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Happy Birthday, Sun!


The church celebrated Pastor Sun’s birthday during last weekend’s service ~~~~
May God grant her the desires of her heart!


CHC Trial 1, September, 2018

Last year when both prosecutors and lawyers presented their argument in Court of Appeal, I kinda knew this would be the outcome.
The argument from lawyers was waaaaay more convincing than the prosecutors’, after all.

Pastor Sun’s Sermon 14, October, 2017

Calling vs Coming

It is not enough if God calls us.
We must respond to His calling.

We can celebrate that people are getting saved in the house of God.
We can celebrate the backsliders are returning to God.

There are many things we can give thanks to God about.
Why then do we have the theme of “Come Away”?
It is the love of Jesus that touches them.

Songs 2:10
God wants us to come away with Him.
What are we coming away into?

1.) He calls us into deeper hunger for Him. 

Part of being a Christian is to be hungry and full at the same time.
Being hungry is the sign of health.
When little kids are not hungry, we know something is wrong.

After hearing all the sermon and enjoying all the revelation, are we still hungry for Lord Jesus?
In the natural, we get hungry by not eating.
In the supernatural, we get hungry by eating.
The more we come away with Him, the hungrier we get for Him.

Deut 8:3
Through hard times, a deeper hunger for Him comes. Then, He fed us with manna.
Manna = what is it?
When we are hard times, we often cry out to God: what is it You are trying to say? What is the purpose?
Nevertheless, God wants us to trust Him with the mystery of “what is it?”
God cares for the true desire of our heart.
God is in control of everything we go through.

Hunger pulls on heaven until the heaven’s atmosphere becomes ours

2.) God wants us to come away into a higher calling. 

Matt 4:18-20
Lord Jesus told Peter and Andrew to follow Him and be the fishers of men.
They walked away from the life they had known.

God calls us into higher caling.
His call is disruptive to what we often to do.
Lord Jesus walks down our shore, He will rearrange our entire life as He has higher calling.
Whatever Lord Jesus says, we must be quick to obey.

After crucifixion, Peter went back to his old life of catching fish.
Nevertheless, Lord Jesus restored his life.
Peter entered into his higher calling. Never again he fished. Instead, he preached.

3.) God wants us to come away into all of Him

John 21:6-7

When Peter went back to his old life, he caught no fish.
Finally he had breakthrough when Lord Jesus met Him.
When he realized He came, he immediately swam to the shore.
Though Peter caught 153 fish, he considered them as nothing compared to Lord Jesus.

So many things have happened to us as a church and as individual.
Yet, we should always come away with Him.

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Pastor Sun’s Sermon 30, September, 2017 Why Cell Group? No Plan B

How do we build relationship, close fellowship in the midst of a big church?
It is through cell group.

Cell group is a community of people sharing their lives together in God.

Genesis 2:18
The fundamental need of a man: human is made for relationship.
God longs for us to be a part of His family.
1 Tim 3:14-15
1 Cor 1:9
The ultimate goal of preaching the Gospel is to get people into the fellowship of Jesus Christ.
Salvation is more than just being called out from. It includes being called into the fellowship of Jesus Christ.

Eph 2:19
God never intends Christians to be solitary.
He wants us to have deep relationship with one another.

Acts 2:42
The early church did not just connect to the Temple.
They met from house to house,i.e. cell group.
They focused on relationship.
Cell group was their way of life, not just a ‘ministry’

1. Cell group allows us to be authentic.
While social media is good, more and more people are disconnected.
Rm 12:9
We must love without faking it.

2. A cell group allows us to show empathy.
We have the need to be understood and to have our feeling validated.
Job 6:14
When a man is so depressed until he can’t believe God anymore, he still deserves a friend.

3. A cell group allows us to learn accountability.
Ecce 4:9-12
We will be more consistent in our personal growth if there are others encouraging us.

