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Dr. A. R. Bernard’s Sermon 10, May, 2019


3 types mission fields for us Christians. All work together for common good

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Pastor Sun Ho’s Sermon 4, August, 2018


Mark 16:20
If we want to see signs and wonders, we must be prepared to preach the Gospel of the Kingdom.

What is the Gospel?
The cross of Jesus is the beginning, the door of the Gospel.
There is so much more in the kingdom of God.

Kingdom = king + domain.
Kingdom of God = felt reality of God’s domain.

There is something in the air.
Felt reality of the presence of God.

The world needs God’s domain, His felt reality.
Not every church culture is kingdom culture.

Matt 6:9-10
We pray that His kingdom should come down to earth as it is in heaven.
God wants the kingdom’s culture to influence the earth’s culture.
Luke 4:43, Acts 1:3
Lord Jesus preached the kingdom of God during His earthly days.

Matt 24:3, 14
Sign of the end time: the Gospel is the demonstration to all the nations.

God’s purpose is not just to bring us to heaven.
Heaven is just the holding place.
The new Jerusalem came down from heaven to earth.

Hence, Lord Jesus wants us to practice bringing the heaven down to earth.
We will stay on earth in eternity.

Matt 4:23
We need to contend for more of His kingdom here on earth.

Matt 10:8
There is no illness in heaven.
Heal the sick, cleanse the leper, raise the dead, cast out demon.
We must contend for more of the reality of His kingdom on earth.

To experience the kingdom of God, we must first experience the king Himself
The kingdom of God is the kingdom of love and relationship with the King.

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Pastor Aries’ Sermon 19, May, 2018 Growing Up On Purpose

Luke 2:22-23, 39-40
After the dedication, baby Jesus grew in spirit, filled with wisdom.
To grow = natural and normal growth.

Parents usually ensure their children grow well physically and mentally and intellectually.
Luke 2:41-42
Parents also ensure the spiritual growth of the children.

When parents do their best for their children, God will bring out the best in them.

From infant to 12 years old, His growth depended on his parents.
From 12 years old onward, His growth was mainly due to his effort to understand His life purpose. Increase = prokopto = to beat forward and further advance.

Jesus purposefully and intentionally grew. He chartered His own path of growth, advancing in life deliberately.

Parents should not just pray for child prodigy. Parents should pray their children to discover their life purpose.

Similarly, spiritual leaders can only bring us thus far. But we must chart our own growth.

From 12 to 30 years old, He was busy growing in His purpose.

0-12 yo: parental guidance
12-30 yo: obscure preparation
30 yo onward: minostry

Talent + preparation + opportunity = achievement

Lord Jesus spent 30 years of preparation to carry out 3.5 years of ministry and to complete 3 hours of crucifixion.

Many of us know our general purpose in God, though we do not know the specific.
When we don’t know the specific will of God, we must prepare for the general purpose of God.

Luke 4:16-22
Lord Jesus had always been attending the synagogue service.
After He had been baptized, He intentionally chose the book of Isaiah to announce His specific life purpose.

How do we grow in the general purpose of God before God reveals specific purpose?
He grew in the word of God.

Jesus knew the word of God so well that He was regarded as Rabbi.
In fact, people asked Him who His teacher was.
He even was able to summarize the complex  word of God and simplified it.

Luke 2:42-43
The Boy Jesus lingered, to stay longer than necessary.
Luke 2:46-47
He spent time asking questions and answering about the word of God.
In 18 years of preparation, He studied the word of God, prepared all the sermons even when He had no chance to preach.

Luke 3:21-22
18 years of preparation was for the one moment of anointing.
Preparation must always come first before greatness.

You can purchase his sermon here:
Growing Up On Purpose (20 May 2018), MP3, English

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Why No Coming to Church??


A sermon by Pastor Aries on Saturday, 3, March, 2018.
Various reasons why people dislike coming to church.

– I find God elsewhere
– It is not relevant to me
– Church is boring
– It feels like God is missing from church
– Church feels out of date
– I don’t like the people.
– Christians are judgmental, hypocritical, insensitive to others.

Some points to consider in reaching out to the lost. Easter is coming, after all.

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Pastor Bobby’s Sermon 16, December, 2017

John 1:1-5
Advent season. Advent = coming.
Jesus is coming. It is preparation of His arrival.

No matter how dark our situation, God will come through for us.

In the beginning of creation, the earth was dark and formless. Then, God came and began creating.

