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The purpose of this page is not for me to brag about past victories. Rather, it is for the world to see how the LORD blessed me tremendously in the past. This is in accord with post on 26, March, 2011.

I would like to thank Him for the talents He has given to me. However, the list of the victories below were not achievable with pure talents alone (I know the extent of my talents, for sure). So clearly, the victories below are list of miracles He performed for me in the past.

This page will be updated progressively. I will announce the update under “Home” page.

“In the beginning God created the heavens and earth.” (Genesis 1:1)
My most favorite verse. If God can create bigger miracles of creating the universe (“big” from my point of view, still it is  “tiny” from His point of view), what is so difficult for God to create other smaller miracles for me?


Accounting and Mathematics Game 2005 Petra Christian University

It was a unique competition in which the participants were tested in their skill in Accounting and Mathematics. Each team consisted of 3 students. I teamed up with Anita and Stephanie. Anita and I handled Mathematics whereas Stephanie handled  Accounting. To certain extent, I could handle Accounting too.

The preliminary was quite easy. We answered some multiple choice questions on paper and on also on computer. From all the participants, if I am not wrong,  only 50 teams were selected to enter into semifinal.

Semifinal step was really challenging. Each team was given certain amount of (fake) money. This money was then used to buy random question papers from the committee. If the team was able to answer the question correctly, they would receive double the amount of money they used to purchase. If the answer was wrong, they would lose money. The questions were categorized into easy, medium and hard difficulty. Obviously, hard question cost more but also rewarded more. The goal was to have as much money as possible by the end of the predetermined time. So, it was really a game of strategy and gamble.

Very soon my team kept losing money. We were deeply discouraged. You might think it was quite a simple rule. In reality, in such a situation, we all raced against time in answering the questions. Our heart beat extremely fast and our head spun quickly. You know, when people do Math or Accounting questions, they have to have cool head as they must not make any careless mistakes. Apparently, my team at that time kept making careless mistakes.

There was an auction: some questions were extremely expensive and difficult that the committee auctioned them to the participants. I took the opportunity and gambled most of the remaining of our money. I really had no choice… When I read the question paper, I was surprised: I did the question before in one of the Math textbooks. I was happy but nervous at the same time: I gambled most of the money. If I got it wrong, the team would be finished and I would disappoint my school.

Slowly I did it. Slowly I wrote down one figure after another. When I submitted the answer to the committee….
I got it correct!!! My team’s money was doubled!! Soon we continued the semifinal with renewed hope after initial discouragement. Really that auctioned paper was the turning point.

Here is the miracle: I thank God for giving me carefulness and cool head in doing that extremely-expensive-and-difficult-auctioned question. Really it was not easy to stay cool when this heart beat fast. I also thank God that the auctioned question was the one I had done before. In the midst of many other extremely difficult questions, getting the one you have done before is really one big miracle.

My team, miraculously, managed to come as the top team in the semifinal. We had the most money. Thank God for it!! Only five teams were selected to enter into final.

The final was another gamble too. The money we earned from semifinal then became our starting money for final. The committee would show us some questions. We were given certain time to read them and then decide how much money we were willing to pay in order to answer the questions. The team with the highest bet would then do the question. Again, if we answered correctly, the money would be doubled. Otherwise, we lost the money. But at least, in the final, we did not lose all the money. The committee would decide how much would be returned to us based on some merit points.

In the first two questions, my team bet small amount of money as we were unsure on how to answer the questions. From the third until the last questions, we wrote down a big “PASS” in our bet paper and we were just happily joking around, enough to irritate the committee. Apparently, all those questions were Accounting questions. So, Anita and I sat back and relaxed and, since I was the team leader, I told Stephanie to just do the same. She complied, apparently :p You know something, from all those teams who were brave enough to bet a lot of money to buy the questions, none of them managed to answer perfectly. In other words, those who attempted to do the questions actually kept losing money :p :P

Needless to say, my team came as the first winner in this competition. A funny thing happened. One of the lecturers was apparently irritated with me joking around while the brave teams trying to answer the questions. She commented if she could have chosen the winner, she would not have chosen my team :P :P

Anyway, aside from preliminary and final, I really want to thank the LORD for that miraculous auctioned paper in the semifinal :)


At that time I was in the third year of senior high school (equivalent to year 12 of education). I was pretty close to seniors before me and from them I had been hearing about studying in Singapore, in particular in Nanyang Technological University (NTU). However, they mentioned to me that the entrance examination was pretty difficult. The entrance examination determines under which scheme students can study (see below).

