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Pastor Kong’s Sermon 16, May, 2020

1 Cor 13:4-6

Love does not envy
Envy is the violation of the 10th commandment.
The hallmark of envy is comparison.
An envious person is very competitive.
Envy is the mother of many sins (Gal 5:26).
Envy kills the fruit of the Spirit and it breeds hatred.
Because of envy, Jesus was crucified.
Envy corrupts a person’s heart and mind (Mark 7:18-23).

Instead of envy, we must learn to celebrate the victory of others.
Phil 2:3
We don’t have to be no.1 in everything.
We must not become sour when others are preferred.
We learn to bless and pray for people.
We must stay faithful on the path God sets for us.

Love does not boast.
Boastful people always worried that they won’t be valued if they don’t show off their capability.
Love can exist anonymously even if no one pays attention or shows affection.
Col 3:23
We solely need to please God, not men.

Love is not proud.
Proud = self-inflated.
Jer 9:23
Widsom, strength, riches.
Nothing wrong with them. But, if we are not careful, we will commit the sin of pride.
Jesus became humblest of all because He is the loving of all.
John 13:1
Jesus even washed the disciples’ feet.
Love means serving people, willingly doing the most menial task.
The hallmark of love is humility.

Love is not rude.
Politeness. Court etiquette.
Royal manners.
1 Pet 1:8
We must be courteous and we must not use offensive language.
Eph 4:31
Clamor. Speak loudly and insistently.
We must remember our royal manners.
Jesus teaches against presumptuous manners.
Love is tactful and sensitive about people’s feeling.

Love is not self-seeking.
Selfishness is a love killer.
Phil 2:3-4
Jesus was not selfish at all.
Being unselfish means not ignoring friends and loved ones, especially during crucial moments.


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Pastor Kong’s Sermon 28, March, 2020

Lord Jesus prayed often. The prayer of Jesus.

1. Jesus prayed in solitude.

He often prayed alone.
Mark 1:35
He ministered to the people.
He was so tired. Nevertheless, He took time to pray.
Praying was His way for resting.
He prayed at night and in the morning.
Is 50:4, 6
Though we are busy, we must find time to pray.
Prayer was when He received guidance from the heavenly Father.
The disciples were often exasperated that Lord Jesus often prayed alone.
Mark 1:36-38
In prayer, the Father instructed Jesus where to minister next.
Prayer comes first, then God will show what is next.
When there is quietness and no distraction, we can pray better and meet God in private time.
When we are alone, we can express our deepest needs to God.
For Jesus, His secret place was the wilderness.
Covid-19 is a good time to pray.

2. Jesus prayed and encountered God

Prayer was the key to the blessing of God.
Luke 3:21
While He was praying and being baptized  the voice of the Father was audible.
Luke 9:28-29
As He prayed, His appearance changed.
Also, the voice of the Father was audible.
John 12:28
Lord Jesus prayed to the Father publicly.
The voice of the Father was audible for the third time.
God always hears our prayer, even the faintest whisper.
Isa 50:4
Jesus picked up God’s voice easily.
Luke 22:41
When Jesus prayed, God sent an angel to strengthen Him.
John 11:41
Even before resurrecting Lazarus, Jesus prayed for a miracle. God the Father heard Him.
The time of prayer is the time of power. The more we pray, the more God-incidences occurs.

3. Jesus prayed before every major decision.

Lord Jesus became more and more popular.
However, opposition and hostility grew. Some even plotted to murder Him.
Luke 6:12
Jesus prayed and prayed before choosing the 12 disciples because this major decision would affect Christianity.
During Covid-19, let us pray that God will direct our steps.

4. Jesus prayed to overcome temptations.

Heb 4:19
Jesus was tempted continually.
Mark 6:31
Jesus was sad because His cousin had been executed.
Nevertheless, the people still flocked to Him.
Moved by compassion, Jesus taught them.
John 6:15
However, the people wanted to make Him a king.
But, He overcame the temptation to be a king. He then prayed and fellowshipped with the Father.
What is the temptation we are facing now? Pride, greed, lust, envy?
Let us bring all our temptation to the Lord.
Luke 22:31
Satan was about to tempt Peter but Jesus had already prayed for him.
Mark 14:38
Our flesh is weak. Without prayer, no one can overcome Satan’s temptation.