2000 years ago, the shepherd was outside under the dark night.
The angels of God appeared to them and lighted up the dark night.

No matter how dark the situation is, be it physical, emotional or spiritual darkness, Lord Jesus is coming to light up our world.

He is coming:

1. To dispel the darkness of sin.

Proverb 4:18-19
Rm 7:19,24
When we live in sin, we live in darkness and we deserve death.

Nevertheless, Jesus is coming to set us free from sin and death.

2. To dispel the darkness of sickness

Ps 91:5-6
Disease can suddenly leave us in darkness.
However, Lord Jesus came to heal us of diseases.

3. To dispel the darkness of satan’s oppression

Acts 10:38,.John 10:10
Lord Jesus sets free those who are oppressed by the devil.
The devil comes to steal, kill and destroy.
Lord Jesus comes to give abundant life.

4. To dispel the darkness of setbacks

Job 30:26
Setback may leave us in anxiety and darkness.
It seems when we look for good, darkness comes.
However, as we come to God in prayer, God will come through for us.


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Pastor Bobby’s Sermon 4, November, 2017 Purpose of Sabbath

Why do we gather week after week?
Why do we give our best?

Lord Jesus began His ministry in Galilee.
He appointed 12 apostles and He had 70 other disciples.
He sent 70 disciples and reminded them that they are lambs among wolves.

Luke 14:1-6
Who is Pharisee?
Someone who dedicated to keep the law of God wholeheartedly.
In the beginning, they started well.
Eventually, they became corrupt.

Lord Jesus came to the house of the Pharisee.
He healed on Sabbath.
What is the purpose of Sabbath?

1.Sabbath is for healing.

In another occasion, He healed on Sabbath and cast out demon.
Luke 4:16-21, 11:20
He wants to heal the sick physically and emotionally.

2.Sabbath is for worship and prayer

Luke 4:16
Lord Jesus was in synagogue, a place of worship and prayer.
Genesis 2:2
God stopped working on the seventh day.
Psalm 66:4
He enjoyed the praise songs of His creation.
When we come to God, indeed we experience God.
At the same time, God experiences His people.
2 Chr 7:15-16
God wants to see us on Sabbath. Not only the pastors, but also the congregation pray and worship together. This God enjoys.

Exodus 35:20-21, 23-26, 36:5
The miracle was everyone coming together to give.
In fact, they brought much more than enough to build the house of worship.
The same miracle which happened in thr time of Moses will also happen to CHC during Arise and Build.

You can purchase his sermon here:

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Pastor Aries’ Sermon 28, October, 2017

2 Kings 2:6-11
Double portion of the spirit.
Elijah did 7 miracles. Elisha did 14 miracles.
Another meaning = your life repeated in my life. I want to be a holy man just like you.

To repeat something is not easy.
It requires much fasting and prayer.
Furthermore, to do it better is even more difficult.

To repeat the success of building fund is not easy.
To have revival in 1 generation is already difficult.
To do 10 times is CHC.

We should keep repeating until overcoming is synonymous with us. We are overcomers.

CHC did many new things and overcame barriers of growth and pain.

John 16:33
Lord Jesus did all the overcoming. Our job is to appropriate His finished work.
1 John 4:4, 1 John 5:4-5
If we keep our faith, we wil overcome.
The devil only wants to steal our faith.

What is faith?
Matt 17:20
It is mountain-moving. But faith is more than that.
Many times we are in crisis then we apply mountain moving faith. But, there is more.


I is the center of life. Faith has to be the center of life.
FA = Force in Action. Mountain moving faith.
TH = Tenacity in Holding Up . Weather proof faith.

Mark 4:35-41
The presence of storm doesn’t mean the absence of Jesus.
If God wants us to be overcomers, then He allows obstacle to come in our way.
The storm became calm not because of some overpowering power. It ran out of breath, ran out of stamina.
Does the obstacle outlast our faith or does our faith outlast the obstacle?

The one who wins the race is the one who doesn’t run out of breath first.

As overcomers, we are not sprinters but long distance runners.
If we persevere and endure, the obstacle will have expiry date.

Lord Jesus was asleep even when the storm came.
He knew no one would sink.
He was telling them, “Keep calm and trust God.”
If Lord Jesus was sleeping, probably the disciples should have been sleeping on that day too.

What is the good thing about sleeping in the midst of storm?
The storm feels short when we sleep.

Heb 12:1-3
God is waiting at the finish line. He is cheering us on.
When we are lacking of faith, we should go over the story of Lord Jesus did it.

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