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Marcus Lamb’s Sermon 15, July, 2017 Don’t give up on your dreams

Hab 2:2-3
God has apppointed time for the vision.
It will speak, it will not lie.

What is vision?
A dream, a desire, a destiny.
We must not give up on our dream.

We are pregnant with destiny.
It is about to come true.
God has great things for us.

Pro 29:18
What is our dream?
Promotion? Owning a business?
Health? Family salvation?

Joseph was a great dreamer.
But, his own family betrayed him.
Nevertheless, he did not give up.
He went from pit to Potiphar’s house, to prison, to palace then prime minister.

Perhaps we feel our life is messed up.
Nevertheless, God can qualify the unqualified and the disqualified.

God is sovereign but He gave men free will.
When men (imcluding us) mess up God”s plan A, God will give plan B which is as good or even better than plan A.

1.Winners don’t quit and quitters do not win.

God does not measure success by number
He measures by faithfulness.

2.Take it one day at a time.

God does not show all our future at once.
If He were to do it, we may fear or we may run ahead of God.

When we have vision, we should write it out.
At the same time, we should help others achieve their vision.

3.Your attitude will determine your altitude.

We need to have attitude of passion.
We must be excited about our dream.
God does not use our past to determine our future.

God is the Source.
We achieve our dream  by our own strength.

How do we know our dream is from God?
If it is too big for our own strength, then likely it is from God.
2 reasons:
-God wants us to depend on Him constantly
-God wants all glory. When people see us, they will say, “Only God can do that.”

Zechariah 4:10
We must not despise the small beginning.
We must talk about the greatness of God when we talk about our dream.

4.Be prepared to take risks only when you have a clear word from God.

5.Stand on the word of God.

Numbers 23:19
Ps 37:4-5
Ps 71:1
Ps 91:15
Is 55:11
Jer 29:11
Jer 33:3
Phil 1:6
John 15:7
Rm 4:21
Phil 4:19
1 Pet 5:7

Keep on marching forward in God.
The dream will come to pass.


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Pastor Sun’s Sermon 8, July, 2017 Passion

Passion: strong and barely controllable emotion.
It is passion toward God, His house and His people.

Passion: the suffering and the death of Jesus.
We often do not think about this second definition.

Acts 1:1-3
Jesus’s passion.
What is it about the cross?
Why do we see the cross as pain but Jesus saw it as passion?

The cross is the pain, agony and humiliation.
Jesus was hung naked.
The cross is hideous place.
Jesus’s body was torn until He was no longer recognizable.
Nevertheless, it was the place of His passion.

Why is pain and passion so intertwined?
Sometimes love comes with pain.
For example, a daughter loves her dad but she struggles how to respect him.
A husband loves his wife. He works hard to provide for her. However, the wife wants to leave him. He still wants to win her back though it hurts him.

Love hurts
It hurts to be open and vulnerable.
Love suffers long.

We can get a glimpse of love when we talk about maternal or marriage love.
However, we may have difficulty in comprehending God’s love.

Ephesians 3:18-19
Love of Christ passes all knowledge.
Nevertheless, we can still experience it.

The love of Christ heals every ache in our soul.
Passion is built on His love for you.
We must go beyond the joy of serving and witnessing His power.

How to love God?
One way to do so: to go back to the room, close the door, kneel down and tell God, “I love You.”
The love of God will ignite our passion.

The heart wrenching story of God’s love.
Hosea 1:2
God wanted Hosea to experience His passionate love.
He told Hosea to marry prostitute.
God even told him to love her.
Hosea cared for his wife and yet Hosea couldn’t change her mentality of prostitute.
She left the house and came back times and .
She then degraded lower: from prostitute to a slave.
Hosea immediately bought her because he still loved her.
He still considered her beautiful in his sight.

Lesson here.
For us, it is just transaction. However, to God, it is a love relationship.

God still loves us.
We are the object of His passion.
He will return our dignity even if we mess up.

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Pastor Bobby’s Sermon 1, July, 2017

Numbers = Wilderness

The Israelites’ journey through wilderness depicts our journey in the world.
Why do we call life wilderness?

John 16:33
Just like wilderness, in the world there is tribulation.

Numbers 2:1-2
They were looking at the Tabernacle.
They camped looking at the LORD.
They camped in a square. Three tribes at every side.

East is the position of significance. It faces forward.
Numbers 2:3
Judah was stationed in the east.
Numbers 1:4-15
This ordering is based on Jacob’s sons’ seniority.

Numbers 2
Judah occupied the priority. He was mentioned first.
The lesson here: natural precedence does not determine our place in the kingdom of God.

Reuben, though firstborn, committed sexual sin with Bilhah (Gen 35:22)
Gen 49:3-4
Reuben did not deal with the lust of the flesh.
It caused him not to excel.
1 John 2:16
In this life there are lust of the flesh, lust of the eyes, the pride of life.

Simeon and Levi lost their position through sins.
They occupied the south
Genesis 34:25
Simeon and Levi were furious  their sister was raped.
They killed the males in the city.
Genesis 49:5-7
Wrath and anger
Ephesians 4:30-31
Sin has consequences.

