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Pastor Kong’s Sermon 24, August, 2013: More Than a Conqueror

Rm 8:35-37
David was a conqueror. He made conquering his lifestyle.
He was just a small guy facing Goliath, a seemingly insurmountable problem.
A conqueror does not have an easy life.
Nevertheless, God anoints us proportional to the problems we face in life.

1 Sam 17:8
In our lives, Goliath maybe named as depression or bankruptcy or cancer or others.

4 things David did:

1.) David maintained a winning attitude.
1 Sam 17:36, Eph 3:20
God moves according to our thinking.
Intercession is effective as long as our thought is aligned to God’s word.
A prayer is both verbal and thought.

2.) David visualized Goliath defeated.
1 Sam 17:46
David challenged Goliath even before fighting him.

3.) David really believed in God.
1 Sam 17:45

4.) David spoke out what he believed.
1 Sam 17:31
What we say is important.
Even Lord Jesus taught us the power of confession to move mountain into the sea (Mark 11:23)

Let’s defeat the Goliath by our thinking, visualizing, speaking and believing.

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God’s Providence

A thought on Pastor Bobby’s sermon last weekend on the providence of God.
I heard before that a Christian should not complain about how tough his/her life is.
A Christian who wants to complain to God should first make a comparison between his/her life with Apostle Paul’s life.
Apostle Paul suffered many things (2 Cor 11:23-27):
– was flogged severely.
– was exposed to death times and again
– five times receiving 39 lashes
– was beaten 3 times with rod
– was stoned once
– was shipwrecked three times.
– was in constant danger everywhere he went
– toiled and labored without sleep
– was hungry, thirsty, cold and naked

Yet, in all these things, God preserved him and made him more than a conqueror.

My situation now is tough, really tough.
It is not as tough as his, though. So, I should not complain at all.
Nevertheless, if God can preserve him, God can (and will) preserve me.
In Christ, I am more than a conqueror too!

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