4. A cell group allows us to be discipled.
Discipleship was the focus of Jesus’ ministry.
We can develop talent alone.
However, we can only develop character of Christlikeness in a relationship.
In a cell group, we learn values such as loving the house of God (by keeping it clean) and helping others simply because they need help, not to make us feel great.

Peter saw Jesus walking on water.
He asked Him to tell him to come to Him on water.
Why? Because he wanted to be involved with Jesus.
Peter followed Lord Jesus before the crucifixion.
Peter was close enough to Him that He could see him in the courtyard after the rooster crowed.

Jesus had no plan B for the disciples.
Though they were ordinary people, Jesus had faith in them.

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Pastor Sun’s Sermon 9, September, 2017 Encounters

There are changes in the praise and worship.
3 praise and 2 worship.
It must not be a structure.
Instead, CHC will be a people of unusual worship.

In our worship, we will experience healing, deliverance and breakthrough.
We will be so close with God that our forehead touches His forehead.

When we make room for the Holy Spirit, He will move and touch the hearts of the people.

When God entrusts us with a revelation, He will start small to see if we treasure it, if we are hungry enough for it.

When the Holy Spirit comes, it is not about dancing or crawling or crying or laughing.
It is about obeying Him. When we obey Him, our lives will never be the same.

Even as we worship God, He will open door which no man can shut. He will close door which no one can open.

Luke 19.
He was tax collector and disliked by the people.
He defrauded them.
One day Lord Jesus went into his house and  changed his life.

Genesis 32:28
God called him Israel (the prince with God), not Jacob (the supplanter).

Likewise, when we enter into the presence of God, no matter what happened in our past, He will give us the new identity.

Jacob got the first hand encounter with God.
He had face to face meet up with God.

Similarly, why should we stand far away?
God invited us to enter beyond the veil.

Jacob also got a new walk with God.
Genesis 32:25
Jacob had a pattern of running away from problems.
After this, he could no longer run away.

Until we are broken unto God, we cannot do mighty exploits for Him.
The greater work God wants to do is for us to have new identity, encounter and walk with God.

Some encounters are dramatic.
Moses saw the burning the bush.
Peter, James and John saw the transfiguration.
Some encounters are not so dramatic.
Joseph had dreams and the dreams saved a nation.
Lord Jesus quietly went into Zaccheus’ house.

If we look for supernatural only in the spectacular, we will miss the Holy Spirit.

It is not the intensity of the encounter.
It is how we follow it up.
The Israelites had mighty encounters but they did not understand. Neither did they have God’s heart.

Acts 9:3
Saul had the encounter with God.
He fell under the power.
It is not what happens when we fall under the power.
It is what we do when we get up.

How did Saul/Paul follow up the encounter?
He built the altar of consecration in his inner being.
In our heart, is there a place that is exclusively for Lord Jesus?
Paul never forgot about his encounter.
He even testified it before the king Agrippa.

Romans 1:1
Bondservant = doulos = slave.
He fully belongs to the master.
Not just any slave.
He is love slave: he voluntarily serves out of love.
Ex 21:2,5-6
Requirement to be love slave: pain to the ear.
It is about listening and obeying God.
For Paul, he obeyed the voice of God by preaching the Gospel to the Gentiles.

Kathryn Kuhlman.
She moved in the power of the Holy Spirit.
Yet, she made mistake by marrying a married man.
She was stubborn and did not repent in the beginning.
One day she had a dead-end encounter.
She then repented.

What we need is the cross.
Do we want to experience His power?
Let us come to the cross and yield to Him.

Acts 9:6
Saul asked, “Lord what do You want me to do?”
Similarly, we should ask God what He wants us to do and obey Him.

Gal 2:20
Can we say, “I have been crucified with Christ.”?

Let us follow through the encounter with consecration.

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Pastor Sun’s Sermon 8, July, 2017 Passion

Passion: strong and barely controllable emotion.
It is passion toward God, His house and His people.

Passion: the suffering and the death of Jesus.
We often do not think about this second definition.

Acts 1:1-3
Jesus’s passion.
What is it about the cross?
Why do we see the cross as pain but Jesus saw it as passion?

