom of God does not come by observation but it is within us (Luke 17:20).

Matt 25:1-10
The foolish virgins might have thought they were wise and then mocked the wise virgins.
The wise virgins might have looked foolish for being overprepared. In the end, they were truly wise.
In the context of prayer, let’s over-pray.
Even when the breakthrough is obvious, keep praying. Do over-pray.

A very nice sermon.
A reminder for me to keep praying even when things go from bad to worse.

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Prayer Request

Some more prayer topic for people around me:

P. T. and coworkers: Prosperity in their new company.
L. T., J.J. and Sn.:      Getting excellent result for exam.
K. S.:                        Healing miracle for his family members.

Miracle will happen for them. Amen!

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Prayer Request of the Day

Hmm, many people fell sick or experiencing difficult situation.
I shall pray for them.

T.M.L. = Healing from bacterial infection in lung.
A.L       = Restoration and peace in family.
K.S.     = Protection upon journey and strength as the family is having unexpected shock.
Z.Y.L   = Healing, no more cough.
V.T.    = Healing from pain in gum.
J.J.      = Blessing in study.
J.C.    = Spiritual strength in the midst of persecution in the family.

Be blessed you all.
In the mighty name of Lord Jesus God!

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Prayer Request

Shall pray for several people below:

J. C.:        Strength in her spirituality as she might not be able to find a church where she can grow up spiritually.
H. P. S.:  To accept Jesus and be planted in the local church.

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Prayer Request

Shall pray for this two friends of mine.

M. L. and J. M.: No more objection from the family as they come to church. Furthermore, the entire family will accept Jesus.

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Prayer Request Again

From my previous post of prayer, the LORD has healed K. O. and S. O.
Praise the LORD!

Now, I want to add more in this prayer list:

J. T.: Healing

K. L.: Healing on skin

B. K.: Spiritual maturity

C: Emotional maturity

L. T.: Tooth extraction and exam.

Pray. Keep praying. Keep asking. Keep interceding. Smile

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