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Final Fantasy XV Maze Pun

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Book Review XXXIX: Jesus Our Jubilee


An awesome book given by a pastor friend when he and his family were visiting Singapore.
Before reading this book, heard about Jubilee but did not expect Jubilee to have such a far implication in the New Testament.
So, it is definitely worth-reading!
Here is the summary of this awesome book!


The concept of Jubilee starts with Sabbath.
There was 7th day Sabbath and 7th year Sabbath.
God commanded the Israelites to gather manna daily.
On the sixth day He commanded them to gather twice as much as there would be no manna on the 7th day.
Indeed, it was a test of obedience.

Similarly, God commanded the Israelites to farm their land for 6 years.
On the 7th year, they must not farm the land. Instead, God promised the harvest would be so abundant on the 6th that they would have food for the 7th and 8th year.
So, it was a test of trust.

During the Sabbath day and Sabbath year, the Israelites were also to exercise compassion by helping their neighbour and sharing their food with the poor.

Jubilee is the 50th year.
On both the 49th and 50th year, the Israelites must not work.
Again, God assured overabundance of harvest on 48th year to sustain His people until 51st year.
There is something special about the 50th year: the Israelites were to return the ancestral land to the original owner.
This is because God did not want to see the poor among His people.
On the 50th year, the poor had the chance to break free from the cycle of poverty

Why would God design such cycle?
Because God wanted the Israelites to remember that He is the owner of the land.
The Sabbath of the land was always unto the Lord.
God also had the right to give whichever land to whomever He desired to give.
The Israelites were merely the steward of the land.

Sadly, the Israelites did not observe the Jubilee instruction.
They even failed to observe the basic Sabbath commandment.
Therefore, there was only one way to implement it: the Lord of Jubilee Himself came down.

Lord Jesus’ mission consisted of 2 parts.
Spiritually, He came to save us from our sin.
Socially, He came to preach the gospel to the poor and to proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord, which is Jubilee year.
He cared for the well-being of the society, such when He performed miracle of feeding of 5 thousand men.
He healed the poor woman with the issue of blood.
He restored the sight of the blind beggar.
He resurrected the dead son of a widow so the widow can have a future of livelihood through her son.
He set an example for the disciples to follow.

The early church followed His example.
They regularly testified about Christ and won souls for the Lord.
At the same time, they ensured the welfare of the members as they also shared resources.
Apostle Paul also helped the money collection from Gentile church to Judean Christians who were stricken by famine.

In the past, many Christian leaders rose up to the calls.
Francis Asisi and John Wesley had profound heart for the poor in addition to preaching the Gospel.
Samuel Wilberforce was a British politician who fought hard to abolish slavery.

In 19th century, however, there were 2 extreme groups of Christians.
One group focused solely on repentance and discipleship.
The other group focuses solely on social reformation.
It was unfortunate since both spiritual and social aspects of the gospel are 2 sides of the same coin.

Similarly, our responsibility as modern church remains the same.
We need to care for the spiritual (i.e. evangelism and mission) and social welfare (i.e. alleviating poverty and carrying out social justice) of the world around us.
John Piper summarized it as follows, “If you don’t care for the lost, you have a defective view of hell; if you don’t care for the poor, you have a defective heart.”

At the same time, we should also realize that we live in an imperfect world.
Christians may still fall into sin from time to time.
Our effort to carry out Jubilee in this present world is also flawed.
Nevertheless, at the second coming of Lord Jesus, He will complete the Jubilee.
We will be free from our sinful nature. All suffering and death will end.

Until He comes back again, let us grow in holiness and seek the welfare of the city where we live.

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