The cross is the pain, agony and humiliation.
Jesus was hung naked.
The cross is hideous place.
Jesus’s body was torn until He was no longer recognizable.
Nevertheless, it was the place of His passion.

Why is pain and passion so intertwined?
Sometimes love comes with pain.
For example, a daughter loves her dad but she struggles how to respect him.
A husband loves his wife. He works hard to provide for her. However, the wife wants to leave him. He still wants to win her back though it hurts him.

Love hurts
It hurts to be open and vulnerable.
Love suffers long.

We can get a glimpse of love when we talk about maternal or marriage love.
However, we may have difficulty in comprehending God’s love.

Ephesians 3:18-19
Love of Christ passes all knowledge.
Nevertheless, we can still experience it.

The love of Christ heals every ache in our soul.
Passion is built on His love for you.
We must go beyond the joy of serving and witnessing His power.

How to love God?
One way to do so: to go back to the room, close the door, kneel down and tell God, “I love You.”
The love of God will ignite our passion.

The heart wrenching story of God’s love.
Hosea 1:2
God wanted Hosea to experience His passionate love.
He told Hosea to marry prostitute.
God even told him to love her.
Hosea cared for his wife and yet Hosea couldn’t change her mentality of prostitute.
She left the house and came back times and .
She then degraded lower: from prostitute to a slave.
Hosea immediately bought her because he still loved her.
He still considered her beautiful in his sight.

Lesson here.
For us, it is just transaction. However, to God, it is a love relationship.

God still loves us.
We are the object of His passion.
He will return our dignity even if we mess up.

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Pastor Sun’s Sermon 11, June, 2017 My Journey With The Holy Spirit

John the Baptist
Pain shrinks us.

Herod Antipas seduced Herodias.
John the Baptists confronted them
Mark 6:17-20

Initially John declared Jesus to be the Lamb of God.
John was then in the prison.
The pain shrunk him.
He even began to doubt Jesus.
He sent his disciples to ask Him.

Matt 11:4-6
Blessed is anyone who does not stumble on account of Lord Jesus.
Blessed is he who does not stumble on what Jesus does or does not do.
After all, Jesus considered John to be a great person.

Our personal circumstance does not reflect how God feels about us.

If God really loves me, why doesn’t He help me?
But, God really loves us. The cross is the proof.

Pain causes us to depart from our revelation.

Elijah was so brave and victorious on Mt. Carmel.
However, later on he got into depression.
1 Kings 19:4
He was expecting national revival.
However, he received death threats from Jezebel.
Then, he wanted to run away from all the revelation.

How do we handle pain?

Even when we can’t feel love of God, we should still worship God.

2.Recall the revelation
Quality of revelation in church determines the weight of glory we experience.

To serve God fully.
God means much more than worldly pleasure.

To win Asia and plant churches.

Building a strong local church.
A revival will be lost if there is no strong local church.

Soul winning
Matt 22:37
Loving God wholeheartedly and loving people fervently.
Find a hurt to heal it, find a need to meet it.

Can One Person Make a Difference.

We need to go back to our secret chamber and recall the revelation God has given us.
In the midst of pain, we must not run away.

3.Receive the raven 
God may send someone to inject faith into us.
1 Kings 3:9
We need to hear from God and obey Him. We must possess a God-listening heart.
Glory of the church is rooted in hearing and obeying the voice of the Lord.

Matt 25.
10 virgins. 5 wise 5 foolish.
This is about end time.
What is this lamp? The Holy Spirit that dwells in us. Only Lord Jesus can give us.
Oil and the vessel? Continual infilling of the Holy Spirit. Continual baptism of the Holy Spirit through seeking the face of God.
Isa 55:1
How to buy? Through ‘coming’. We need to have come in constant fellowship with Him.
Before we come, we first need to thirst for the Spirit.
If we are not in touch with the Spirit, how will the Spirit touch us?
Buy = paying the price. It requires costly pursuit of Him.
Rev 3:18

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