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Pastor Wu Yuzhuang’s Sermon 9, April, 2016 Finding Back Your Dreams

1. Your dream will distinguish you

Gen 37:19
Look, the dreamer (Joseph) is coming!
If we are dreamers, we will chase after the dream. People can recognize us because of our dreams.

2. You will never be too young or too old to dream

Joseph was about 17 years old. Moses was about 80 years old.
We are not even in our prime age yet to serve the LORD.
We should not be discouraged whenever we face challenges in life.

3. Dreamers should hang out with dreamers

Dreamers encourage one another.
If God can bless one dream, He can bless another’s dream.
We should never allow people or environment to limit us.

4. Your dream should be connected to the spiritual purpose

Gen 37:5-7
This is prophetic dream. Joseph is the type of Lord Jesus.
One day everyone will bow down to Lord Jesus.
Why do we want to excel in work or study? Is it for our own ego or ambition?
If it is selfish, God will not bless it.
If it is for His kingdom, God will bless it.

Matt 5:16

5. Your dream will motivate you

Some study indicates that after retirement, human health begins to decline.
If there is nothing which excites us, any obstacle for us to challenge, we will begin to deteriorate too.
When we lose our dream, we feel life is a drag.

Dan 2:1-5
The tragedy of losing a dream.
The dream was so strong. Yet, he could not remember the dream.
He asked all the soothsayers to tell him his dream and his interpretation.
When we lose the dream, our life shrinks and becomes stale.

Why do people lose their dream?

1. Temporary circumstance

1 Sam 4:19,21
Phinehas’ wife was about the give birth. Her husband and father in law died.
The ark of God was taken away by the Philistines.
She looked at her present circumstance and named her son Ichabod which means the glory has departed.
She named her future by looking at her present circumstance.
Eventually, the ark of God returned. However, it was too late to change name.

Do not make permanent decision based on temporary circumstance.
God is here to stay, our problems are not to stay.

2. Delay

Delay is never denial. Sometimes we give up too soon.
Some delays are divine. God pauses things to protect us.
If the dream is good, we need to wait for it.
If frozen yoghurt is good, we are willing to queue up to buy it.
If sex is good, we should wait until we are married.

3. False evidence

Many people bury their dreams because of false evidence.

Gen 37:8, 33
The brothers sold Joseph as a slave.
They showed the bloody tunic to Jacob. They created a false evidence for Jacob.
Jacob concluded Joseph was dead just by looking at bloody tunic.
This is false evidence. Jacob had not even seen the dead body of Joseph.
Jacob loved Joseph so much. When he thought Joseph was dead, he lived like a zombie for the next 20 years.

Eventually, Joseph told the brothers to bring Jacob to Egypt.

Gen 45:25-26
At first, Jacob could not believe it. His heart was numb.
He was numb to good things.
Gen 45:27-28
For so long, he lived like zombie. This time, his spirit revived. His life returned to him.

Some of us bury our dreams which are actually not dead.
Let’s dig it out and live it up again.

We should not let temporary circumstance, delay and false evidence do the speaking.
We should let God do the speaking.

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