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The Ink Room Duty 13, January, 2013

Could not serve on Saturday. Hence, I did some make up duty with Sunday team.
Hmm, if I remember correctly, it was my first time serving with Sunday team B.
Well, it is good to make more friend and to know more people from the same ministry.

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Celebrated birthday of some of the members. Unfortunately, I do not remember all their names.
No good. I should try to remember their names.
Maybe during gathering of the whole ministry, then I can meet Sunday team again?

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My usual job description is to finish a cake, not to cut it.
Ut was my first time ‘chopping up’ birthday cakes into nice slices of cakes.
Congratulate me, please.


Received some Starbucks latte from Greeters Ministry.
Nice caffeine injection to keep me awake as the night before I had not enough sleep.


Some cowboy accessories for bookstore event (guesssss???)

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Did my shopping too.
3 CDs + 1 book = less than 80 bucks after all the discount.
I bought the book because I invest a lot in (future) relationship.
The CDs contain popular songs the church has been singing.
I need to somehow serve the customers better.