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4th Asian Spectroscopy Conference 15-18 December2013 Day 4

The last day of conference.
Somehow the day was full of happening. I can’t possibly put them all into a single post.
There are three parts. So this is the first post.

181220136854 181220136855 181220136856

181220136857 181220136858 181220136860

Lunch session before the last two plenary sessions.
As usual, I could not each much lunch as my tummy was still full from coffee break meals.
Also, I took photos of the names of the food too, in case friends on FB ask me what food it is Smile with tongue out Smile with tongue out
Do look forward to the next posts, ok? Open-mouthed smile

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4th Asian Spectroscopy Conference 15-18, December, 2013 Day 3

Well, I was more serious on day 3 of conference.
That is, I really went into lecture theatre and listened to the presentation.
I should say I did not understand all the content of presentation.
But at least, I managed to ask questions.
I really think asking question is a way to respect the presenter. It shows I am not asleep when he/she speaks Smile with tongue out

171220136825 171220136827 171220136830

171220136832 171220136835 171220136837

171220136839 171220136841 171220136843

171220136844 171220136845 171220136851

Needless to say, the highlight of the conference is not the content of scientific knowledge.
It is the food.
I really ate plenty mango yesterday! Smile with tongue out Smile with tongue out
Anyway, tomorrow will be the final day with the best activity and food. Yay!

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4th Asian Spectroscopy Conference 15-18, December, 2013 Day 2

A big event in my school.
It’s a gathering of spectroscopists, people who often stay in the dark room  working with laser under cold air con.
That includes me too, obviously.
In case you are wondering why I start with day 2 instead of day 1, it is because day 1 was on Sunday and on Sunday I attended another event.
Well, to be expected, I was there mainly for the food. Free and nice food. Yes!

161220136780 161220136794 161220136795

Hungry spectroscopists mingling over coffee break.

161220136796 161220136797

Here are the sponsors who are trying to make sales. They offer latest photonic products.

161220136791 161220136792 161220136793  

Seem cool, don’t they? Nah, I wasn’t there at all. I was busy doing experiments.

161220136798 161220136799 161220136800

161220136806 161220136807 161220136813

161220136814 161220136815 161220136816

161220136817 161220136818 161220136819

Abundance of food!!!! Coffee break, lunch and dinner!

161220136821 161220136822

They said the beer was nice. I did not take it, though.


My poster and me. I was like salesman too, telling at least 5 people how good my project was.
Day 3 and day 4 of the conference are coming!

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SPMS Lunch 11, December, 2013

Well well well. Finally after a loooooong time… another session of banquet in school!!!
It was originally meant for safety captains. It turned out many of them were not around.
So… their share was for me!!!

111220136761 111220136763 111220136764

111220136765 111220136766 111220136767

Some of the food served.


Hungry people queuing.


My loot!!!! It shall be my dinner-breakfast-lunch-dinner-…. (please continue).
Saved $$$. Yessssshhhhh!

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CBC491/CM4071 Presentation 2, December, 2013


Well, after small FYP presentation, it is then the turn of big FYP presentation.
This one-long semester project is pretty intense as it contains 12 credits.
Normally, supervisor won’t allow the students to take normal lecture course as it will interfere with the projects.
So, last Monday afternoon, the students presented their work in the form of poster.


The student from the same lab as mine.

I did get plenty share of food.
Just that I did not take photos of them.
Congratulations, everyone! Hope you get A for this course!

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CBC493 Presentation 25, November, 2013

Another post on small final year project module done by the students.
They presented their work in the form of poster yesterday.


Nowadays MAS Atrium is quiet because the undergrads are studying for their final exams.
Yesterday, the venue became lively with students and professors mingling over food poster.

251120136679 251120136680 251120136681

251120136682 251120136684

Some of my undergraduate students who impressed the professors in answering their questions yesterday.


My loot!!! The staff reserved food for me.
Yessshhh! Another food donation to me!

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CBC Summer Research Presentation 24, July, 2013

During June-July holiday period, some CBC students take up a summer research project.
It is a 4 credit module which is all about daily experiment.
Yesterday, they presented their work

240720136334 240720136335 

A gathering of poster presenters, professors and friends.

240720136329 240720136331 240720136333

But of course to me, free food was the highlight! Yummy! It was my brunch and dinner!

240720136336 240720136328

Some juniors who presented their works.
Well, gals, hopefully you both score A in this module! Open-mouthed smile Open-mouthed smile Open-mouthed smile

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