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Tuition Ministry House Warming 4, January, 2015

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Had ministry gathering in Sengkang last Sunday.
We had meal and sharing session in one of the members’ house to warm up the place.
There was a sharing on Isaiah 40:31 and some planning ahead for the ministry.


For exciting things are lined up for us in 2015.
Need to be more effective in our service to the members :)

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Tuition Ministry Teacher’s Day Dinner 8, September, 2014

Also, it was my first time celebrating Teacher’s Day with my very own Tuition Ministry!
Well, I seldom meet them because my class is really separate from their class.
Most of them taught in the main session.
My class is an extended session. So far, I only have two tutees.
Thank God they have been attending the class regularly. Hopefully they will do well in their upcoming exams.

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Waaaahhhh, look at all these delicious meals!!!
It was buffet so I could ‘unleash my gluttony’.
In fact, my fellow ministers kept ordering fruit salad and cucumbers.
I guess the waiters were annoyed by us. Hehehhehe!!!
It was my dinner…and my breakfast for the following day!!


Yup, there were 10 of us.
Hopefully I can bump into them again. I should really start remembering their names.


Indeed, I started the whole master-disciple thing as I was inspired by a manga History’s Strongest Disciple Kenichi.
But I guess, such approach is not necessary anymore.
So, Sharon, no need to consider me as a teacher. You can just consider me as a senior Winking smile
Oh still, my requirement of >85% grade does not change.
Do prepare to hear me nagging at you if you score <85%.
HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE!!! (hmm, do you still remember how my evil laugh sounds?)

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Birthday Celebration 27, May, 2014


Attended church briefing last Tuesday with regard Personal Data Protection Act.
Basically, as much as possible the church will need to get consent from the members or visitors before using their personal data.
If there is a complaint, the church  may get fined.
Wah, so complicated!

After the briefing, the ministry celebrated the birthday of a member.
May God grant him all his desire!