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Sermon Review XXVIII: Sermon on the Mount CD 20 Balance in Relationship




Matt 7:1-12
Lord Jesus then dealt with our relationship with God and people around us.

1.)    The danger of being judgmental (v.1-5).
Mature believers, especially, are easy to look down to other believers who are less-disciplined.
It does not mean we turn blind eye toward other people’s sins.
We still have to make value/moral judgment. We should not be naïve with life.
What Lord Jesus is against is being censorious.
A censor:  a person who makes himself/herself a judge with regard to right or wrong. This person is eager to criticize and is harsh in evaluation. A censor is a fault-finder and expects the worst of everybody else. He/she plays God even though God is the only Judge.
We should not play judge. After all, we do not know everything that happens in the other person’s life.
When we judge others, we are judged with greater strictness.
Lord Jesus wanted us to have mercy when we evaluate others.
The tendency of human being is to exaggerate other people’s fault to hide their own fault.
What if we find fault in other people’s lives?
We should tell them their fault. However, we first need to evaluate ourselves before evaluating them.
We do have responsibility when other believers fall into sin. However, we should first be strict to ourselves.

2.)    The danger of being indiscriminate (v.6)
The indiscriminate thinks everyone loves him/her.
Lord Jesus taught that we have to be careful as there are cunning people around us.
‘Pigs’ and ‘dogs’ are explained in 2 Pet 2.
A dog does return to its own vomit. A pig always has pig nature. It always goes back to the mud.
They are pictures of Christians who are backslidden. They have no repentant heart. They always go back to their old sin. They do not appreciate holy thing of God.
Pearl: previous revelation God has given because we pay the price through praying and fasting. We should not share the revelation with just anyone.
There will be false teacher and prophets and Christians who want to make use of us.
We need to be discerning with people around us.

3.)    Be passionate when we relate to God (v.7-11)
We should be persistent in relating with God. Asking: praying, seeking: step out in faith, knocking: determination.
Prayer needs stamina and has to be specific. Prayer also needs persistent trust.
God is a good God. He gives what is the best for us.
What if we pray for the wrong things? God, in His love, will not give them to us.
What if God says no to our prayer request? God has something better for us.
The first principle still operates: God wants us to be devoted to Him.

4.)    Golden rule (v.12)
Lord Jesus taught to relate to people correctly: if we enjoy being loved, we love others around us.
When we live by golden rule, we become the citizen of the kingdom of God.
If we want God to passionate with our prayer request, we too should be passionate with God.

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