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Train A Man To Treat You Correctly

“Let him see what he can get but make him imagine what he can have.”– Steve Harvey



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With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

When you can do things that I can, but you don’t..
and then the bad things happen…
they happen because of you.

A word of wisdom from Spider-Man

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How to Know a Person

There are three ways of knowing people, a rabbi in the Talmud says:

In their cup
With their cash
In their wrath

How true it is that

ill behavior at the table discloses bad culture

ill conduct in business reveals the unscrupulous

ill speaking in wrath proclaims the ignoble.

What the Bible is All About, page 77
Dr. Henrietta C. Mears

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We Can’t Study

We Can't Study 01

We Can't Study 02

Many times we feel weak at certain area.
However, as we overcome it, we will be able to help those who have the same weakness as ours.
When that happens, our weakness can be a blessing to others.


Stop trying to change the universe to work the way you think it should.
Grief is essentially the process of adjusting your mind to accept a radically new situation.
The sooner you accept that you will not get your way, the sooner you will heal.
When you give up wishing things were different, you will start to change within.
Let go of those resentment.
Release your grip on what you want, no matter how good or right you think it is.

As you surrender your expectation, ask the Lord to show you His plan.
Ask Him to open your eyes to the future He desires, and determine to join Him in whatever He has chosen to do.
Take your time with this.
Transformation is a slow and sometimes tedious process.

Charles R. Swindoll
Jesus The Greatest Life of All
Page 255

Getting Dumped Makes A Man Stronger


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I Await Your Command

“I await your command.
Command me!”
– Knight (Warcraft III) –

Sometimes, one does not need a deep reason to do certain thing.
Do away will all the philosophical reasoning.
At times, one does thing as it is an order from a higher authority.

Don’t lose to a knight who always obeys order. 

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When You Live Amongst The Stars

“When you live amongst the stars, you lose sight of what is happening on the ground.”
– Yasha (Ashura’s Wrath) –

It is a good idea to spend some time with those who are less fortunate.
We learn to take our eyes off ourselves.
We learn compassion toward them, thinking of ways to help them.
It is an effective cure of pride and self-centeredness.

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When A Leader Has To Make Hard Choices


Every chieftain must make hard choices for the good of the clan.
– Killrog’s Father-

There are times when a leader has to make an unpopular decision.
Some of his followers will not like his/her decision.
Yet, he/she still has to do it for the good of the majority of his followers.
After all, there is not always win-win solution in every problem in a group.
In another occasion, this hard choice may cost dearly to a leader.
Still, he/she should grit teeth and bear through the hard choice with guts.

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When It Is Not Your Destiny

“Ah, it was never my destiny to stop you”
– Master Oogway (Kungfu Panda 3)-

“No! It is not your destiny to defeat Tai Lung”
– Master Shifu (Kungfu Panda) –

Sometimes, we pray and pray and pray.
However, God’s answer remains the same.

It is a…

While the world calls it “destiny”, Christians call it “God’s will”.

Perhaps we should learn to take “no” as an answer from God.
God always wants the best for us.
While our prayer is not necessarily evil, God, in His divine wisdom, maybe sees our prayer as not aligned in His will for us.
So, He closes all the door and stops our path.

King David prayed for his baby son.
Yet, his baby son still died.
God does not always grant the prayer of His people.
Nevertheless, when God says no, He will definitely give us something better.

We may earnestly and sincerely pray for certain thing to come to pass.
Yet, when God says no, we may feel disappointed or even rejected.
Nevertheless, let this saying comfort us in the midst of disappointment:
When we are rejected, we are actually redirected.