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Oral Defence 1, July, 2014

After 4.5 years…
Finally, the day arrived.. when I presented my work.
The day of… Oral Defence!!!

2014-07-01 11.42.20


Phew, I really tried my best to impress the audience and the professors.
In the end… thank God I passed!!!
“It was more like a show than an Oral Defence”, an examiner commented.
Well, even the closed door session was a session of laughter!! :P :P :P




Took photos with my brothers in arms.
Really, PhD life is more bearable when you know others who share the same hardship like you.




Dinner treat from my PhD supervisor!
Super yummy food and I was the one clearing the food ~ ~ ~ ~

“Jefri, what do you do in your work?” a professor asked during dinner.
“I scrubbed and mopped the floor.”

Yes, I am serious. Scrubbing the floor is my bread and butter.
:P :P :P

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Last Day of Work In NTU 12, March, 2014

Signed a 6-month contract as a Project Officer with NTU 6 months ago.
So, yesterday was my last day of working.
Since it was the last day, I took photos with them as keepsake.

照片 120320147364 120320147366

120320147346 120320147348 120320147350 120320147365

120320147347 120320147352

These are my brothers and sisters in arms.
I previously blogged about the importance of network in doing graduate study.
Yup, these people are of great emotional and technical support as I conducted experiments after experiments.

120320147353 120320147355 120320147358

120320147359 120320147360 120320147363

Farewell lunch with my colleagues. A lot of Chinese food.
Pretty oily but we compensated it by taking fruits. Hopefully the fruits will handle the oil problems Smile with tongue out Smile with tongue out


A farewell card from my colleagues.

Well, farewell is not that farewell, I should say.
Once in a while I will drop by NTU and say hi to them.
For instance, next Monday I will attend an Oral Defense of a PhD friend.

A new chapter of life is coming soon!!! ~ ~ ~

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College of Science Happy Hour 14, February, 2014

Food. Food. FREEEEEE food.
This is how my school gave a treat to the students.
Well, initially the banquet was intended for the faculty and admin staff.
Of course, they could not finish the food.
The students (including me) were there to scavenge clear up the extra food.

WP_20140214_001 WP_20140214_004 WP_20140214_005

WP_20140214_008 WP_20140214_011 WP_20140214_012

Well, a treat on Valentine Day.


The faculty and students were gossiping discussing over food.

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Group Meeting 6, February, 2014

Was invited to a group meeting of another lab.
They had pizza and snacks throughout the presentation.

060220147230 060220147231 060220147232

060220147228 060220147229

Toward the end of the meeting, they still could not finish the food.
Sooooooo…. the food went to me!
It was my dinner yesterday, breakfast+lunch today!
Niiiiicceee! Swweeeeettttt!

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Group Dinner 21, January, 2014

Last night my group had a combined dinner with another group.
We all went to Chinatown and enjoyed the spicy food there.


The venue

210120147117 210120147118 210120147119

210120147120 210120147121 210120147122

210120147123 210120147125 210120147127

Fantastic dinner. Spicy and oily. Hence, I did not take them much. I want to build muscle, that’s why.

210120147116 210120147129

They kept refilling their beer and cheering. I guess they finished at least 20 bottles of beer.

210120147126 210120147128

The hungry people last night.
Well, I have a feeling that this is the last group dinner I can join them….

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4th Asian Spectroscopy Conference 18 December 2013 Dinner Banquet

Finally, the conference ended with a dinner banquet! It was held at Traders Hotel near Orchard Road.
I was happy and sad: happy for the free food and sad because there will be no more free food Smile with tongue out Smile with tongue out Smile with tongue out

WP_20131218_002 WP_20131218_004

Hungry students and professors. The visit to Garden by the Bay really drained our energy.

WP_20131218_005 WP_20131218_006

A surprise Lion Dance performance to start the banquet!


A welcome speech by Prof. Lee Soo Ying.


Some instrumental music accompanying our dinner.

