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The Art of Teaching: Lesson from Kungfu Panda

Does anyone still remember Kungfu Panda?
Shifu could not teach Po using conventional method.
No matter how passionate Po was about Kungfu, he just could not master it in the beginning.
One day, Shifu discovered an unusual way to teach him: via food.
It worked and Po really did master kungfu.

Some time later, Po had to teach his fellow pandas.
Again, he could not teach them using conventional method.
Instead, when he was about to give up, he finally discovered a method: just make them master what they excelled at and loved to do.
It worked. The panda villagers even held their own against the zombie/jade kungfu masters.

Sometimes, a teacher is not able to teach the students using standard method.
He has to find another way to teach.
Not an easy job since each student is unique.
Nevertheless, let Kungfu Panda be that aspiration for the teacher.

Anyway, here is the clip of Shifu teaching Po.


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Restful Moment

An awesome idea of rest!!!












Loving it to the max!!

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Learning Japanese

Started to learn Japanese not too long ago.
Let’s start by writing my name in Japanese…


Wohoo! Not bad.
Hopefully I can master it soon ~~~

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Making Own Decision

Gamamaru's dream-b

Gamamaru's dream 2-b

Gamamaru's dream 3-b

Rikudo Sennin had to choose the successor between his 2 sons.
He then devised a test for them. He saw how they carried out their duty before finally deciding.

Gamamaru, his good friend, often has a dream for the future.
However, this time, Gamamaru was not to interfere in the test.
Rikudo Sennin had to name the successor by himself.

Similarly, God already knows whom we will marry.
Yet, He did not tell us whom to marry.
We need to choose the life partner by ourselves.

We need much wisdom to do so.

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Wisdom, the application of knowledge in daily life.
When we are presented with a few good choices, we need to wisdom to discern which is the best option.
If we need wisdom, we can come to God who will generously give to us (James 1:5).

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Difficult Decision


A tribute to Itachi Uchiha.
When we are forced with 2 opposing decisions, both are equally painful, where does our loyalty lie?

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Predicting Response From The Audience

Many times we think we act or speak in a neutral way.
However, others may dislike our action or words.
This is expected as different people may have different preference.
A neutral word or action for some is perceived as negative by others.

Then, what is the solution?
As much as possible, we should predict the response from the audience.
Will our word or action offend them? If it will offend them, do we still want to go ahead and take the risk?

Such prediction is a skill. We won’t naturally have it, but we can obtain it.
It will require much trial and error too.
We may predict wrongly at times. But, it is still better than not predicting at all.

How do we reduce misprediction?
By knowing the audience personally, we can predict their response better.
Also, in case we mispredict, the audience will just overlook it.

Posted June 7, 2016 by Jefri Yue Fei 吴岳飞 in Thought