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God Responds to Faith, Not Need

Pastor Phil once preached this.
”God responds to faith. God does not respond to need.
God won’t bless you just because you need it.”

Somehow, this statement was repeated again during BS class last Saturday by the teacher.

How true that is!
When Lord Jesus walked on the earth, He healed many people.
Sometimes the Bible only gives the summary: He healed them all.
However, when the Bible gives more detail, there is one common denominator: faith.
Lord Jesus healed the sick because of their faith: “Your faith has made you well.”
In one occasion, Lord Jesus healed a paralytic (being let down from the house roof) because He saw faith in his friends.

God blessed Abraham with a son not because Abraham needed a son.
It was because Abraham had faith he would have a son.

Are we now in difficult situation?
Do we need a solution?
Let’s keep our faith up then. God will surely move on our behalf.

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Living by Faith: Abraham’s Faith

Abram or Abraham, our father of faith.
Somehow, I would like to learn from him when it comes to faith.
I am wondering what he was thinking at the time he began his pilgrimage..

The LORD asked him to migrate out of his country without telling him where to go.
What was Abraham thinking at that time when he heard God’s commandment?

”God, are You sure You want me to migrate out?”
”How am I supposed to be a good provider if I leave my business here? I have to take care of my wife Sarai.”
”What does the future hold for me if I obey You? How will I make a living?”
”God, at least can You tell me where I am supposed to go? I need to make sure I at least can secure a job there.”

Not only Abraham, I am also interested in what Sarai would say to Abraham.
I am wondering if they had this kind of conversation.

Sarai:     So, honey, where should we go tomorrow?
Abram:  I do not know. God has not answered my prayer.
Sarai:     Will we be able to make a living?
Abram:  I do not know. God only told me He would bless me. He did not tell me the details.
Sarai:     How are we supposed to feed the sheep and the flock?
Abram:  I do not know. Let’s just pray along the way we will bump into pasture.
Sarai:     How will we pay the shepherds for their work? Will we have enough money?
Abram: I do not know. Let’s just bring as much money as we can and hope we can cut down some other expenses along the way.

In other words, Abram (Abraham) faced much uncertainty as he began his pilgrimage.
The pressure was really on his shoulder: he had to be responsible over the lives of Sarai and his workers too.

Uncertainty. Life is full with uncertainty.
Yet, Abram fully trusted in God.

Will I have faith like his?

(Somehow I recall Pastor David Yonggi Cho’s message on 1% faith, 99% doubt.
As long as I have 1% faith, that is more than enough in God’s eyes.)

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CG Sermon 13, December, 2012

Precious possession.
Any material possession doesn’t last long.
God has given us possession which last eternally.

1.) Precious trials (1 Peter 1:7)
The believers were under severe trial.
Without the storms, the disciples would not have realized that Lord Jesus could walk on water.
Very often, we cry out to God when we are in the midst of trial.
Trial molds our character and allows us to have a God-experience.

2.) Precious blood of Jesus (1 Peter 1:19)
All our sins are put on the Jesus.
Because of the cross, we are alive and we have great hope.
The blood declares that we are the temple of God.
The blood of Jesus causes us to overcome the devil.

3.) Precious Savior (1 Peter 2:6-7)
Lord Jesus understands our feeling and temptation.
We then need to come to His throne to obtain grace.

4.) Precious faith (2 Peter 1:1)
The just shall live by faith. Salvation comes by faith.
Everything we do is by faith.
Through sight we obstacle, through faith we see miracle.
The devil tries to steal our faith regularly.
He once tried to steal Simon Peter’s faith. Nevertheless, Lord Jesus had prayed for him.

5.) Precious promise (2 Peter 1:4)
God always keeps His promise.
He never fails to deliver us.

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Pastor Kong’s Sermon 29, September, 2012: The Spirit of Faith

City Harvest Church is now about to enter Arise and Build season.
A season of miracle. As the members build God’s House, God will build their house.
The theme of Arise of Build is the House of Glory.
How to build the House of Glory? By having faith in God.
That’s the theme of the first sermon.

