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10 Misconceptions About Love

Taken from the book: “What Wives Wish Their Husbands Knew About Women”.
There are 10 misconceptions about love which are quite popular in society.
Dr. Dobson listed them and wrote the fact (kinda myth-busters).
Indeed, it is important for us to know the true meaning of love.

1.) I believe “love at first sight” occurs between some people.
Real love does not happen at the first sight.
It takes time to grow and develop since it is the deepest appreciation for another human being.

2.) I believe it is easy to distinguish real love from infatuation.
Exhilaration of infatuation is never permanent.
Real love takes time and commitment.

3.) I believe people who are sincerely love each other will not fight and argue.
All couple should learn how to fight fair in an argument.
An unhealthy argument is addressed the personhood whereas healthy argument focuses on the issue.

4.) I believe God selects one particular person for each of us to marry and He will guide us together.
While we should seek His will in this matter, God does not match-make His children.

5.) I believe if a man and woman genuinely love each other, then hardships and troubles will have little or no effect on their relationship.
Even genuine love is greatly impacted by storms of life.

6.) I believe it is better to marry the wrong person than to remain single and lonely throughout life.
It is actually less painful to find an end in loneliness than to experience emotional agony of a struggling marriage.

7.) I believe it is not harmful to have sexual intercourse before marriage if the couple has a meaningful relationship.
This is the most dangerous misconception.
We should think of the lives of babies who are born out of wedlock yet abandoned..
We should also consider the rampaging sexual disease.

8.) I believe if a couple is genuinely in love, that condition is permanent-lasting a lifetime.
Genuine love has to be maintained.
It is weakened when the husband works seven days a week or when the couple forgets to talk to each other.

9.) I believe short courtships (six months or less) are best.
This is false. Real love takes time to grow.

10.) I believe teen-agers are more capable of genuine love than are older people.
Most teenagers lack maturity, a trait essential in sustaining love commitment.

Hmm, very interesting fact vs misconception.
Do get a copy of this book in the The Ink Room today.

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