5. Jesus prayed and trusted the Father even when the answer was “No”

We must be ready when God says no to us.
Mark 14:32-36
Jesus was hours away from His crucifixion.
He was not afraid of the nails or scourging.
However, He was afraid of the absolute separation from the Father
He was afraid of bearing the full wrath of the Father.
The Father said no 3 times.
Jesus then submitted Himself to the Father’s will.
Can we trust our heavenly Father when He says no to us? He has the best interest for us in His plan.



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Pastor Aries’ Sermon 14, March, 2020 Rhythm of Grace

Prayer is not tool to get what we want in life.
It is not terms of transaction.
Prayer is about becoming more and more like Jesus, it is not about getting.
As we are transformed, our prayer will gravitates toward God’s will.
Our faith in God is an exchange.
He wants to take away our sin and to give us rest of forgiveness and redemption.
He wants to remove our sickness and and gives us rest of health.
Numbers 21:8-9
They looked upon the snake on the pole which foreshadowed the cross of Christ.
In the midst of anxiety, we must focus on the cross, on the word of God.
We must look upon Jesus.
In the midst of Covid-19, we look at Him because by His stripes, we are healed.
This great exchange does not happen through transaction.
It does not happen because of merit or reward.
Following Jesus is not based in a reward system of merits (salvation by works).
It is about learning the unforced rhythm of grace.
Learning the rhythm of grace means we submit ourselves to Him in order to
receive His rewards.
Phil 4:19
God supplies our needs, not our wants.
1. Understand what is the unforced rhythm of Grace.
God is gentle, He does not want to force us.
He wants us to obey Him out of our own heart.
Our response therefore should be, “Not my will, but Your will be done.”
Since God does not force us, we also must not force our will to Him.
Mary submitted to God by saying, “Let it be done to me according to Your word.”
Many times we pray, read the Bible, fast and serve because we want God to keep
His end of the bargain.
However, we must be like Shadrach, Mesach and Abednego: God did not excuse them
from fire. Instead, God saved them in the fire.
Spiritual disciplines are not just a means to an end.
They give meaning to what we are going through until we reach God’s purpose at
the end.
Not only Mary, but also Joseph obeyed God by marrying Mary.
Humanly speaking, he could have chosen his way out by leaving Mary.
In midst of Covid-19, we experience mess.
Yet, we must fix our eyes upon Jesus.
He will give meaning in our mess.

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Pastor Kong’s Sermon 7, March, 2020

The Prayer Life of Jesus 3

Lord Jesus was in constant prayer mode.
Through meditation, prayer becomes conversation with our Heavenly Father.
Prayer is also confession.

Matt 6:12

Although we are saved, we still fall into sin every now and then.
While we are righteous before God, we are still imperfect.
Hence, our responsibility is to grow in holiness.

1 Timothy 1:15

Apostle Paul considered himself as chief of sinners.

1 John 1:8-9

This is not guilt-consciousness.
Nevertheless, if we confess our sins, He will forgive us.
That is why in the Lord’s Prayer, Lord Jesus taught us to repent.
Our life
should be a continual repentance.
The 10 commandments is like a MRI to our spiritual life.
Though it does not save us, it is useful to show us where we sin.
Hence, we can confess our sin and ask God for His forgiveness.
We need to develop the habit of confessing our sin so we can grow in His

Matt 6:12

Lord Jesus also taught us to forgive others.
It does not mean we earn our salvation by forgiving others.
Rather, we forgive others because we are first forgiven by God.
We can never be a loving person if we are not a forgiving person.
Forgiveness is the choice not to suffer.
Prayer is also petition.
Matt 6:11
He taught us to ask from God.

John 16:24

Though God already knows our needs, we should still ask.
God our Heavenly Father enjoys giving gifts to us, His children.
We should ask in His name.
Jesus’ name is who He is and what He does.
Jesus loves to save, heal and deliver.
Hence, we can ask God to save, heal and deliver us.
Lord Jesus is also holy.
Hence, when we ask, we must not ask out of selfishness.

James 4:3

When we ask God, we must ensure it is for His glory.
We need to pray boldly in Jesus’ authority.

Matt 21:22

We must believe that we will receive.
First, we must ask according to God’s will.
Second, we must ask boldly.
Third, we must ask persistently.

Luke 11:9

Ask and keep asking.
Seek and keep seeking.
Knock and keep knocking.