The admission system in NTU allows international undergraduate students to study under three different schemes: to pay full tuition fees on their own, to loan from bank, or to receive a scholarship. My seniors mostly received loan to pay their tuition fees, most likely due to not-so-good entrance examination results. It was rather a surprise to me as they were pretty smart, I should say. Upon hearing that, I told myself to really study hard to tackle the entrance examination.

Unfortunately, due to heavy schedule I had at that time, I could not prepare myself well. The examination took place in the month of April 2005. In the month of February, I was busy with assignments, tests and school projects. In addition to that, I joined in various competitions: three competitions in first three weeks. In fact, my previous testimony on Maths-Accounting Games was one of it. From the last week of February until the second week of March, I was busy with writing a small thesis for my high school project.

Effectively, I only had a few weeks to prepare myself. There were 3 tests which I had to take: Math, English and Chemistry and all of them were conducted in English. Well, my English was pretty ok so I guessed English paper was manageable. My concern was with Math and Chemistry papers. After all, there was a difference between Indonesia’s and Singapore’s curriculum. This is further reflected in the sample of Math and Chemistry questions: they were very difficult! Even my Math and Chemistry teachers were stunned when they saw the questions! Nevertheless, I thanked God for such supportive teachers: after a few days later they went to the extra mile to solve the questions for the students and to teach the concept even though it was not inside the curriculum.

I can’t remember exactly with Math paper. I could only remember Chemistry questions. There are three broad categories of Chemistry: Organic, Inorganic and Physical Chemistry. I studied under old curriculum where Organic Chemistry received very little emphasis. As such, I stumbled a lot when I read Organic Chemistry question in the sample paper. Even my Chemistry teacher could only give me a piece of paper of the summary of Organic Chemistry reactions. She expected me to memorize it as she herself was not familiar with it. Can you imagine my situation?

I tried to borrow a book on Organic Chemistry from the school library. It was a heavy and bulky one. I read the first few pages and immediately I closed it: I really could not understand! I was all alone! Not even my teacher could teach me! I was truly stressed! During my prayer time, I felt the LORD speaking to me: “I did not give up when I carried the cross. And now, you want to give up?” Indeed, the movie Passion of the Christ gives a glimpse of His suffering:He was tired, bruised, scourged, despised and left alone. Yet, Lord Jesus did not give up. I really thank God for such a revelation: all of sudden I felt comforted and encouraged not to give up. Since textbook from the school library could not help much, I decided to just study from normal school textbook. All this while, I prayed that could somehow pass the examination.

The examination day arrived and I did my best in the three papers. To be honest, I did not feel very victorious after doing them, unlike the feeling after I did ordinary school test. All I could pray was somehow God would give a miracle. In case NTU rejected my application, I applied for an admission at Surabaya (Surabaya is the name of my hometown) University too.

One day, I received an email from NTU, informing me that I passed the examination. Whoa, I really thank God for that! The email notified me with regard to an interview for the candidate of scholarship recipients. I then prepared myself by sharpening my oral English and preparing answers to possible questions.

The day of interview arrived. The interviewers asked me basic questions like my future planning once I finished studying in NTU. They asked me as well to whom scholarship should be given. Somehow, out of nowhere, the LORD blessed me with wisdom to answer: “Scholarship is given to good students who come from not-so-rich family. I need the scholarship because my family isn’t rich.” And somehow, they looked satisfied!

After the interview, somehow I did not feel confident. I told my Mom that getting a loan should be ok. However, my Mom insisted that I had to go for scholarship if I wanted to study in NTU. For her, it was either scholarship or no NTU at all. (Indeed, whenever possible, Christians should not get loan, they should give loan instead-Deuteronomy 28:12)She and I kept praying times and again. In the end… my Mom was right! I got the scholarship. Praise the LORD!

In NTU, I happened to meet other undergraduate students from Surabaya and Malang (a neighboring city). As I talked to them, I got the impression that they were smart people too. However, most of them only received loan..

How do I arrive in NTU? I did study and prepare myself. However, I don’t think it was enough. I arrived NTU mainly because of God’s grace.

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