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Sermon Review XXV: Sermon on the Mount CD 17 Authentic Spirituality






Righteousness unlimited, especially in hidden areas.
At first, Lord Jesus talked about practical righteousness, the way Christians relate to people.
Then, He talked about devotional righteousness, the way Christians relate to God.
This reflects the Great Commandments.
We should not swing to only one extreme; Christianity is neither social gospel only nor holiness gospel only.
Authentic spirituality covers both aspects. It is not showy, but truly from the heart.

Matt 6:1
Our alms is not to be showy. Our good works will indeed shine for Him.
There is no contradiction. The difference is in the motivation. In the end of the day, what is the motivation? Who gets the glory?
We are not to walk in cowardice whenever we do good work so God gets the glory. We are not to show off our giving so God gets the glory too.
Lord Jesus did not mention “If you give”, “if you pray”, “if you fast”. He mentioned “When you give”, “When you pray”, “When you fast”. In other words, Lord Jesus expects us all to give, pray and fast. These three are devotional righteousness.

1.) Spiritual giving
He expects us to give even to the ungrateful. We give to God only, not to human.
Lord Jesus is interested in the motivation of giving. It is not “what we give” but “why we give” and “how we give”.
Three possible attitude in giving: a.) to get an approval for God, b.) secretly we congratulate myself, c.) to get praise of men. Lord Jesus wants us to have the first attitude; the Pharisees had the third attitude.
Do we blow our own trumpets whenever we give? Self-praise is international disgrace.
We are not to become self-conscious in our giving. Once it is given, forget and let it go.
Be satisfied that God alone is the Witness in our giving.
There is a reward waiting when we give in secret. It is not wrong to expect reward from God.

2.) Spiritual praying
There is nothing wrong with praying standing up. Prayer walk is a good thing.
Pharisees was full with pride when they prayed. They wanted applause from men.
It is possible to come to church without worshipping the Lord. Some people come to church for business.
Lord Jesus talked about personal prayer then public prayer.
Personal prayer = intimacy with God. There must be no third-party interference.
When we pray, we usher the heaven on earth.
Prayer = seeking God. God is in the secret place. He is not really hiding but He still wants us to seek Him, knock at His door and ask Him.
Prayer = experiencing God. Prayer is not talking to the air.
God has a storeroom of treasures. We will get something from His treasure: His presence, love and anointing.
We can create the revival only if we pray. The whole world is waiting for His revival.

3.) Fasting
He assumes we will fast. Fast = total abstinence from food. It is part of self-humbling.
Fasting is renouncing of the natural and invoking the supernatural.
It is not mere dieting. There are three reasons to fast:
a.) for God’s supernatural protection. Ezra fasted to ask God’s protection over his group.
b.) for God’s supernatural victory. Jehoshaphat won the battle through fasting.
c.) to weaken our carnal nature. It is form of self-discipline and self-denial. How to grow the fruit of self-control if we can’t even control our body? Fasting makes body a slave to our spirit.
The more we fast, the more we become sensitive to God.
The Pharisees made the fasting look so terrible, giving God a bad image of a tyrant.
When we fast, we should act as per normal. Don’t look depressed or be hyper.

In everything we do, there can only be one motive: we just want to please God. Our eyes are set on the Lord.

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