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Mookata + Dessert First 9, November, 2016


BBQ at Mookata with the fantastic tuition ministry members!
Discussed about life and about Donald Trump’s winning.
Was kind confused with US voting system, but they made it clear to me.
And in the end, I finished most of the vegetables.
We continued out chit chat over ice cream at Dessert First too.

Hopefully I will get to bump into them again more often.

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Tuition Ministry Dinner 27, August, 2016

Great fellowship time with the fellow volunteers in tuition ministry.
Dinner after church service at Soup Restaurant at Suntec.


The fish is really fresh!


Wah, cool Teacher’s Day gift. I will be able to present better too.


Fellow educators!
Do look forward to more exciting news from Tuition ministry, ok?

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Tuition Ministry Gathering 17, January, 2016

Had a gathering with tuition ministry member last Sunday.
We had dinner at 49 seats, a Western restaurant at Bugis+
It was my first time visiting the restaurant. Pretty nice ambience at level 7.



Nice pasta and chicken chop.
Well, guess which one is mine?

We talked about the new role in the ministry.
But first, we need to find it out the number of students.
Well, hopefully it will be smooth and we can really be a blessing to them~~~


Our energetic people, ready to always ensure the students get A ^_^

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City College Party 29, September, 2015

Had a blast in City College party last Tuesday!!!
Somehow I was invited to attend it. So, it was my first time there.
Had much fun with the cool teachers and students.

2909201512507 2909201512502 29092015125032909201512504 2909201512505 2909201512506

Though I arrived late, there was still plenty food for me. Yay!!~~~


Let’s get the party started!!

2909201512515 2909201512517

One game: to stack the plastic cups.
Well, the guy in red won the game!!!

2909201512521 2909201512522

Another game: to slant the drink can. Hehhee, not sure how he did it, but the guy in white won!!!

2909201512525 2909201512526 (2)

We celebrated birthday of the students too.
See all those good looking people?

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The students received their report book from the teachers~~


One important message from the school principal.
The students will always be part of family of City College ^_^


Photo taking time!
Well, their O level exam is coming soon.
All the best, everyone! Do get all those A1!!

Tuition Ministry Escape Game 8, September, 2015.

Had a fantastic outing with tuition ministry members last Tuesday.
We, the tutors, had the chance to practice out our skills in an Escape Game ;)

0809201512138 0809201512136 0809201512135

Dinner first to fuel our mind to be creative later :)
Escape game requires much energy to think, you know.

0809201512147 0809201512146 0809201512144 0809201512143 0809201512142 0809201512140

After dining, we walked to the Escape Place at Bugis.
We would play that Whisper of the Dead.
Hehehe, can the dead really whisper?

There are 4 stages in this game…. and we only cleared the first stage “-_-
Haiz. Why was it so difficult???

Nevertheless, we were still happy~~~


Water bottle!!! Something I really need!!!
Well, hopefully we can escape in the next escape game~~~

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WanTan Wedding 30, May, 2015

A member of tuition ministry held her wedding last week!!
We were there in her matrimony and blessed her Winking smile


Pastor Jeremy solemnized the matrimony.
Well, I sat far away from the stage, so that was the best photo I could take ~~~


Exchange of vow.
They came up with their own version of wedding vow.
The groom’s version was really long. He read his from an iPad.
The bride’s version was shorter. She memorized hers and recited it Smile

So sweet. I should write my own vow too in the future!


Some speech of appreciation to God, to all the brothers, sisters and wedding coordinator and the guests~~


She sang a song love for the groom.
Hmm, reminds me of Song of Solomon. Good idea, I gotta sing on my wedding day too.


Photo taking session ~~~
Tuition ministry was almost at the last!!! ;P


Dinner time! I was famished!!! Smile with tongue out Smile with tongue out Smile with tongue out


Final photo before we left.
Congratulations, Ying Xiu!
God greatly blesses your wedding!!!

CHC Trial 26, March, 2015 (Day 107-Day 19 Tranche 6)


City News 26 Mar 2015 Morning 1City News 26 Mar 2015 Morning 2City News 26 Mar 2015 Morning 3City News 26 Mar 2015 Afternoon

As I read all these lines, I could clearly hear Pastor Tan’s voice in my mind when he answered questions.
Cool, calm, collected.
Jiayou, Pastor Tan!

Tuition Ministry House Warming 4, January, 2015

0401201510268 0401201510265 0401201510266

0401201510267 0401201510273

Had ministry gathering in Sengkang last Sunday.
We had meal and sharing session in one of the members’ house to warm up the place.
There was a sharing on Isaiah 40:31 and some planning ahead for the ministry.


For exciting things are lined up for us in 2015.
Need to be more effective in our service to the members :)

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Tuition Ministry Teacher’s Day Dinner 8, September, 2014

Also, it was my first time celebrating Teacher’s Day with my very own Tuition Ministry!
Well, I seldom meet them because my class is really separate from their class.
Most of them taught in the main session.
My class is an extended session. So far, I only have two tutees.
Thank God they have been attending the class regularly. Hopefully they will do well in their upcoming exams.

080920149074 080920149064 080920149065

080920149066 080920149067 080920149070

080920149071 080920149072 080920149073

Waaaahhhh, look at all these delicious meals!!!
It was buffet so I could ‘unleash my gluttony’.
In fact, my fellow ministers kept ordering fruit salad and cucumbers.
I guess the waiters were annoyed by us. Hehehhehe!!!
It was my dinner…and my breakfast for the following day!!


Yup, there were 10 of us.
Hopefully I can bump into them again. I should really start remembering their names.


Indeed, I started the whole master-disciple thing as I was inspired by a manga History’s Strongest Disciple Kenichi.
But I guess, such approach is not necessary anymore.
So, Sharon, no need to consider me as a teacher. You can just consider me as a senior Winking smile
Oh still, my requirement of >85% grade does not change.
Do prepare to hear me nagging at you if you score <85%.
HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE!!! (hmm, do you still remember how my evil laugh sounds?)

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Birthday Celebration 27, May, 2014


Attended church briefing last Tuesday with regard Personal Data Protection Act.
Basically, as much as possible the church will need to get consent from the members or visitors before using their personal data.
If there is a complaint, the church  may get fined.
Wah, so complicated!

After the briefing, the ministry celebrated the birthday of a member.
May God grant him all his desire!