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Pastor Phil’s Sermon 25, May, 2013: Parable of the Dog

It’s about the Lordship of Christ.

Acts 2:36.
There is no doubt Lord Jesus is the ultimate Ruler.
He can give eternal life to anyone He wills.
Just knowing God is the Lord isn’t enough.
Is He my Lord?
At salvation it is Lord Jesus dying for me. At lordship it’s me dying for Him.

God is the good God.
Phil 1:6. Eph 2:10.
It is better to always ask God for the direction. Even if His answer is no, it is for our good.
Let God sculpture our lives, our part is simply to pick up and carry the cross.
Like in the potter’s house, the clay has first to be purified (bad attitude is removed),
then God places us on a rotating wheel (regular basic Christian discipline).
Then God squeezes us (we’ll know who we really are under pressure).
God then lets us dry. Once, we are dry, God puts us in fire.
Isaiah 43:2.
God doesn’t exempt us from fire. God makes sure we are not burnt in fire.
Pain makes us grow in character, it teaches us many things.
I learn obedience through pain. God does more behind me than in front of me.
Lord Jesus learned obedience through suffering. He chose obedience in the Garden of Gethsemane.

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