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Dinner After Service 25, May, 2013

Hungry tummy! Where to go to satisfy empty tummy??
Cg people and I went to Changi Airport after church service.
The queue was very long at various food venues there.
Hence, left with no other choice, we went to KFC Open-mouthed smile

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Very sinful and yet difficult to resist Smile with tongue out


It was my first time trying this chicken rice meal. Yummy! I shall stick to this whenever I go to KFC! Open-mouthed smile

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CG Refreshment 20, September, 2012

A KFC refreshment after CG meeting as a farewell dinner for the SOT students.
This weekend is the graduation service for them.

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Very yummy and crunchy.
As a treasurer (aka fund manager), my job is to ensure CG fund has more than enough balance to buy birthday gifts or refreshment.
I ate plenty chicken popcorns that the next day I refused to eat any meat.
I overheard my friends talking about investment. One friend made 30K loss.
”Don’t try to unlearn a learnt lesson,” my leader advised.
Hmm, wise advice, indeed.

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