WP_20131218_013 WP_20131218_014 WP_20131218_017

WP_20131218_018 WP_20131218_022 WP_20131218_028

WP_20131218_037 WP_20131218_040

Great food!! Well, luckily I sat with my guy friends so we all unleashed our gluttony. Oops.

WP_20131218_030 WP_20131218_031 WP_20131218_036

I didn’t win any award. Yet, I was happy for my friends who did a wonderful in making great posters.
Well, time to return to reality, Jefri!~~~

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4th Asian Spectroscopy Conference 18 December 2013 Garden by the Bay

On the fourth day of the conference (last Wednesday) we went to Garden by the Bay in the afternoon.
It was my second time there, the first being outing with the bookstore ministry people last year.
It was also my first time visiting Cloud Forest and Flower Dome.


The school provided free ticket to enter into these two places.


First thing that greeted me inside Cloud Forest

181220136874 181220136876 181220136891

181220136883 181220136884 181220136885

I really admired the layout and the plants there.


It is pretty educational too. In short, we should be careful with Global Warming.


My re-entry stamp into Cloud Forest.

181220136917 181220136918 181220136919

181220136921 181220136925 181220136934

181220136936 181220136937 181220136944

Plants and plants everywhere. I can live among the plants forever!

181220136951 181220136952 181220136954

181220136958 181220136964 181220136966

Pretty educational too Smile


The circle stamp is re-entry stamp into the Forest Dome.


Saw a couple taking a wedding photo shoot.
Maybe I should do the same in the future?? Smile with tongue out Smile with tongue out Smile with tongue out

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4th Asian Spectroscopy Conference 15-18 December2013 Day 4

The last day of conference.
Somehow the day was full of happening. I can’t possibly put them all into a single post.
There are three parts. So this is the first post.

181220136854 181220136855 181220136856

181220136857 181220136858 181220136860

Lunch session before the last two plenary sessions.
As usual, I could not each much lunch as my tummy was still full from coffee break meals.
Also, I took photos of the names of the food too, in case friends on FB ask me what food it is Smile with tongue out Smile with tongue out
Do look forward to the next posts, ok? Open-mouthed smile

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4th Asian Spectroscopy Conference 15-18, December, 2013 Day 3

Well, I was more serious on day 3 of conference.
That is, I really went into lecture theatre and listened to the presentation.
I should say I did not understand all the content of presentation.
But at least, I managed to ask questions.
I really think asking question is a way to respect the presenter. It shows I am not asleep when he/she speaks Smile with tongue out

171220136825 171220136827 171220136830

171220136832 171220136835 171220136837

171220136839 171220136841 171220136843

171220136844 171220136845 171220136851

Needless to say, the highlight of the conference is not the content of scientific knowledge.
It is the food.
I really ate plenty mango yesterday! Smile with tongue out Smile with tongue out
Anyway, tomorrow will be the final day with the best activity and food. Yay!

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4th Asian Spectroscopy Conference 15-18, December, 2013 Day 2

A big event in my school.
It’s a gathering of spectroscopists, people who often stay in the dark room  working with laser under cold air con.
That includes me too, obviously.
In case you are wondering why I start with day 2 instead of day 1, it is because day 1 was on Sunday and on Sunday I attended another event.
Well, to be expected, I was there mainly for the food. Free and nice food. Yes!

161220136780 161220136794 161220136795

Hungry spectroscopists mingling over coffee break.

161220136796 161220136797

Here are the sponsors who are trying to make sales. They offer latest photonic products.

161220136791 161220136792 161220136793  

Seem cool, don’t they? Nah, I wasn’t there at all. I was busy doing experiments.

161220136798 161220136799 161220136800

161220136806 161220136807 161220136813

161220136814 161220136815 161220136816

161220136817 161220136818 161220136819

Abundance of food!!!! Coffee break, lunch and dinner!

161220136821 161220136822

They said the beer was nice. I did not take it, though.


My poster and me. I was like salesman too, telling at least 5 people how good my project was.
Day 3 and day 4 of the conference are coming!

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