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The Ink Room Shopping 26, July, 2014

Happy birthday to my City Harvest Church once again!
The birthday occasion was the… shopping time!!
The Ink Room gave 25% off store wide! So… I bought a looooottt!

030820148688 030820148689 030820148690

030820148692 030820148693 030820148691

4 books and 2 CDs.
The church has been singing a lot from these 2 albums.
Then, I would like to understand more on relationship. Hence, these 4 titles.


Do look forward to book review posts from me, ok?

The Ink Room Packing 30, March, 2014

Last weekend the church did some shifting.
Apparently, next weekend there will be some events using the church hall.
Hence, the bookstore had to pack up the stocks too.


Well, as you can see, there is no more Tree of Life in the area.
In the place of Tree of Life, the members could see some nice photos about the church.

300320147481 300320147476 300320147477

300320147478 300320147480

Praise, worship, thanksgiving, Bible reading and prayer.
Some foundational disciplines to fireproof our faith Smile

300320147482 300320147484 300320147485

We put the stocks of books and Bibles into the metal cages.


At around 3.30 pm, the packing was almost completed. In fact, the church hall was almost empty too.

300320147487 300320147488 300320147489

We had late lunch of Burger King.
Well, some supply of calorie is good for tired limbs. Agree?

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Dinner After Duty 29, March, 2014

Hmm, haven’t had meal together with the bookstore people for quite a looooong time.
I think for me the previous fellowship session with them was lunch near Somerset.
Last Saturday after duty, we went to HK Café at Marina Square and had superb dinner.
How superb was it?

290320147473 290320147474 290320147464

290320147467 290320147468 290320147469

290320147470 290320147471 290320147472

Fantastic dinner, agree? Just by looking at those photos I feel hungry again Smile with tongue out Smile with tongue out
Open-mouthed smile Open-mouthed smile Open-mouthed smile

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The Ink Room Outing 8, February, 2014

Had lunch outing yesterday with bookstore members, my very own Saturday team B.
We went to Kiseki, a Japanese buffet restaurant located at Orchard Central.

080220147234 080220147236 080220147237

080220147238 080220147241 080220147245

080220147252 080220147253 080220147254 

Well, as one may expect, buffet is the time for the customers to unleash their gluttony.
As for me, I finished at least 20 dollars worth of salmon alone.
Yummy ~ ~ ~ ~ Sweet!

080220147246 080220147247 080220147248

080220147249 080220147250 080220147251

More importantly, we celebrated birthday of bookstore members.
Happy birthday Silas, Lili and Fion!

We did lohei to celebrate Chinese New Year too.
You can watch the video on my FB.

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The Ink Room 2, February, 2014

Last week was Chinese New Year week. Hence, there was no church service on Saturday.
We only had church service on Sunday morning.
There I was, attending the service and meeting friends too.
In particular, in The Ink Room I met someone special.

020220147170 020220147171

Elim Chew! The founder of 77th Street! Yesshh! Took photo with famous person!

020220147172 020220147173 020220147174

Some friends and I had lunch at Food republic. Hungry! Not many stores were open during New Year.

020220147175 020220147176

Nice lunch with them. We discussed plenty things under the sun: church, Dead Sea, Israel, etc.
Hmm, shall have fellowship session with other bookstore members too ~ ~ ~

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The Ink Room Ministry Appreciation 19, January, 2014

Yesterday the bookstore ministry conducted a ministry appreciation.
We appreciated the volunteers who had set aside their time and energy to serve God in the bookstore.
I remember this ministry is called ‘ministry of literature’. That is, we provide spiritual material to help members grow in God.
Sometimes, members might not be able to recall the sermon.
Hence, we burn the sermon into CDs so they can listen to it times and again.
We encourage the members to read books too. Sometimes, some passages in the Bible may seem difficult to understand or to apply.
Hence, different book authors explain those difficult passages and how they apply in daily life.

190120147057 190120147058 190120147059

190120147062 190120147063 190120147070

Lunch first after the duty and before the event.

190120147072 190120147071

While listening to back-up vocalists singing.


Bookstore staff!

190120147074 190120147075 190120147076

Start of the event. Ice breaker game by Bernard.

190120147084 190120147087 190120147099

190120147101 190120147102 190120147094

We gave an award to the Best Retail Assistants, Best Cashier, Best Punctuality, Best Newcomers and Best Team Performance.
Well, once again, my team won the Best Team Performance for the second successive year ~ ~
We celebrated birthday too!


Ladies in Saturday B ~ ~ My team adopted masquerade theme.
Stay tuned for more crunchy news from The Ink Room, ok?

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The Ink Room Duty 21, December, 2013

My team, team B, kicked start the Christmas duty last weekend.
We served from 11 am to 5 pm. It was just nice since I attended the 5.30 pm.

WP_20131221_006 WP_20131221_007 WP_20131221_008
The highlight of the products. Some Christmas gifts and sweets.
We tried our best to sell out all of them Smile with tongue out Smile with tongue out Smile with tongue out


Took photo of a customer too~~~

WP_20131221_002 WP_20131221_003

A lot of books. New arrivals. Well, I may need more time to memorize them all ~~~~


Some bookstore members were eating their lunch during break.
Our dress code was red or green.

I took photo with Pastor Zhuang too!!! Yay!


Christmas at Pooperwick.
A drama performance featuring the story of the birth of Lord Jesus and the story of reconciliation between two sisters.
I feel that Christmas production this year emphasizes a lot on singing.
Merry Christmas, everyone!

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The Ink Room Duty 7, December, 2013

A duty with team B again. A very special weekend as we were in charge of handling art gallery.

071220136750 071220136751 071220136752

Paintings by Pastor Phil Pringle. Already some of them were sold out!


The title of this painting is Proposal. It sounds so sweet, doesn’t it?
A marriage proposal is always sweet and romantic!

071220136748 071220136749

New arrival. Some of the products are actually old title. Yet, they are still popular even until today.

071220136758 071220136759
Celebrated a birthday present of a member. Happy birthday, Christina!


We went to Ashton to have dinner there.
A friend commented my choice of dinner was so healthy… not to mention I removed the skin!
This December is going to be a month full of happening in the bookstore. Stay tuned!

The Ink Room Duty 23, November, 2013

Team B duty again. We kicked start Christmas promotion in the bookstore.

231120136676 231120136677

For a purchase of at least S$20 in a single receipt, the customer had one chance to spin this fortune wheel.
The ultimate price was: shop for free! The bookstore would give voucher almost equivalent to the amount of purchase in the receipt!

WP_20131123_006 WP_20131123_007 WP_20131123_008

WP_20131123_009 WP_20131123_010 

New arrivals and some Christmas products. These Christmas products would surely light up any Christmas celebration.

WP_20131123_017 WP_20131123_018 WP_20131123_020

Not forgetting dinner with teammates after bookstore duty.
Apparently, they could not finish their meal. So, I was the one clearing the food.
Yesssshhhh! I was super full!!!

The Ink Room Duty 9, November, 2013

After 2 weeks of no serving, my team finally resumed the duty again last Saturday.
We had the privilege of setting up the store after store closing last week.


Our very new idea on products. And, it turned out that the sales was very good!


A new arrival as well. Pretty notebooks, indeed.


Bernard has been helping the bookstore in promoting music album through his City Radio ministry.
Thanks a lot, Bernard! And, happy birthday to you too!!

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