2 Cor 4:13; Ps 116:10
David and Paul had the same spirit of faith as they experienced affliction.
No matter what age we are in, God expects us to have the same spirit of faith too.

2 Cor 4:16
Inward man is strengthened day by day.
Spirit of faith looks beyond the temporary; it looks at the eternal.

Pilots are trained to understand their instruments, especially when fog/turbulent obstructs their sight.
While their senses are subjective, their instrument is objective.
Hence, they can take control of the airplane even when they can’t see the horizon.
Similarly, we may not be able to see far in life.
Yet, the instrument, God’s Word, can instruct us what to do.

We are not just to confess our faith; we are to profess it.
There is a difference between professional golfers and amateurs.
Professional golfers make their living from it.
Similarly, the just are to profess faith; they live by faith.

However, believing itself is not enough.
We need to speak it out.

Mark 11:22-23
We need to have faith in God.
Mountain here refers to any problem too big for us.
For every believing, there should be speaking 3 times more.

Speech center exercises control over the whole body.
If you want to change something, speak it first.
God created the universe through His word.

Coyote is attracted to the sound of wounded rabbit.
Similarly, when we speak negative things, devils will come.
Conversely, when we speak positive things, angels will come.

Previous North Korean leader was feared and respected throughout the world.
Whenever he spoke, the whole world wanted to know.
Reason? He stored nuclear bomb. He had some ‘power’ in him.
Similarly, we carry authority as believers as the Holy Spirit is in us.
Our word is important as it carries power.

Abram was so discouraged times and again as he could not have a son.
Yet, he decided not to give up.
By changing his name to Abraham, he kept hearing the voice of faith.

A very inspiring sermon.
You can download his sermon here:

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Pastor Kong’s Sermon 25, August, 2012: Foundation Truth

1 Cor 3:9-11, Heb 6:1-2
A Christian life is often likened to building a building.
The church of God is built upon Lord Jesus.
On top of this solid Foundation, there are 7 other truths essential to build a strong Christian life:

1.) Repentance from dead works.
It is defined as inward change of mind resulting in outward change of works.
Repentance is always the starting point, the door which leads to other aspects in God’s kingdom.
Dead work is defined as anything sinful which displeases God.
It is not only realizing how bad we were, but also how good God is.
We should repent from our own righteousness then put on God’s righteousness.
Conviction leads to contrition which leads to consecration.

2.) Faith toward God.
The just shall live by faith. “To live” = to be sustained by.
Faith requires us to think God’s thought, to visualize God’s vision and dream, to believe God’s promise and to speak God’s word.
Faith is not always for something corporate and humongous. It can be for small and individual thing.
We should just trust God, stand still, wait, endure, persevere and see His salvation.
Just take that step, then another step, then another step, trusting in God.

3.) Doctrine of baptism.
Water immersion symbolizes our death burial with Christ.
Emerging from water symbolizes our resurrection with Him.
As we are baptized, God bestows upon us special grace to break the bond of sin.
We may still fall into sin once in a while. However, sin no longer has dominion over us.

4.) Laying on of hands
Baptism in the Holy Spirit makes us powerful Christians.
Speaking in tongue opens the door to spiritual realm.
Christian walk is experiential, not just ritual and code of conduct.

5.) Resurrection of the dead.
With resurrected body, we will never age. All the talents we have we will use for God’s glory.
The first resurrection happens when Lord Jesus returns.
However, there is one requirement: to suffer with Christ.
Suffering develops our character and develops our resolve.

6.) Eternal judgment.
For Christians, it will be a judgment to determine the reward of our work.
What is the test then? Simply, to obey His commandment.

7.) Going on to perfection.
Perfection here is synonymous with “maturity”.
We need to become more and more like Lord Jesus.
Perfection also means “finishing”.
Hence, we are here to finish our life purpose.

Didn’t manage to catch the sermon last weekend?
No worries! You can download Pastor Kong’s sermon here:

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