Cause and effect
Rm 6:23
Sometimes the consequence of sin affects our descendants.
400 years later, Reuben, Simeon and Levi’s descendants still bore the consequence.

Judah was quite messed up too.
Genesis 38:15-16
Judah visited a prostitute, who was actually his daughter in law.
Genesis 37
Judah also plotted evil against Joseph.
Why didn’t Judah get cursed?
Genesis 49:8
Judah seemed to have transformed. The curse was turned to blessing.
Sin has consequence. But, God’s grace is greater.

What is grace?
What you deserve, I don’t give.
What you don’t deserve, I give.

Genesis 44:33
What did Judah do to receive the blessing?
Judah volunteered to take Benjamin’s position of slave.
Judah used to be a person who gratified himself.
Then he surrendered. Judah sacrificed himself.

We may struggle with lust or anger.
Gal 2:20
But, we can always bring our old life to Christ

What about Levites?
The curse was transformed into blessing too.
Ex 32:25-26, 27-28
Worship of the golden calf.
Levites gathered at Moses’s sides.
Levites were full of wrath. God used their fire of wrath.
Liability in our lives can be transformed by God to be assets for His service.
Because of their holy passion, they lived closest to the presence of God.
The Levites was scattered. It was supposed to be curse. But, God used it. They were scattered to teach the law of God.

We must align ourselves with God.
It is no longer I but Christ who lives in me

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Bishop Dale Bronner’s Sermon 24, June, 2017 Look at The Birds

Matt 6:25-34
Part of the sermon on the mount.
Lord Jesus told us to look at the birds.
We must never worry. If God takes care of birds, He takes care of us even more as we are more precious to Him than birds.
No matter what we issue we face, God is saying, “I have got you.”

Birds don’t stress.
Birds get up early.
They find foods for their young.
They live carefree life. God who fed them yesterday is the same God who feeds them today.

Whenever we feel stress, it is a call to prayer.

Birds don’t stress over time!
Whenever we have deadline, we feel stress over time.
Time is subjective.
Time is slow when we are waiting.
Time is fast when we are late.

Birds self sacrifice for their young.

Consider the ants.
They moved the speck of dirt little by little until they build ant mound.
A little begins the process.
Little prayer begins the process of prayer.
Little talk about Jesus.
Little porn begins the process of porn addiction.
Little alcohol begins the process of alcoholism.
We must be diligent in whatever God calls us to do.

Don’t expect to possess the promise if you cannot embrace the process.
We won’t possess what we don’t pursue.
A desire without discipline becomes a delusion.
Success does not happen overnight. It happens over time.

The greatest enemy to goal is not adversity.
It is clear path to lesser goal.

Most of our stress comes from trying to meet the expectation of others.

Relationship account for 80% of our happiness.
On death bed, people look for relationship, not  money or car or diploma certificate.
If relationship matters later, shouldn’t it matter now?

How wealthy we are is not determined by how much we have but how little we need.

Let’s take care of relationship in church. It is family of family.

When we put our cares in God’s hand, He puts His peace in our heart.

Happiness means stop worrying over things beyond our control.

There is no finish line.
We can never say, “I have finished reading the Bible.” Or “I have prayed.”

God is making glorious story in our life.
However, just like any other act, there are enemies along the way.
Nevertheless, all things, good and bad, work together for our good.

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Men’s Meeting 23, June, 2017 Bishop Dale Bronner

God did great things for us in the past.
Nevertheless, He is not done yet.
He is going to do even greater things in our lives now.

Past does not define us.
Past prepares us.
We develop perspective even if we made mistakes in the past.

If we have not known sorrow, we would not know joy.
Failure teaches us much more than success.

Power is in where we have been, where we have wrestled.
Moses’ power was when he he had been with God before the burning bush, not when he met Pharaoh.

Our evangelism must be based on the seeds we sow, not the harvest.
In the whole plan of God, our assignment may be to sow or to water.

Our power is in the place of prayer, where we have been.
The devil discourages us from praying, for example, by sending us sleepiness.

Our power is in the place of pain.
God won’t do through us what He can’t do in us.
Our ministry flows from our past.
There are people who just like we were whom we can minister to.

We must never lose appetite for prayer or for the word of God.
Are the people around us stimulating or suppressing our appetite?

When we fall on our knees in prayer, it stabilizes our lives.
The devil makes us so busy on our feet that we may forget to fall on our knees.
Anxiety, frustration and stress are actually call to prayer.

Stay honest.
Give a man power and we will know his character.

Stay hungry. Stay humble. Stay honest.

The Shunemite woman built a room and placed furniture for Elisha.
Table = place of food and fellowship.
Bed = place of rest.
Chair = place to study.
Lamp = light of the Holy Spirit that we may understand the Bible.

Change our lives by changing our HAT: Habit-Association-Thought

Secret of succes is found in our daily routine.

Our life is the average of 5 people closest to us.
Is God the closest among those 5?
Don’t just change action without changing association.

One God-thought can change our lives forever.

