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Graduate Student Orientation + Teaching Award 1, August, 2012

A new batch of MSc and PhD students have arrived.
They are ready to take on challenges in research in School of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, NTU.
Well, I wish them all the best!


On safety and graduate student life.
Following this talk, the school division gave an award to Chief Teaching Assistant and the Teaching Assistants who had done their duty very well.


And not forgetting..


Free food! Praise the Lord! It was my breakfast and dinner.


Hmm, what can I buy at the Popular bookstore with this voucher?
Maybe some PC game to entertain me? Smile with tongue out Smile with tongue out

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Summer Research Presentation 25, July, 2012

The juniors worked has very hard in the past 10 weeks.
This summer research (even though there is no summer in Singapore) will give them 4 credits and a grade toward graduation.
But most importantly, they have earned some research experience to help them in their final year project.



Me with the juniors. Yesterday they presented their work in a poster session.
Professors then went around and asked plenty questions.
The students’ job was to defend their work from any “attack” from the professors.


But more importantly for me…. free food!!
Somehow, there were plenty extra food in the end of the session.
Not surprisingly, I smuggled some of them into my lab. Free dinner!

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