Luke 18:1, 7, 8

Lord Jesus taught us the parable of the persistent widow.
Persistent prayer is equal to faith.

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Pastor Kong’s Sermon 22, February, 2020 The Prayer Life of Jesus

Jesus always prayed constantly.
He prayed before meals, after meals, in the garden, alone in the wilderness, at
night and early in the morning.
He prayed when He was happy or sad or troubled.
He filled His whole life with prayer.
Why did He do that?
Because in prayer, we can unite with God.
Prayer melts our heart and calibrates it to heavenly temperature.
As followers of Jesus, we too must pray.
Phil 5:7
Jesus prayed in tears.
Luke 18:7
God is not deaf. Nevertheless, He expects us to pray.
He also promises to answer our prayer.
Acts 4:24
The early church prayed loudly and boldly.
James 5:16
The effective and fervent prayer avails much.
There is nothing as great as prayer.
For example, Martin Luther prayed at least 3 hours a day.
How do we enjoy prayer daily?
The disciples of Jesus saw the power of prayer: it was key to the miracles.
They asked Jesus how to pray.
Lord Jesus then taught them the Lord’s prayer.
Prayer is primarily meditation.
In the Lord’s prayer, it is the collection of Jesus’ meditation over the
Jesus pulled out the verses He had memorized.
Hallowed Be Your Name
Isa 29:23
Give us our daily bread
Pro 30:8
Forgive us our debts
Ps 79:9
Do not lead us into temptation
Jer 15:21
For Yours is the kingdom, power and glory.
1 Chr 29:11
Lord Jesus quoted Scripture effortlessly.
During the temptation, He resisted the devil using the Scripture.
When He suffered in the cross, He recited Ps 22:1 and Ps 31:5
90% of prayer is meditation of Scripture.
What is meditation?
Ps 1:1-2
This person is blessed because he meditates the word of God day and night.
Meditate = to mutter, to recall and to recite again and again.
Meditate is like a cow regurgitating the food from its stomach, up to 3 days.
In fact, meditation is our spiritual digestive system.
Through meditation, we squeeze out all the spiritual nutrients from the word of
In effect, we live by the word of God.
John 8:37

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Pastor Bobby’s Sermon 15, February, 2020 Prayer in Troubled Times

Psalm 91:14-16

To those who know the LORD, He promised that He would deliver them in trouble.

Matt 6:9-10
Who are those who know the LORD?
His own children.
As His own children, we can trust Him, even in trouble, because He is the faithful God.

Psalm 3
David was running away from Absalom.
He was facing national and personal tragedy.
What can we learn from Psalm 3?

1. Be Honest
David was honest in pouring his trouble to God.
The enemies around him increased more and more.
2 Sam 16:7-8
Furthermore, Shimei accused and mocked David.
David called on the name of the LORD. With God all things are possible.
The LORD “I am who I am”, He is the same yesterday, today and forever.
Exodus 34:5-6
The LORD is merciful and gracious.
David had confidence in the merciful God.
When we come before Him and share our trouble, He won’t look down on us.

2. Be Focused
After sharing his trouble, David focused on God.
He is the shield and glory, meaning He is the King of who offers protection.
He fights for us and protects us.
Ps 91:1-6
God is our Refuge, Fortress and Shield.
Ps 3:3-4
When we cry out to God, we have confidence that He hears us.
We can turn our eyes to Him.

3. Trust
Ps 3:5-6
Instead of being anxious, we can lie down and rest because He will command His army to fight for us.
In the New Testament, Peter was asleep while being surrounded by soldiers. Nevertheless, God sent His angel to deliver him from the prison.

4. Expect
Psalm 3:7
Can God deliver us from financial crisis?
Can God deliver us from sickness and disease?
Yes, He can.
He is still the same God who protects.
While we carry out our responsibility, we can also hope God will do His part.
Numbers 10:35
Moses expected God to rise up and protect.
Moses did it for 40 years.
Why did he repeat it again and again?
Because Moses wanted to remind himself and the Israelites.
Ps 3:8
Though David was overthrown by his own son, he still prayed that God’s blessing will come upon all His people.
As God blesses us, we will become a blessing to others.

We can expect a miracle from God.

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Dr. A. R. Bernard’s Sermon 10, May, 2019


3 types mission fields for us Christians. All work together for common good

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