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How to Do Backflip

Ok, gotta try it in a pool first .

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Ladies Must Set Up the Standard High

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CHC Trial 1, September, 2018

Last year when both prosecutors and lawyers presented their argument in Court of Appeal, I kinda knew this would be the outcome.
The argument from lawyers was waaaaay more convincing than the prosecutors’, after all.

Sephiroth’s Theme

A cool soundtrack dedicated to awesome villain!! Enjoy!!

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Pastor Aries’ Sermon 27, May, 2017 Does it Feel Good or Does it Do You Good?

John 5:1-8
There are people who come to church blind, lame, paralyzed.
Blind = no vision in life.
Paralyzed = burdened in life.

38 years of infirmity.
38 years in church with the same condition.
Lord Jesus is asking every one of us, “Do we want to get well?”

Sometimes we are invalid, though we are in church.
We may have heard the same slogan.
However, being invalid has nothing to do with remaining invalid.

Are we in the same in the same condition in the last 28 years?
Jesus knows that this man needs transformation, not sympathy.

Angel coming down. Just like revival meeting.

The lame person was in the same location for 38 years.
He could have just crawled nearer and nearer.

Could he be too comfortable in waiting?
Getting too comfortable waiting means accepting your condition without even trying.
Waiting passively is different from waiting actively.

Change is very uncomfortable and inconvenient.

Lord Jesus asked us, “Do you want to have your breakthrough?”
The sick man did not say yes or no.
His mindset of comfort makes him blame others.
We must not depend on others for your breakthrough.
We must depend only on Lord Jesus.
The sick man depended on lucky chance.

Lord Jesus healed him.
The source of healing is not the pool or even 4D pool.
The source of healing is Lord Jesus.

Sometimes, it feels good when your weakness is given reason for existence.
However, we must take responsibility. Don’t just feel good. We must act.

Hag 2:1-9
God encourages us to be strong. Then, we feel God.
At the same time, we must work with Lord Jesus.

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Pastor Aries’ Sermon 13, May, 2017

Mothers’ Day is the third most important event, after Easter and Christmas.
Lord Jesus, in pain on the cross, said to Mary, "Behold your son." John 19:25-27
Lord Jesus bothered to think about His mother.
He wanted to ensure she would be taken care of by John.
It is important to take care of mothers, especially when they are old.

Lord Jesus remembered to honor His mother.

Exo 20:12
If we take care of mothers, we can live a long life.
If we are students, we are to obey them.
If we are working, we are to respect them
If we have children, we are to care for mothers.

1.) Mummy, I am sorry.

Mothers feel they have not done enough for the children.
Hence, mothers may overcompensate: to take excessive measure in an attempt to correct or make amends for an error, weakness or problem.

1 Sam 1:1-5
Elkanah knew Hannah wanted children but she was barren.
Hannah felt broken on the inside, hence she could not receive love.
She wanted to be the best wife for Elkanah.
1 Sam 1:6
Elkanah was frustrated with Hannah’s sadness.
He asked her, "What is wrong with you?"
Children often ask their mothers, "What’s wrong with you, Mom? Why are you so controlling?"
However, children misunderstand mothers’ intention. Mothers only want to be the best mothers for their children.

2.) Mummy, I love you.

We are always so busy growing up that we forget our mothers are quickly growing old.
Sometimes, we see mothers as imperfect hence we can’t appreciate them.
We are to honor and respect the position, not just the person.
Rm 13:1
Parents are authorities appointed by God.

Mothers are patient in waiting their backslidden children to return.

3.) Mummy, thank you

Mothers may not be as  smart as their children.
However, mothers have more life experience.
Proverb 23:22
Do not despise old mothers’ experience.
Even if mothers are broken people, their life experience is still valuable. We can learn from them to avoid mistakes.
1 Pet 5:5
Knowledge + life experience.

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Pastor Kong’s Sermon 25, February, 2017 The Power of Confession Part 2

Genesis 1:1-4,6
Heb 11:3
The words set the structure of the universe.
Universe = Uni + Verse = One poetic word

Genesis 1:26
Dominion = right to command.
Adam had the authority which he released through his command.

Genesis 2:7
Living soul = speaking spirit
We have the right to speak out God’s decree.

Our calling is to be God’s custodians of words and power.

Matt 12:37
Proverb 18:21
No one can stop our destiny except us ourselves.
Death and life are in the power of tongue, not economy.
Instead of speaking death, we must speak of life.

The devil tries to convince us that our words do not affect us.
Hence, we often become flippant with our words.

Proverb 6:2
You may be limited or trapped by the words of our mouth,
We are the sum total of the words we say day in and day out.

Genesis 4:11-15
God punished Cain that he would be fugitive.
Yet, Cain confessed that he would be killed.
Eventually, Lamech killed Cain.

Genesis 31:32
Jacob did not Rachel had stolen the idol.
Jacob confessed that thief would die.
Rachel did die at the age of 39.

Genesis 37:32-33
Jacob thought he would die.
In the end, he aged faster.

We must not say things God has not spoken in His word.
Our words must have value.
Even when we want to be honest, we have to find other ways to say it.

The Bible is the most important book.

Proverb 30:32
Devised evil = Bad thought.
Immediately we have to stop our words.

Speech center of the brain exercises dominion to the entire body.
Our words of powerful.

Mark 11:22-23
There is no mention of God in this verse.
We can receive the impossible through our belief and words.
We must not doubt.

Luke 16:16-17
Tittle = smallest text in the Hebrew.
This book cannot fail. If it does, the whole universe will disappear.

We can trust God with our health, money, future.

Rm 4:19-21
Abraham did not consider his own body and the deadnesss of Sarah;s womb.
He kept confessing the promise of God.
If God can perform it fpr Abraham, God will perform for us too.

2 Kings 4:18-26
Just because the promise came to pass, the devil was not gonna sit idly.
Why would God bring forth miracle child and let him die?
The boy was Habakkuk.
She said, “It is well.”
She did not let her husband destroy her faith.
We must not go around and tell people our dreams as there are dream destroyers.
She even refused to say negative things in front of Gehazi.

2 Kings 4:27
Consider the word of God.
Cancel all the negative word in the name of Jesus.

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