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SPMS Fire Drill and Lab Cleaning 24, October, 2012

241020125186 241020125188 241020125192

Had this Fire Drill in school last Wednesday.
Well, out of nowhere the fire alarm rang loudly… and immediately we all knew what was going on.
As usual, the people reluctantly walked out of their respective labs to the designated open area.


Yes, you saw it right. They were eating pizza there.

241020125190 241020125191

The announcement from the fire warden.
Do remember where the exit and the fire extinguisher are.


241020125183 241020125184 241020125185

Somehow, water vapor condensed inside the fridge and froze there.
My labmates and I worked hard to remove the ice.
We hammered it.. yes we really hammered the ice (think of someone digging the ice during winter).
We collected a few kgs of ice blocks which we then disposed into the sink.
Well, the condensation and freezing are unavoidable, apparently.
It looks like it will be some yearly cleaning.

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