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Pastor Rick Godwin’s Sermon 28, March, 2015 The Power of I Must

John 10:16
I must move from being to doing.
I must means I eliminate all other options. I must means I live not by convenience but by conviction.
Lord Jesus understood about I must. He said, “I must be about the Father’s business.”
I must: Not every open door is my open door. Some opportunity are just distractions.
I must: I understand things I am supposed to do and not supposed to do.
I must: I don’t have to respond to every question. There are times when I am supposed to answer.
I must: When I understand my purpose, I choose my friends wisely. I want to be a lifter not a leaner.

Luke 19:5
I must decide the people I relate to. Companions of fools will be destroyed. I need to hang with people who enriches my life.
I must decide the places I want to go. Not all places are connected to my purpose.

Lord Jesus said, “I must go through Samaria.”
In the process of achieving life purpose, God sometimes orchestrates us to be in a certain place at a certain time for a certain reason.

Acts 18:20-21, 23:11
I must must overcome I want to. I lay down my will and pick up God’s will.
I must means I am so driven. There is something inside me compelling me.
I must makes Jacob say, "Unless You bless me, I won’t let You go."

What is my I must?
1 Cor 9:16
I must preach the Gospel.
Even death sometimes gives way to I must.

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