Jabez was more honorable than his brothers.
Jabez = he who causes pain.
Jabez’ mother called him ‘pain in the neck’ all the pain.
Rachel had painful childbirth. She named the baby Ben Oni (son of my pain).
Jacob refused the name. He named the baby Benjamin (son of my strength).

Abrakadabra = I create while I speak.
Words create.
We are made in the image of God.
Since God creates, we too can create.
Lord Jesus said we can have what we say.

When God blesses us, 
Blessing does not stop when we lose job.
Blessing does not mean exemption from problem.
Blessing does not depend on where we are.

Prayer of Jabez:
Enlarge territory = opportunity 
The hand of God with us = hand of favor.
Keep me from evil = not keep evil from me. God does not remove evil.
Yet, God strengthens us to overcome evil.
Bless me = do something great in me.

We cannot export what we cannot produce.

Let this be our prayer:
God, transform something in my heart.

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Pastor Aries’ Sermon 17, June, 2017

Father’s Day.

We often neglect father’s day as compared to mother’s day.
Father’s day is only a day. Fatherhood is lifetime.

There is need for father and mother to work together at home.
In Heroes of Faith, we read about Isaac.
He entered into the hall of Faith list

Heb 11:20
Isaac’s great act of faith was nothing spectacular.
He simply became a good father for his two sons.
Jacob and Esau were not easy children.
Jacob was swindler, Esau was masculine and temperamental.

Father, you are a hero of faith by believing the best for your family and children.
Your children need you to believe in them.

Two areas father needs to believe.

Father needs to believe in himself.
Many fathers are intimidated by the responsibility of fatherhood.
Some fathers see themselves as losers.
However, do our children  see us the same way as we see ourselves?

Many men feel they have failed as fathers hence they do not exercise their authority as fathers.
Children see their parents as father and mother, not husband and wife.
Even if the couple is divorced, father should not stop being a father, unless the father is physically or emotionally abusive.
Their criticism of you comes from immaturity and not their real self.

Every father needs to believe in his children.
If God Heavenly Father can believe in us, fathers should believe in their children.
God has not stopped working, hence fathers should continue believing.
Children see fathers as authority figure.
Children feel mothers love children no matter what.
Children feel they have to earn love from dad’s

Fathers are great figures in the eyes of children.
Hence, more than anyone else, children want to please their fathers.
Father’s influence for good in children’s life is enormous
Children are watching fathers, studying fathers’ body language and words.

Children are shaped by both the presence and absence of fathers
Don’t give up.
Just because you think you are not a good husband, does not qualify you from becoming a good father.

Abraham made a mistake by sleeping with Hagar to help God, he did not pray.
Abraham must have regretted his mistake.
Nevertheless, he passed on the lesson to Isaac.
Hence, when Rebecca was barren, Isaac prayed instead of helping God.

Your children are looking for a model of quiet strength, calm confidence and self control.

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Pastor Sun’s Sermon 11, June, 2017 My Journey With The Holy Spirit

John the Baptist
Pain shrinks us.

Herod Antipas seduced Herodias.
John the Baptists confronted them
Mark 6:17-20

Initially John declared Jesus to be the Lamb of God.
John was then in the prison.
The pain shrunk him.
He even began to doubt Jesus.
He sent his disciples to ask Him.

Matt 11:4-6
Blessed is anyone who does not stumble on account of Lord Jesus.
Blessed is he who does not stumble on what Jesus does or does not do.
After all, Jesus considered John to be a great person.

Our personal circumstance does not reflect how God feels about us.

If God really loves me, why doesn’t He help me?
But, God really loves us. The cross is the proof.

Pain causes us to depart from our revelation.

Elijah was so brave and victorious on Mt. Carmel.
However, later on he got into depression.
1 Kings 19:4
He was expecting national revival.
However, he received death threats from Jezebel.
Then, he wanted to run away from all the revelation.

How do we handle pain?

Even when we can’t feel love of God, we should still worship God.

2.Recall the revelation
Quality of revelation in church determines the weight of glory we experience.

To serve God fully.
God means much more than worldly pleasure.

To win Asia and plant churches.

Building a strong local church.
A revival will be lost if there is no strong local church.

Soul winning
Matt 22:37
Loving God wholeheartedly and loving people fervently.
Find a hurt to heal it, find a need to meet it.

Can One Person Make a Difference.

We need to go back to our secret chamber and recall the revelation God has given us.
In the midst of pain, we must not run away.

3.Receive the raven 
God may send someone to inject faith into us.
1 Kings 3:9
We need to hear from God and obey Him. We must possess a God-listening heart.
Glory of the church is rooted in hearing and obeying the voice of the Lord.

Matt 25.
10 virgins. 5 wise 5 foolish.
This is about end time.
What is this lamp? The Holy Spirit that dwells in us. Only Lord Jesus can give us.
Oil and the vessel? Continual infilling of the Holy Spirit. Continual baptism of the Holy Spirit through seeking the face of God.
Isa 55:1
How to buy? Through ‘coming’. We need to have come in constant fellowship with Him.
Before we come, we first need to thirst for the Spirit.
If we are not in touch with the Spirit, how will the Spirit touch us?
Buy = paying the price. It requires costly pursuit of Him.
Rev 3:18

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