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Pastor Kong’s Sermon 29, February, 2020 The Prayer Life of Jesus (2)

Jesus always prayed. Even on the cross, He still prayed.
Now in heaven, He interceded for us.
Prayer is meditation.
Ps 119.
The longest chapter in the Bible.
Scholar believed David wrote Ps 119.
1) Meditation keeps us pure from sinning
Ps 119:9, 11.
Through meditation, we hide the word of God in our heart.
Many times when we pray, somehow our mind wanders around.
Nevertheless, meditation is powerful because it aligns our mind with God’s will.
Through meditation, we build defense against temptation.
Even if we are tempted to return to past sin, meditation secures our victory
2) Meditation saves us from depression.
Ps 119:27-28
David was burnt out in life. He struggled with depression.
The way out is through meditation in the word of God.
Many people do not have lasting happiness as their happiness depends on external
Their happiness does not last and their life feels meaningless.
Nevertheless, there is a good news: joy of the LORD which does not depend on
external factors.
This heavenly joy only comes through meditation of the word of God.
Ps 119:111
God’s word is the source of our joy. It gives us permanent inner peace.
3) Meditation preserves our physical health.
Ps 119:159
Revive = repair, restore.
Meditation is like applying the word of God to the diseased part of our body.
Proverb 4:20-22
4) Meditation brings us into conversation with God.
Prayer is conversation, fellowship, communion with the Creator of the universe.
We share our heart with Him and He shares His heart with us.
It is good to sense His presence. However, our encounter improves when we
commune with Him.
In the Bible, God the Father communed with Lord Jesus through prayer and
meditation of the Scripture. God the Father would speak to Lord Jesus through
similar Scripture passages.
In the Sermon on the Mount, Lord Jesus brought the Ten Commandment to a whole
new level.
How did Lord Jesus come up with such moral code?
Firstly, He must have meditated on the 10 commandment.
As He meditated, God the Father explained to Him more.
John 12:29
Lord Jesus learned so much from the Heavenly Father during meditation.
God will speak to us too when we meditate.
Eph 3:16-19
It is one thing to know Lord Jesus intellectually, it is another thing to
experience Him.
The love of Christ melts our heart so we becomes gentler and kinder and
Meditation turns theology into experience.
As we meditate and pray over Scripture, we will experience the power of God.
Prayer will also be an enjoyable experience as it is a dynamic conversation.

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